Thursday, August 27, 2009

Something's burning...

Sibling rivalry has reared its ugly head in Chez Ayaan as evidenced by these two conversations from the last week...

The first conversation happened at bedtime, when most of these chats about the baby usually tend to happen. It started out as inane, random stuff and then got pretty specific. It went something like this:

Ayaan: What is the baby doing now?
Mama: I don’t know. Maybe he’s playing
Ayaan: Can I tell him something?
Mama: Sure
Ayaan: *whispers something to my belly button*
Mama: What did you tell him?
Ayaan: I told him to eat a piece of your heart
Mama: Ouch. But why? That will hurt me
Ayaan: *giggling* It’s okay. I only told him to eat a small piece
Mama: But it will still hurt me
Ayaan: *after a moment’s silence* So, did he take a bite yet?
Mama: No. He didn’t. Because he doesn’t want to hurt his Mama
Ayaan: But you are not his Mama
Mama: But of course I am his Mama
Ayaan: No. You can’t be his Mama because you are my Mama
Mama: But who will be the baby’s Mama then?
Ayaan: *after giving the question some serious thought* Dadda!
Mama: But only girls can be Mamas and Dadda is a boy
Ayaan: It’s okay. Dadda can become a girl!!!

As expected, Jai was not quite on board with these plans to change his gender :D

The second conversation happened this morning at the breakfast table, another regular conversation moment once the mad rush to get dressed for school is over and done with...

Ayaan: Mama, will you pick me up today? (picking up involves fetching him from the bus, which stops at the building gate)
Mama: Not today, baby. I have to go to office
Ayaan: You haven’t picked me up for soooooo many days
Mama: You know what. When the baby comes, I won’t be going to office for six whole months… November, December, January, February, March and April… and I can pick you up every day during that time
Ayaan: Wow!
Mama: And Mama and the baby can both come together to pick you up
Ayaan: But I don’t want the baby to come. I only want you to come
Mama: Ok, I won’t bring the baby with me if you don’t want. But what if he cries and wants to come and pick you up?
Ayaan: *reluctantly* Okay. But you have to ask him. Only if he wants to come, you can bring him

Heh. It's clearly not going to be smooth sailing around here once the competing contender for my affection arrives


  1. Awww! Don't you'll all work out beautifully! I promise!

    Here are two examples:


    Believe me! :)

  2. Anonymous1:52 am

    He sounds so much like my 4-year old. Not the sibling rivalry bit, but the "eat a piece of mommy's heart". Really, what is with little boys and cruelty!

    About the sibling rivalry, I don't think it really goes away - ever :)


  3. Funny conversation! I enjoyed reading about it. Ayaan is so interesting!
    See finally he is going to dote on the little one!

  4. :)

    i think it would be terribly abnormal to not have any sibling rivalry!

    and then like all normal siblings they will gang up against you! :D

    and i LOVE Ayaan conversations! :)



  5. Dunno if he'll have trouble adjusting! Loved the conversations nonetheless :)

  6. artnavy3:55 pm

    Ayaan is so cute.

    but yes, i wonder too how it will be when the second one comes in. . or out...

    and am wondering why the 6 month maternity leave bit cant become legally mandatory in india :-((

  7. lol! he's very clear about his logic isn't he?!! Eat yer heart out et al!

  8. Lol... Guess this is just a taste of things to come. Though my daughter still hasn't expressed sentiments like this, I guess it's just a matter of time, esp once the baby is actually here.

    Just the other day, I was thinking that our days as a trio will soon be over and was actually feeling a little nervous about it...

    Great that u get to spend so much time with both after ur delivery. That should help. All the best!

  9. I love your son and his impeccable logic!

  10. Anonymous12:10 pm

    Lovely post! I have two boys and when i was expecting the younger one, the older one wanted a boy. the wish was granted ... they do fight and argue , but are best friends too.... mother hood has it's moments.. irritating at times.. but great ones too!!Nice that you can chronicle all this.

  11. Sorry, the previous comment is mine.. i guess just clicked on the wrong thing..

  12. Happens when a new member comes in...but guess things work out

  13. LOL! 'S only normal to feel like how Ayaan feeels, I guess. Bet that once the baby is out, he'll start warming up more to the little fella.:-)
    And i too LOVE Ayaan conversations.:-D He's a mighty cute fella.

  14. This is but natural-mu older kid would keep asking we did we need to get a sister for her (and that too one who kept hitting her n breaking her toys) when she would have preferred a Barbie doll any day.

    They still fight like cats and dogs-but need each other more than anyone else in the world.

    Don't worry-you are getting your kid the best possible gift.

  15. lol, but he does seem open to sharing you, so all should be okay :)
    like dipali said, his logic's adorable!

  16. hee hee, he is funny even with his "jealous" logic.

  17. Funny! And I think it is going to be an extremely smooth sailing when the baby arrives....he he he. No...jokes apart, I think once the baby is around he will be alright.

  18. hehe, feels good to be fought over huh! When the baby comes and latches on to you , youre going to be dragged in two directions. Very Filmy shtyle!!!

  19. Lovely blog! I really enjoyed reading all your posts right from the beginning :)

  20. Remember, no discrimination against second borns. We're sensitive souls.

    That said, Ayaan for President. :)

  21. [M4} Thanks for those links. Totally awwww-inducing especially the thank you one :)

    [Veena] Boys will be boys!

    [Noon/ Abha/ Poopy/ Starry/ Dipali/ JLT/ Mona/ Ra] Yeah. He can be quite a quirky fellow with his conversations :)

    [Art] With you there. Three months is nowhere near enough. Thankfully, my company has officially made it 6 months now

    [Preeti] Yeah. I am hoping that my being around 24-7 will somewhat compensate for the other claims on my time and attention

    [Suchismita/ Hypermom] True. Siblings have a true love-hate relationship :)

    [Pesto/ Shobana] One can hope :)

    [Grafx] What films have you been watching ;)

    [Doli] Thanks :)

    [Sue] :)

  22. Karan still seems quite lovey dovey about his expected sibling so whenever he talks about it he talks about it as "my baby"...why dont you try making the baby "ayaan's baby"....this a tip given to me by karan's teacher. she said it really worked for her two kids. another cuz of my hubby's who has a kid the same age as ayaan and karan and who had a second one recently said that she had bought a gift for her first one saying its from the baby as soon as he was born, and that it worked like a charm!

    having said that, i'm sure sbling rivarly cannot be avoided and will rear its ugly head at various points in time - its only natural, and although karan seems vocally very fond of and excited about the baby's expected arrival, i still wonder whether he is a bit bothered by the whole thing, cos he has been extremely (and rather inexplicably) naughty the past few weeks.

  23. Have added you to my blogroll-hope it is not an issue.

    Hey-can you tell me how to add the tabs/pages in blogger-still a raw hand at blogging-and can't figure this out. Thanks

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  25. I saw the Poopy and smiled and then laughed outright when I saw poppy's reaction . LOLOL

  26. Lovely ! So very sweet!

    Thank you for making me smile on boring Sunday afternoon. Al the best ;)