Friday, July 24, 2009

Prezzints for Mama

Having cribbed about the brat's desire to pass off his old things as presents, it's only fair that I also document the cute manifestations of this habit. On many days, I get home from work to be told proudly that there's a 'supprise prezzint' waiting for me. On a couple of occassions, the camera happened to be handy for me to document the 'gifts'.

This one is wrapped up in his pillow cover (the pillow's still there too) and neatly closed with a butterfly-shaped paper clip that he has appropriated from my stationery drawer.

I was instructed to empty the pillow case, which I did in accompaniment to much hopping, squealing excitment to find:

  • A stethoscope, an syringe and some other paraphernalia from his doctor kit
  • A cap
  • A colouring book with a page coloured in especially for Mama

And on another occassion, I got this... (the maid's help was recruited to pack it):

...which contained the following items:

  • An old book we haven't read for a while
  • The ubiquitous butterfly clip
  • A star-shaped cookie cutter from his Play-Doh set
  • A cow soft toy
  • 4 crayons
  • A wooden giraffe peg (came with the butterfly clip)

And that's not all. We've also wrapped up a prezzint for the baby - a couple of soft toys - and hidden it under the bed, to be opened only when the baby comes...

I will never know if the birthday boy from the previous post would have appreciated his gift of old crayons, but as his mother, I'm loving this habit :)


  1. Harini4:36 pm

    Long time lurker...But this post was too cute to go without commenting :) ...thats sooo thoughtful of Ayaan to give u prezzint :):) ....cutie he is :)

  2. Anonymous4:48 pm

    May be new archies in making.

  3. awww that is so so so sweet

    BTW i love ur butterfly clip

  4. That was sooooo adorable. Especially the present for the baby. U're one lucky momma :)

  5. Anonymous8:56 pm

    Aww that is so sweet. So if at the next party he is invited to, he wants to give his old stuff, would you let him?

  6. lucky mama indeed :) Really adorable

  7. Lucky you.

    I would be thrilled to get pre-loved gifts from somebody like Ayaan. A child's loving thoughts are more precious than anything else.

    I bet the "prezzints" swell you heart with pride and give you a warm fuzzy feeling, what?

  8. Anonymous9:30 am

    Your lil one is just too cute and so very creative with his gifts. Loved the pillow case idea, very innovative!

  9. Awww! What a sweetheart!

    You know Ro, this is the kind of boy your son who is most willing to share what is precious to him with those people who are special to him. What a wonderful, delightful and thoughtful habit!

  10. WOW!! makes me want N to grow up fast to see him do these cute things!! also like M5 says its great that he wants to share so much. i think the birthday boy might have loved the used crayons!

  11. make sure he continues his habit of giving presents...I mean after he grows up

  12. aw, this boy. he's just got a core made of marshmallows doesn't he?

  13. Such a sweetheart, this boy!

  14. :-) very cute.

    Among the cutest Ayaan moments I have read about, along with the 'baby going for a walk in your knees' and 'can't you make the baby come earlier than October comment.

  15. damn cute Ro, just shows how thoughtfull the little one is..

  16. cuteness all the way!!! :D

    i also want prezints!!!! :D


  17. lovvvvvvvvvely!

    am glad you are clicking the presents.

  18. Anonymous10:45 am

    What an affectionate and adorable kid!...and The PREZZINT :)))

  19. Thanks people. On Ayaan's behalf of course... :)

    [Asaaan] I think I already decided that I would in the course of the last post. :)

    [Mona] Yeah... buried somewhere deep within a prickly exterior and a rock-hard stubborn middle layer :)

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  21. Anonymous3:11 pm

    OMG! He is so sweet!

  22. Aww :) Both Ayaan and you are such frauds, all mushy mushy inside and pretending that you are all cool on the outside :p

  23. ohhh...this so sweet ....he goes to not only collect the gifts but also wrap them up so cutely

  24. Wow..this one takes the cake for cuteness-meter.

    Now reading this, I totally wish you had taken the present he thought for his friend. Maybe his friend might have appreciated little boys do like stuff like that.

    But then at that moment, you did what an adult would do. We have a long way to get into Children's world, learn their thoughts and put it into perspective.

    Wish Ayaan was here ....I would have loved to get such a present for my daughter (I mean the one from prev post)...must be fun.

    How are you doing healthwise? Has the baby started kicking :) Enjoy the moments...guess with the second baby we tend to enjoy/appreciate the pregnancy more. Maybe because for most of us in our generation, it is the last planned baby and we want to cherish the pregnancy.

  25. That's MY NEVVY!

    *dissolves into puddle of mush*

    Bhablet ki ma is lucky if she gets a cuddle. Although, to be fair he made me a cup of tea with his kitchen set the other day...

  26. So cute!

    Hippos Go Berserk! I heart Sandra Boynton. My personal favorite is The Going To Bed Book.

  27. So sweet.Thanks for sharing.

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