Monday, September 14, 2009

Pregnant with Envy

Just for fun, here’s the list of things that make me green these days:

  • Women with flat stomachs
  • Women who can wear fitted clothes
  • Women who can wear their rings since they fingers haven’t bloated up
  • Women who can wear heels
  • Women who can get their hair straightened/ coloured
  • People who can jog, swim and/ or go to the gym
  • People who can ingest toxic liquids at free will
  • People who don’t forget things without detailed to-do lists
  • People who don’t have the certainty of immense pain in the not-to-distant future
  • People who can get foot reflexology and other massages
  • People who can walk without an inelegant waddle
  • People who don’t have to rush to use the facilities at the drop of a hat
  • People who can sleep on their backs and tummies
  • People who can travel
  • People who can sleep easily and through the night
  • First-time pregnant women, who don’t have to pamper anyone but themselves
  • Pregnant women who don’t look like they are carrying additional babies in their arms and chins
  • Men. Enough said.

So if you see a pregnant woman turn an unattractive shade of green, it might not be because of morning sickness. It might just be you ;-)


  1. ahhh the restrictions of those 9 months! Guess the grass is always 'greener' on the other side, huh ;)

    hugs to you!

  2. Awww babe! It'll be over soon enough. So for now, just go with the flow and feel what you feel. Chins up! ;)

    *runs away on her high heels before getting whacked on the back of her head with a frying pan*

  3. but i share some of your list and i'm not even pregnant!

  4. what abt ppl who don't need to eat every hour?
    or who can eat any amount of maggi w.o. the after taste of guilt?
    or who seem to be bouncing off the wall with energy?
    ok i am not helping. you should have seen my list. hang in there, and dress in green, will help you get it off your chest :)

  5. oh. Nice to know what to expect - so that the rest of us can run when we see one:) I didn't know that pregnant women were advised not to swim. First time I think I'm commenting here btw - though I lurk on and off and like your writing very much :)

  6. i'll add to that list
    - pregnant women that look like you do, while EIGHT months pregnant :P

  7. some of those aply to me too and I'm not even pregnant!
    And I think that waddle is very cute so long as it disappears after teh baby is out! :-D
    LOL @ the last one.

  8. LOL
    The only one I really felt was:
    People who can sleep on their backs and tummies

    But everything else, heck it was sort of fun ok? But thanks for the reminder, was getting all nostalgic about pregnancy and that as we know is a very very dangerous feeling :p

    Hang in there, and what are you going on about fat - you know you're a hot momma!

  9. that's quite an impressive list ..
    my problem was even if I sleep sideways and rest my tummy even one cm more on the bed baby would kick me

  10. That's a pretty long list now! Hang in there, here's wishing you good luck for the days ahead :)

  11. It will be over soon and then you can enjoy all the benefits of being not pregnant again and reminisce fondly about the time you were.

  12. Hey it's only plane travel that is difficult--all else being ok that is. My daughter just came back with me from Chennai by train--12th Sept--and she is due on Oct 7th, which is just 3 weeks away :-)

  13. LMAO @Choxbox :D

    Chin up, hawt mama. I bet you're twice as hot as you think you look right now. Hang in there, things will be fine.

  14. i am not gonna make you green eva!! :p

    have none of these qualities!

    time for me to go and feel miserable! should get pregnant again and soon! :p



  15. Three years after delivery, I still go green on points 1,2 and when seeing people who don't forget things.... *sigh*

  16. The trying to get pregnant women turn much more envious on seeing that bulge

  17. Anonymous8:31 pm

    For each pregnant woman out there - there are 10 others trying desperately,and Praying for that bump and kick! So,enjoy what you have!

  18. Lol... good list ro... What I REALLY miss is sleeping on my tummy. Am in the final stages, so hoping to get there at the earliest.

    And also agree with the 1st pregnancy pampering oneself bit. This time round haven't had time to do much else besides run after the 1st one (and I have to add, she has TONS of energy).

    U'll get to the finish line soon enough. Enjoy the time with only one tot to drive u crazy while u can:)

  19. Come on Ro - you know you are going to be all of that really soon and make every one - pregnant or not green with envy! :) Chox/Mama-mia - funny comments. Am sure you are glowing like a light bulb and looking gorgeous now - flaunt it fully with bright clothes and enjoy this phase girl - esp if you are not planning on going for a third!

  20. sraikh2:40 am

    It will be over soon and then everyone will envy you when you the baby and A step out in style. Maybe the baby will spout the cutest flower head band and the pinkest of pink onesies and booties to match :)

  21. Anonymous9:35 am

    awww! but i think you must be looking the loveliest of them all with that cute bump of your's..very soon you'll have a baby in your arms and you would have ticked off every single thing from this list! :)

  22. Anonymous6:40 pm

    I'd like to add - people who can run to catch the form of public transport that is just leaving while you have to wait patiently for the next one to come along. :-)

  23. Anonymous9:11 pm


    You can't starighten your hair?
    not even with straigheting iron?
    i didnt know that :-(

    but whats wrong if no chemicals are used
    it is just heat right??

  24. I really want to say awww...instead I am actually laughing (not the villany kind of course)...hey, few more weeks and then things will start changing!

  25. Anonymous11:52 pm

    Don't fit into any of the above except for first time preggie. But I had 4 months of extreme morning sickness and hurled even when I looked at food.

    And now, my cravings are for RAW VEGGIES. Yes, I have awesome cooks surrounding me, but I want only chopped carrots and cucumber and tomatoes.

    Still jealous?

  26. You could have as many icecreams as you want though. I wonder if that's any consolation.

  27. oh C'on ... I am in so much agreement with Choxbox's comment on this one !

  28. ROFL...and just today I made up my mind to have another child eventually...yikes you refreshed all the things I didnt like so much about pregnancy!

    But seriously, soon you'll be done with all this baby making business for life and can move into a different phase, yay!!

  29. This too shall pass :P

  30. That sure was a fun post. I think the second time is tougher than the first. Am I right?

  31. So many of them match my broken wrist list!

  32. The one about sleeping on backs n tummies is so familiar.

    Now that "those days" are over-I envy pregnant women getting away with "needing to eat well", having perfectly justified craving for chaats....

    enjoy these moments, u'll be soon on the other side of the grassy slopes!

  33. Tessie7:31 pm

    I can understand... going thru ma first preg now... due in march, so not yet rchd the rings not fitting part... in fact i turn green wen i see preg women gaining wt ;-)

  34. I completely agree with you on the envy of those who can sleep through the night, first-time pregnant women, people who dont have to use the facilities and ofcourse men!!

    i always used to envy (even pre-pregnancy) women with flat stomachs and women who could wear tight clothes and heels!

    oh and btw, I actually did a reflexology massage recently without knowing that it could make me go into labour...and guess what nothing happened! so i dont know if it is true what they say about that one!

  35. Don't worry Rohini dear. You'll be back to your old sensuous self soon enough. Then you'll be making all of the rest of us green with envy!

  36. ha ha! hilarious list!! i feel for you.
    although, as an unbiased onlooker i must say - pregnant women always look beautiful and saintly. doesn't matter if they're bloated or harbouring murderous thoughts towards the men who put them in this state, there's just something about a pregnant lady that inspires an "aww" out of the toughest of us.

  37. Poppy3:44 pm

    What's this I hear about your surprise baby shower? tell all!

  38. Hi Ro!

    Just thought that I would update you on our latest arrival. We welcomed our little baby boy on the 15th of this month.

    Still in the settling phase at home, and happy to report that L is taking to the new arrival pretty well as of now. It may be a girl thing, but for ur sake hope there are no gender barriers on this front :)

  39. [Starry] Yeah it is, isn't it :)

    [M4] *pouts at having the high heels rubbed in her face*

    [Chox/ JLT/ Abha/ Uma/ CA] Stop fishing! :P

    [Serendipity] :)

    [Kodi's Mom] You had to go and remind me of Maggi, didn't ya???! :P

    [Apu] Thanks for delurking. I am allowed to swim but with the water cuts in the city, the pool hygiene levels are suspect and the last thing I need is an infection so I decided to stop swimming... I was for seven months of my pregnancy.

    [Mona] That too. I look like I have a record-book making watermelon under my shirt!

    [Poppy/ Suki/ Pesto Sauce/ Anon1/ Noon/ Munchkin/ Gaelikaa] I am only half-serious. Will miss this big belly once it's gone :)

    [Vandana] Yeah that happens too. The few days when the baby was transverse were virtually sleepless!

    [The Soul...] Thanks :)

    [Parul] Yeah but just point me this way if I even so much as consider doing this again ok? :)

    [Hillgrandmom] I meant plane travel, of course. Spoiled brat that I am

    [Preeti] Read you recent comment just now. Congrats!!!!! Wow!!!! By the way, I can't figure out how to get to your blog since the link on the comment does not work. What is your URL?

    [Sraikh] Tumhaare moonh mein ghee shakkar at the pink think :)

    [Preetischronicle] Well, it was cute up to a point. Now it is just.... big

    [Mrstoad] True :)

    [Anon2] I meant chemical straightening. Irons are ok - just way too much effort on a regular basis...

    [Shobana] Only 4 weeks to go!

    [Cluelessness] I am not much better. My cravings have been for bread and rice. Go figure!

    [Toe Knee] I am one of those weird people who don't like ice cream... or chocolate :(

    [Ritu] Wise words :)

    [CoS] Well, it is easier in some ways, much harder in some. More or less evens out...

    [Dipali] :D

    [Hypermom] Ooh! Chaat! Just what I need! :)

    [Tessie] You'll get there. It's only a matter of time. And then you'll wonder what the fuss is all about ;)

    [Lawyeramma] Apparently there is a specific pressure point that they have to hit to bring on contractions...

    [Girlinpink] Well, I feel more murderous than saintly right now...

    [Poppy] Now if I could only summon the energy to post on it :(

  40. Hi Ro! Thanks for the wishes. BTW, I don't blog, so there's no url to foll:)

  41. ohhhhh thats amazing stuff there ....

    n thanks for coming around
    i m doing fine now

  42. hey how are things?

  43. Very cute post, Ro.

  44. Sweetie, the sight of a new mum with a wee baby turns me green and yes, I remember those awful sleepless perfectly well. Hang in there. I'm loving your nesting so far. *hugs*

  45. oh. you are hilarious. : )))) i'm snorting with laughter. like sue, in the post above, said, hang in there. and ya, even tho i don't know you, hugs.