Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Nine Months Blahs...

... is what I have a case of. To be honest, this is not a term that I came up with – it was used by my pre-natal class instructor when one of the heavily pregnant ladies in the class could not summon up the enthusiasm to do some of the exercises.

Well, as they say, if the shoe fits…

For the past couple of weeks, I have been afflicted with a general feeling of ‘who cares’ and ‘why bother’. Some of you might have guessed that this is heading towards being a big, fat, pregnant excuse for having been behind on updating the blog. But it’s been more than that. Even reading and commenting on my favourite blogs feels like too much effort. I am still keeping up, more or less, especially if I am spoon-fed the entire content on my Reader but following links to finish reading posts is sometimes beyond my current levels of motivation.

I am feeling the same way about returning calls and SMSs. Communicating with the world at large seems cumbersome.

And sometimes my tea gets cold on the bedside table before I can muster up the energy to roll over, sit up and drink it.

Another thing I can’t be bothered to do is to wash my own hair. It all started about a month ago when I slipped and fell in the loo and put my back out. So in the week that it took to stop hurting like hell when I lifted my arm, I went to the salon for a wash and blow dry. And got addicted to the pampering, the laziness and not to mention the perfect finish. So the last month has seen me arriving at the salon with bi-weekly frequency to get my hair done. Other mundane tasks like washing my face at night and applying anything but lipstick in the morning which cannot be outsourced have, of course, fallen by the wayside.

I have been fairly lethargic in my role as my mother too. Thankfully, it has coincided with Ayaan becoming less clingy so I don’t think he has felt it as much. When I get back from work, the only thing that I really have the energy to do is to lie in bed with him and read to him. Anything more strenuous seems like…. you guessed it… too much effort. I am still doing his morning pre-school routine on most days but when Jai is around, I delegate bedtime responsibilities to him. I like to think I am fostering father-son bonding. And next weekend, he goes off to my mum’s place for his two-week vacation and for the first time, I am viewing his impending departure with a sense of anticipation and relief.

The blahs have also kept me in a comfortable state of denial on exactly how impending the impending arrival is. So till last weekend, my baby prep included picking up some surplus nappies from a friend and getting some baby shower gifts. But thankfully, nature has a way of dealing with everything and apparently its answer to a state of nine months blahs is a slap of nesting instinct right in my face. So Sunday dawned on me opening up the storage under the bed and manically digging through Ayaan’s old clothes to find the newborn stuff, which was then washed and neatly arranged in the cupboard shelves earmarked for the purpose. And just for good measure, I cleaned out the bookshelf as well. It wasn’t baby-related but it was calling out to me :)

Anyway, I have got it all sorted and washed and put away in the cupboard now. I have made a list of what needs to be bought and the coming weekend will see me hitting the shops with a vengeance. So the overdue baby prep is finally on overdrive, indicative of the fact that the blahs have passed. Let’s hope blogging will be more frequent too :)


  1. nest away until you feel like being blah. and be blah until you feel like nesting.

    from afar, it sounds all warm and mother earth like, and brought a smile to my face.

  2. yoohoo ro!

    just felt like cheering you. was reminded of my blah and nesting days - which seem sooo far away from here!

  3. awwww...hugs, and blah and lounge away. And enjoy the upcoming break!

  4. hey i read your blog regularly, but this is the first time i'm commenting. actually, i'm also pregnant, six months along, first time. and i'm kinda starting to panic about what needs to be done before the baby gets here and what can be left after. so my question was, can you share your shopping list for next week on your blog or privately with me? i'll be watching this comment space, so u can just post a comment here if u don't wanna blog about it. seriously, it would be a BIG help!!! thanks! love your blog, so keep writing! :)

  5. Ooohh! Soon, soon! I'm feeling the excitement now.

    But you know what, if the blahs have got you, don't bother shaking it off in a and relax all you want and can. After the baby comes...well, you know what happens next!

    So take care, lounge around in your kaftan and watch TV all you want. This is your 'me' time, so indulge!

    And whenever you can, a post on the baby shower please!

  6. This is just the time to do what pleases you.. if it's blah-ing, so be it... and yeah, you can't do this after the baby...
    but please do post - you know a lot of us watch this space :)

  7. Take rest, thats most important

    And pamper yourself, such opportunties do not come again

  8. Bi-weekly visits to the salon sound awesome... And the 9th month can be a terrible drag. But having passed the finish line recently, I would just say, enjoy the blah times while u can. Especially since Ayaan will also be away (lucky you!). Quiet time will be quite unattainable for a while at least once the 2nd one arrives :)

  9. Atleast with the nesting instinct kicking in,you got some baby prep done..its just been a week since i came to my mom's place and i have become so lazy..i havent bought a single baby thing!

    Hope i can get over my blah times and get some shopping done!

  10. Oh .. i can so relate to the washing of hair part ... I could barely take a bath ... somehow felt suffocating in the bathroom and I couldn't close my eyes for reasons unknown (implying that shampooing was out of question)

    You are almost there ... enjoy all the shopping you plan ... in my case I barely bought stuff for the second one except diapers :)

  11. [Sur] What part of 'I can't wait for my first-born to leave' spelt mother earth to you? ;)

    [Chox] Thanks for the cheer :)

    [Starry] Thanks :)

    [Wordsmith] Sure thing. I have a list somewhere that I put together for a friend a couple of years ago. Let me dig it out, update it and post it. Just give me a couple of days ok?

    [M4] I fully plan to go back to blah when I am done with the essential shopping. And oh yeah - baby shower post. *adds to to-do list* ;)

    [Uma/ Pesto] You know I don't remember the blah phase from last time. I think it's there this time because unlike the last time, I am fully aware of the upcoming madness...

    [Preeti] From the horse's mouth! Yes'm :)

    [Sri] ATB with the baby prep. It's good fun once you muster up the energy to do it...

    [CA] Seriously. And especially since my fall, the bathroom is not a happy place for me...

  12. Having felt exactly the same as you (and still the same with 2 days left for my due date) I dont know how you got over it and how you manage to even blog. I dont even have the energy to check my personal emails!

    You really are quite the superwoman!

  13. LOL @ your response to Sur.

    Be blah - so what and go ahead and find someone to come home and do your hair so you can continue being blah - so blah that you needn't trudge to the salon :)

    Glad to hear that Ayaan is less clingy - I think the 4 year mark is tremendous that way- and therefore IMO the perfect age gap!

    Nest away! And don't buy too much stuff- you'll find you need even less the second time around - second babies need less gadgets to keep them happy since there's a live and kicking super-gadget brother in the house to entertain them!

  14. well..this is the time when you should get all the pampering ..
    but it is not easy with a kid around

  15. see another smile lurking on my face - i got the mother earth bit not from the text but the
    sub-text :)

    rounded mommy fussing over the blahs in the nest. that nailed the mother earth thought!

  16. You have every right to feel lethargic, Lady. Great going with everything packed and ready. Best of luck, hugs.

  17. I'm SO proud of you, fellow nester :D