Saturday, June 20, 2009

WaterWorks Inc

Here’s the thing. I don’t really do tears. Sure, I cry sometimes. Mostly out of anger and frustration and more often than not, directed at the husband. But overall, if you knew me, you would agree that I am rather practical, bordering on unemotional. I like to say that I have the sentimentality of a rock. Well, apparently pregnancy hormones will melt the flintiest of rocks. And cause a flood of tears not seen before in these parts* (except when Ayaan is denied something he wants).

I give you a sampling of the events of the recent months:

Situation 1: Another Kind of a Mile High Club

Jai and I were on a flight to Jaipur and we were going to be meeting Ayaan after a gap of two weeks. Jai decided to tell me that my mother told him that she won’t be bringing Ayaan to the airport to receive us since it would mess with his dinner time. This simple announcement over, he went back to reading his book only to look up a few moments to find big, fat tears rolling down my cheeks. Of course, he assured me that he was just kidding so that I would get a surprise when we landed. Now, you’d think that would be reason enough for me to stop crying right? Wrong. I wept for another five minutes for no reason known to anyone and to the utter discomfort of the guy sitting on the other side of me.

Situation 2: Morning Melodrama

One bright and sunny morning, I went into Ayaan’s room to wake him up for school. Now most days, he beats me to it and wakes up himself and pads across to our room. On the days that he needs to be awoken, he is grumpy to say the least. And it was no different on this particular morning. He peered up at me and said ‘Tu Ja’ (Marathi and Hindi for ‘get lost’) in the his rudest tone. Now this is a common occurrence and depending on his rudeness and my patience levels is dealt with anything between cajoling, scolding and spanking on my part. Not on this day, however. The instant these words left his mouth, I felt my eyes prickle and five minutes later, Jai walked into the room to find me sitting on the floor and bawling in a most heart-broken fashion. And the effect of this on my loving son, you ask? He was magically transported into a brilliant mood and was laughing at my theatrics and egging me on to ‘Cry some more’… though to give the devil his due, I don’t think he has ever seen me cry for real, so he probably thought I was putting up an act for his viewing pleasure…

Situation 3: The Not-So-Professional Business Traveller

Having overslept and rushed to the airport counter 25 minutes before the departure of my flight, I was politely informed by the Jet Airways lady that the flight was closed. This being the first time I have ever missed a flight, I was understandably bummed and then again I started to feel that unmistakeable prickle in my eye. And when she informed me that the next flight was all sold out, the dams burst and before I knew it, I was dripping enormous tears on the check-in counter and the Jet lady was veering between trying to look sympathetic and shifting uncomfortably in her chair.

Amongst other things, I have also been sniffling at sappy movies like Message in a Bottle and getting teary-eyed at an animal rescue programme on Nat Geo. Darn! I miss the old me. This is one thing I will be happy to lose along with the pregnancy bump. Now if only I could keep the cleavage :)

* I met a friend for lunch who reminded me that these events are not as unprecedented as one might suppose. She remembers from my first pregnancy that I drove home from work bawling half the way because the traffic jams upset me. I, of course, have no memory of this event. I guess this what they call pregnancy amnesia, when you subconsciously block out events from your pregnancy and childbirth experience that you don't want to remember and that might sap you of your motivation of going through the whole thing again :)


  1. There, there! Happens to the best of us. This shall definitely pass. I didn't know about the first incident, though you did mention the second and third. You really ARE getting sentimental. *GASP*

  2. I would congratulate you on your pregnancy, if I didn't think it would start the waterworks :))) I was like a leaky faucet during pregnancy too. Bawled watching TV, looking at baby commercials, in general happiness, over Harry Potter, you name it, I bawled about it. But I must admit I am a little more sentimental than a rock, so the waterworks weren't such a big surprise to the people around me.

  3. Anonymous6:42 am

    You totally jinxed yourself when you left that comment on parul's blog.

    And as for crying, gives a tissue to Ro and rubs her back.

  4. Awww Ro!! Hugs girl. Read P.G. Wodehouse and Erma Bombeck...guaranteed to get you smiling again.
    And indulge in happy foods...chocolates, ice-cream, buttery corn, whatever works for you!!
    Go get some!

    And hugs!

  5. Oh my God .. i didnt know pregnancy has this effect on people.

  6. Ro,meet Anjalika.

    Now that the introduction is over, see, i knew its about time we take you out to eat sinful things!
    I am actually easily teary- your lovely post got the water works going.
    the tears got worse when you mentioned the cleavage-, i begged with my body to let it stay! stupid cow of a body, let go the moment breastfeeding was dispensed with!

  7. Oh, Ro! Hugs! It's ok to be emotional, especially when you are preggers. Hope you are doing fine otherwise :)

  8. Anonymous8:59 am

    hey.. did the tears help with getting onto the flight? :)

  9. yes it happens to all of us and yes you will forget ALL of it!
    LOling at ayaan's reaction!

  10. Anonymous3:12 pm

    *hugs* and wishing you some pregnancy amnesia with these too

    And lots of smiles if you are back to read this post after many many years!

  11. [Ceekay] Me? Sentimental? No way. You take that back, missy! ;)

    [A Muser] I think in my case, it's shocking because it is SOOOO out of character :)

    [Asaan] *Takes the tissue, blows her nose loudly and then offers it back* :D

    [Mamma Mia] Blech to the chocolates and ice creams. Have a complete sweet aversion happening. What rocks my boat is, of all things, bread!!!

    [Gymnast] Yep. Apparently, just making and delivering a baby wasn't hard enough work ;)

    [Sur] You are??! I cannot imagine you being teary. And when do I get treated to these oft-mentioned sinful things? Just make sure they are not sweet though.

    [Mystic] Thanks. and yup, more or less fine otherwise :)

    [Anon] Unfortunately not. What a waste!

    [Choxbox] It wasn't so funny at the time. I felt quite hurt at his reaction and it only made me cry more. But yeah, now it is funny :)

    [Preeti] Thanks :)

  12. my elder boy is like your ayaan..sigh

    all the best with the waterworks...might as well make the best use of it, frustrating as it may be...

  13. Damn Ro. I'm so never getting pregnant again.

    BTW, your doula says to keep soft tissues in your pocket.


  14. awww! hugs!

    waise i am the tap variety under most normal circu,stance! good, bad and ugly and first reaction is rona! :p

    so you can imagien me during pregnancy! NOT a pretty sight! ;)



  15. Strange things happen. At least you can blame it on your pregnancy:)

  16. Hugs Ro... blame it on the hormones. You'll get back at being the composed-you-won't-see-me-crying-in-the-worst-ever-sitch once the baby is out. Ok?

    Now where is your pregnancy update?

  17. I remember those days of my pregnancy .. You got me all teary eyed ... damn ... I am cannot even blame the pregnancy hormones to be so emotional now !

  18. :). Believe me when I say I behaved exactly like that during my pregnancy.

  19. As always - interesting post Ro! So thrilled you know to read all these posts - it's all happening - the second child is coming soon and there will be more posts on the two kids - what fun! I loved Ayaan's reaction to your crying! So cute! KB does that to my mom now - when she pretend cries though - he asks her to cover her face with both hands and cry hard !:)

  20. LOL! this post made me laugh! Hang on in there, Ro. :-)
    I've not been thru these preggy waterworks, so maybe that's why I find it sooo funny, esp the plane bit where Jai tries to give you a surprise only to end up being surprised himself. :-D
    Hugs to you.
    btw, am sooo with you in those tears of anger and frustration (mostly at the husbnad) in regular times. :-( makes me madder when the husband says I switch on the waterworks deliberately to get the upper hand Grrrr!

  21. OMG! How sweet is that? I think it's a girl Ro. [yes that's my explanation to everything, isn't that nicer than just blaming it on pregnancy hormones?]

    I never did cry so much except in the first trimester when it was out of sheer frustration because of the all day pukefest. *shudders* thank god those days are over.

  22. And don't call yourself a rock pls, I don't think so at all. the way you portray yourself, one would think you are cold! Which you are so not.

  23. Anonymous2:56 pm

    gawd. u r so right. esp the amnesia part. i was reading this post and thinking gleefully "damn nice that didnt happen to me". and then did a quick take - hey wait.. hmm..i do vaguely rem HD wiping away big huge tears ... now if i can just rem what they were for...sigh...

  24. oh ho roo hugs

    i cried buckets full in those nine months and the 6 after that...

    dont be har on urself. u are a darling

    hugs again

  25. I remember several uncontrolled weeping episodes, during my last pregnancy especially. (I'm not sure why that one was worse--maybe because I was overtired from having two other little ones, too?) I started watching only action movies, and that still wasn't a guarantee that I wouldn't start balling. I remember one time, I just started crying for no particular reason. "What's wrong?!!" Jason asked in alarm. "No--o-o-thing!" was my response.

    Thank goodness that passes!

  26. Of course, I meant "bawling", not "balling."

  27. [Suma] Unfortunately it's not being of much use. The husband and child laugh at me and the Jet Airways staff still didn't let me on the flight :(

    [Sue] Thanks for the sage advice, wise doula :)

    [Abha] But at least you were used to bursting into tears at the drop of a hat!

    [Dipali] Thank god for that!

    [Subhashree] Well, I have always been terrible at the standard update kind of post. So other than the illness, the conversations with Ayaan and the waterworks that have been the subject of my last three posts, not much else to report other than I am bigger and can now feel the baby move... :)

    [CA] :)

    [Munchkin/ Monika] That's good to know :)

    [Noon] Not as cute when the crying is not pretend :)

    [JLT] Glad to have given you your daily quota of giggles :P

    [Poppins] Well, if your explanation is right, then the tears will be fully worth it! And thanks for the 'no-rock' certification :)

    [Happy Feet] I am pretty sure your husband would remember so ask him :)

    [Talena] You are so right. I am so much more tired and hence touchy this time and being sick in the middle didn't help either :(

  28. Anonymous8:00 pm

    I saw the kids movie UP in 3-D this weekend. It has many sweet/sappy parts like an aging couple and a rare Peruvian bird about to be captured by an evil man. All routine events for every other 5 year old in the theater but I was wetting my fancy 3-D glasses throughout.
    I am hoping the 3rd trimester will give me back my unsentimental self :)
    BTW, missing flights and being stuck at airports can make the most stoic cry. Don't blame your pregnancy!

  29. ROTFL. Extremely well-written n aptly described.
    My mommy loved reading it (and so did my dad).

  30. Mood swings are part of the pregnancy package. I cry even when I'm not pregnant. But it is great therapy, the emotional release! Thanks for stopping by, it was great to have you visit mine!

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