Saturday, November 21, 2009


When I was still pregnant with Tarana, I was desperately hoping that it would be a girl and yet accepting that a boy was just as likely, I came up with a list of reasons to convince myself that a boy would actually be better. It went something like this:

  1. Ayaan wanted a baby brother. And given that their age difference of four and a half years would already be on the higher side, the two siblings being from the same gender would work better to ensure a close bond between them.
  2. I was probably better equipped to deal with boys. After all, I am a stern, disciplinarian kind of mom. Who knows if I could muster up the broader emotional range to parent a daughter.
  3. Two boys would mean that my crown of the queen bee of the household would remain uncontested.

It is still way too early to comment on the first two. While Ayaan clearly adores his baby sister and has so far not even mentioned his previous preference for a male sibling, we will have to wait and watch to see how the sibling relationship develops and sustains as the years go by. As to the question of whether I will be able to be a good mother to Tarana, I’ll be lucky if I could answer that question many decades later on my deathbed, if at all because questions about how good a parent you are/ were can be tricky, can’t they?

The third one however can be answered right away. Not only is Jai showing signs of being wrapped around Tarana's little finger as she grows (he refers to her as his princess, need I say more...), the undeniable fact that my throne has already been whisked away is evident from the following conversation:

Picture this. The baby has just woken up and is stretching and opening her eyes. Ayaan and I are leaning over her cot and talking to her. It goes something like this:

Mama: Hi Sweetie Pie
Ayaan (perfectly mimicking Mama’s tone): Hi Sweetie Pie
Mama: Hi Girlie Whirlie
Ayaan: Hi Girlie Whirlie
Mama: Hi Baby Doll
Ayaan: Hi Baby Doll
Mama: Hi Little Pet
Ayaan: Hi Little Pet
Mama: Hi Princess
Ayaan (without missing a beat): Hi Queen



  1. ouch. the queen has lost her crown.

    see thats why the earth mother myth making works for me- let her become a mother , only then can she share the mother earth mantle with me. until then, my mother and I can do the mother earth number and the rest have to bow down to our earthiness!

    lovely to read this mail, rohini.

  2. Ouch!!! Thanking heavens I had two sons. But DIL has pretty much staged a take-over now ....

  3. Enjoy. Now with both genders present your family is complete

  4. Abdicate! Your reign is over. Long live the Queen!

  5. Anonymous5:21 pm

    So very cute! Priceless, the way you describe the scene.

  6. Anonymous5:36 pm

    lolz! Ayaan is very clever!
    I guess kids of different gender is a good experience to know how differently they behave, and personally I enjoy with my girl with all girly things and enjoy my boy doing all wild things...

  7. Ayaan Rocks !

  8. I am suddenly reconsidering my request for a girl. Kidding.

  9. Lol... Out of the mouth of babes, I guess:)

  10. Very funny. So cute. As long as Jai still thinks you're the queen, I think you're safe, though! (Of course the daughter of the queen is a princess!)

  11. Ouch!

    My mom tells me... my dad certainly listens to me more, and she says its always bound to happen with the father and daughter.

    Maybe a strong protective nature...

  12. [Sur] LOL! I don;t think I could pull off Mother Earth though.

    [Ritu] Well at least your reign lasted a couple of decades... mine's ended before it began :)

    [Stars..] I don't need to abdicate. It's a coup ;)

    [Parul] :)

    [Talena] I think my days as Jai's number one lady are limited too ;)

  13. Ouch!!! But you have to give it to the child...for his quick comeback! It is clear that he holds her in very high position. Cute :)

  14. He has made his point and in style! :D

  15. A little late, but congratulations. Will read all the posts now. :)

  16. LOL! Long live the Queen! And you certainly don't need to worry about the bond between the siblings now :)

  17. Wow! The kid was quick. LOL!

  18. LOL :) And don't you pretend otherwise, you are actually thrilled to have Ayaan say that about Tarana - you queen maker you! :-)

  19. Ooohhh!! "Uncontested queen bee"...I like that! Am adding that to my list of consolations.

    And that boy of yours is too adorable!

  20. - Hmmm so very true Rohini
    - Wishing for a baby girl
    - and trying to find points in favor of a baby boy
    - U should be real glad u have tarana
    - and not stuck in a house full of boyz :b
    - Being Queen mother to prince and princess is much more fun...For sure
    - God Bless ya :)

  21. [Shobana] Oh he does. Spends half his time waiting for her to get up just so that she'll look at him!

    [Primalsoup] Thanks :)

    [Poppy] Of course I am. But don't them ;)

    [M4] Oh yeah. Definite upside in your case... :)

  22. Welcome to the club of dethroned queens !
    But strangely there is joy in being dethroned :)

  23. Anonymous4:19 am

    Rohini - u figured this sooooooo late ..;-)

    I had seen this dethroning at my home ( after i was born my dad stopped buying sweet little gifts like bindis bangles etc for my mom and started buying for me - ) and I had decided back then itself that I wanted only boys and have told that to my frnds - prob a million times ..

    After marriage it became all the more strong - I wanted to be the only gal in my man's life ...

    i am not a mother yet..
    i thought i will never ever change my "i want a boy" wish - but never say never right .. ???? i have become soooooo close to my frnd's daughther that now I want a daughter so bad :-)


  24. Wow! When I want a second I want it to be a boy too!!

  25. This is so sweet ...

    LOL to the prince and the princess/queen

    yeah we all have preferences yet we do try to keep our mind open about boy/girl..

    Good that your wish got fulfilled ..

  26. nice to have such an admiring older bro!
    btw, Ro, daughters really are great!

  27. It took me about 20 years to work out that before I entered the picture my father happened to think the world revolved mostly around my mum.

    Funny, I'm still convinced it revolves around me. ;)

  28. Hey Rohini :) this was supra sweet (I have been in Chennai for nearly a month now) so super is supra :)

    I am so happy for you, am back on your blog after ages and boy am glad to hear you now have a Queen :)

    Congrats :)

  29. Many congratulations, Rohini!!! And welcome to the dethroned-moms club :-))

  30. Anonymous6:28 pm

    The 2nd reason was very interesting - need a broader emotional range :) and LOL at the 3rd one ! I was de-crowned instantly, the very second that hubby saw our lil princess.
    And the conversation is very cute, she is the Queen of his Heart already!

  31. Awww... how sweet. But seriously Lol.

  32. Awww... you are dethroned by a "just born"

  33. way too cute :D

  34. I rarely very rarely admire such thing.. but this is soooo kyute :)

  35. i really feel bad missing out on meeting you as well, there was a small pressie for tarana which parul will fwd once she is back in town.
    hugs, a

  36. How lovely!It's my first time here and I love it!