Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Month and a Day of Tarana

Wow! I can’t believe I am already the mother of a one-month old and a month-old mother-of-two. You would think that the substantially reduced sleep would make time go slower, what with there being more awake hours in the day. But on the contrary, time seems to have whizzed by faster than usual...

Overall, things have been going well. To start with, Tarana did have her days and nights mixed up somewhat and she would sleep a LOT during the day and be bright and playful at 4 a.m. in the morning. But I have seen that settle down in the last couple of days. Her stretches of night sleep have been increasing from the initial pattern of waking every one and a half hours for a feed. It was as if she knew she turned a month old yesterday because last night, she actually slept a 4-hour stretch. I am going to wait and see if she repeats it over the next couple of days before declaring it a pattern…

Ayaan has been absolutely brilliant about the new baby. He clearly adores her and his first question when he gets home from school or waks up from his nap is ‘Where is the baby?’ Whenever she is awake, his aim is to get the baby to look at him and then squeal ‘Look Mama, she is looking at me!’ and to this end, he is quite happy to sit next to her and wave rattles in her face.

He has been quite accommodating with the amount of time he needs from me too. Other than a few sacred activities, he has been quite okay with doing stuff with Jai and/ or my mom – the non-negotiables being his morning milk, an hour of computer games when he gets back from school, the weekend cartoons and the bedtime story. Even for these, he is okay if I need to feed Tarana in parallel. I have to say that he has totally exceeded my expectations of him as a big brother so far and I am terribly proud of him…

His excitement at celebrating her first-month birthday yesterday had to be seen to be believed. He showed a great deal of initiative planning it out. He insisted his Dadda take him to a bakery where he picked out a cake for Girlie. Then he nagged us all endlessly till we got the cake and candles together. He took the responsibility of blowing out the candles on her behalf very seriously and blew out the candles three times before the camera was ready. He then proceeded to cut the cake with his very own orange knife and served us all miniscule portions of the same. It was all very cute. Here's a picture of him all set to celebrate :)

So far the challenge of balancing two kids hasn’t really hit me since my mom is in town and she helps out with one kid while I am busy with the other. Once she leaves, my sister-in-law is going to be in town for 10-12 days. Then we have about two weeks on our own before we go off travelling for the Christmas break – first to my in-laws place in Bangalore, then to my mum’s place in Jaipur. So it’s only when I get back in early January and get down to it will I truly be able to judge how well I can hope with handling the two of them…

There's so much more I wanted to say but I don't have the time or energy - I think it's time I went to bed. Also, I don't remember much of what I planned to say in this post. Blame it on the sleep deprivation...

I leave you with a picture that Ayaan took of Tarana seen from his perspective :)


  1. Anonymous12:57 am

    It's such an adorable post. You are enjoying your motherhood with two kids that itself says all. I am sure you will be alright and manage both really well. Ayaan will enjoy his little sis once she is 3 mths old and will start responding to him. Keep posting pictures. They look lovely together!

  2. very cute rohini...all the best for the coming months ahead...m sure u wll rock as mother of two. cheers

  3. I loved Ayaan's pic of his sister..take care of your health

  4. I loved Ayaan's pic of his sister..take care of your health

  5. Many good wishes to you again! Hope you have a sane, safe and healthy time with both kids.

  6. Tarana's coming to Blr? Yay!

    Luuuurve her socked feet...xoxoxoxo!

  7. I'm feeling so proud of Ayaan too!
    I love his perspective shot!
    Happy one month birthday to you, young Tarana!

  8. The tiny feet look sooo adorable.

    Nice post. Glad to know u r enjoying the exhaustion.

    Way to go little big brother Ayaan!

  9. oh he is so sweet..what a lovely elder bro..reminds me of mine when I was a kiddo even he was very enthused about taking care of me :) Acha Ro..I also wanted to thank you for writing in your blog earlier (before Tarana was born) about using Dove soap instead of J&J...Its really working well for R and her skin is not at all dry..all the probs she had earlier with dry skin has disappeared..thanks so much :)

  10. Smiling all the way while reading this. And laughing at you not remembering what you wanted to write!

    By the way do you mix their names up or not yet?! Maybe that comes later cant remember ;)

  11. Happy Birthday to Tarana.

    And a big hug to older brother Ayaan !


  12. Wow, doesn't time fly! One month old already....

  13. felt very glad reading this, Ro :)
    can't believe it is a month already!!
    and how nice of a bro, our Ayaan is turning out to be.

  14. Such a sweet post! Tarana is lucky to have such a lovely brother.
    ..and what a cute pic :D!

  15. What a wonderfully caring and loving boy you've got there Ro! Hugs to the fantastic big brother and kaalaa teekaa!

    One month already! Time flies...

  16. What a blessing that Ayaan is doing so well with all of this! And I absolutely ADORE that photo he took! Those photos are the best, because sometimes we don't really stop and think about what the world looks like from their angle, do we?

    If Tarana keeps going like this, she might be sleeping through the night in a few more weeks. Is that too optimistic? :-)

    Hugs, you!

  17. Ayaan is indeed a great big brother and loved his sincerity in celebrating sister's first month birthday. And the pic he has taken is special indeed.

  18. congrats do bachon ki maa

    we just got back from our 1st out station trip and

    we are still doing well despite my mom being away for 10 days...

  19. Kaala Teekha post :)

    Very very heartwarming his reaction is!

    And you're in Bangalore in Dec - yay!

  20. awwwww! one month already!

    and hugs to ayaan for being such a sweet heart!

    and hope to see ya when you come to bangalore! :)


  21. Aw, I am SO proud of Ayaan.

    Gives me the warm fuzzies just thinking of him turning out to be such a fab big brother. And missy, I TOLD YOU SO. Several times over.

  22. Ayaan sounds like a rocking big bro, Tarana sure is one lucky little lady :)

  23. still awaiting a response to my comment on fb....

  24. Glad you are encouraging camarederie between the new siblings, that really helps

  25. Lovely post... and lovely to read about ayaan the big brother:)

  26. Thanks for the lovely comments, wishes and compliments

    [Starry/ Poppy/ Abha] Yeah, we’ll probably be there in the last week of December. Would love to meet up...

    [R’s Mom] Oh good. Dove really worked for us as well...

    [Choxbox] Not yet since I don’t have to call her. Even then, wouldn’t one be more likely to mix up the names of same gender siblings? Or if the names are similar – either starting with the same alphabet or rhyming?

    [Talena] Definitely too optimistic. I would be quite okay with 2-3 wakings at least till I go back to work in May...

    [Art] Brave second time mom you with the road trip and all :)

    [Sue] Stop with the I-told-you-sos already :p

    [30in2005] What comment in FB? Could not find anything :(

  27. Lovely post and Ayaan sure makes a great big brother :)

  28. Ahh...I was waiting for this photo! Ayaan's photo of Tarana - it's so cute. Really original! :) Makes you wonder what the baby with those pudgy legs looks like...
    So sweet - that he dotes on her. I guess that is one nice thing about having the second when they are little older - they are more aware of it.

  29. awww that is so cute

    and girl dont u forget me when u are meeting up :) :)

    looking forward to meet u in dec

  30. doubt it.

    you should see my grandmom - she'll first call out her four children's names starting from oldest to youngest, then each grandchild again from oldest till she got to the correct one!

  31. He slipped into his role of big brother without ANY fuss. Such a cute child. I pray that this bond strengthens as time passes and that they may draw so much happiness from each other.

  32. Aww, look at the cute little feet. Is she a month old already? Wow, babies grow up so fast.