Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dadda's Little Football

Presenting Tarana in her favourite position:

When Jai is carrying around Tarana like this, we get a variety of shocked reactions:

Maid: Bhaiyya, yeh kaise ajeeb tareeke se baby to pakda hain (What is this weird way of holding the baby?)

Ayaan: Dadda, you are holding her like an aminal... (mis-spelling intentional - one of his last mispronunciations - my baby is growing up *sniff*)

Friend: *gasps* How are you holding her????!!!!

My brother: Dude, are you seriously telling me that that is a valid way to hold a baby?!

Well, actually it is a valid and extremely effective way to hold the baby. It is called the football hold and is recommended by paediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp in his book The Happiest Baby On the Block. By putting pressure on the baby's abdomen, this position supposedly helps ease abdominal discomfort. I don't know about that but I do know that it works like magic for Tarana. Within seconds of being plopped upside down on Jai's arm, she's a happy trooper.

I don't know who loves the football hold more - Jai or Tarana. Because for Jai, it's the one special thing that only he can do to calm her. I don't have the upper arm strength to carry her like that for more than a few seconds. So he's proud, she's calm, I get a break and all is well with the world. And being somewhat more zen-like second parents, we find people's reactions amusing rather than irritating...


  1. Cute cute cute!!!!!! That's the cutest football ever :)

  2. very very very cute...

    i remember ojas also used to enjoy being held like that and sometimes it was the only thing that worked on a colicky day

  3. this post has 'second-timers' written all over it, even w/o the last line. and that is such a cute pic :)

  4. Such a cute picture!
    It sure looks weird, though.
    Zenful is good:)

  5. Oh, brought back memories! we used to hold 'em in all kinds of weird positions...what's the point of having a baby if you can't enjoy how much more yummy s/he looks from various angles?!!!!!

    Tarana looks delish! And lol at ur brother!!!

  6. oh, that is so so cute. She looks like an adorable little puppy dog, if you don't mind my saying so :)

  7. Anonymous9:53 am

    wow! so cute and though I have never seen Ayaan except in pics on your blog, I think she looks a lot like him.

  8. [Dot] :)

    [Monika] Doesn't it? I wish I had known about this when Ayaan was a baby.

    [Chox] LOL. It does?

    [Dipali] It looks pretty weird, I agree. :)

    [Starry] Yeah, most people forget that babies are much sturdier than we think and as long as you support their heads, you can pretty much hold them any old way

    [Apu] There you go, agreeing with Ayaan :)

    [Preeti] Yeah, that is the general consensus. Their baby pictures are quite similar

  9. Hi Rohini

    Delurking for the first time. Love your blog, more so coz my first one is around Ayaan's age and my lil one is a wee bit older than Tarana.

    This is one of the cutest snaps I've seen of ANY baby and I can almost imagine Jai's expression. Great blog! Keep the posts pouring in...

  10. OMG Ayaah Part two! You sure are consistent folks :)

    And yes that hold works - it looks darn cute to see Tarana with that drunken expression and I bet Macho man is enjoying it too.

    Chox is right - you have arrived :)

  11. Ayaan not Ayaah. Sorry.

  12. Gosh! never seen any1 hold a kid like that before!!! but she sure seems to like it! :) tarana is abs adorable!! n so is aminal :)

  13. - This is so cute :)
    - The subjects :proud and comfortable
    - Though the reactions are absolutely understandable :b

  14. Yeah its pretty weierd..
    but at the same time the support is all there for little Tarana..
    but such long arms are prerequisite for such a comfort ...

    she is looking so comfortable

  15. [Rasmi] Thanks :)

    [Poppy] Traitors, both of them. I carry them around inside me for 9 months and then they go and look like their dad

    [Mindful/ Gayatri/ Vandana] Yes, weird though it might be, she loves it :)

  16. Anonymous9:41 pm

    awww...look at those cheeks and those lips! Angeline Jolie in the making!

    I agree with Chox, I see complete second-time-parent attitude all over this post :-)


  17. very cute...cuddly & cutest ;)
    one can only wish 2 manage kids so well d way u do being a workin top it all write abt their day to day it..
    keep d great posts coming..luv & hugz

  18. sigh, wish i could be carried around like that. looks most comfortable.

  19. Anonymous10:46 am

    That's indeed a comfortable position for Tarana. The look on her face says that. Very cute pic!And I loved Aayan's comment on this :)concerned bro

  20. so so CUTE!! zen like u bet.

  21. Anonymous1:54 am

    lol! You know, the nurses at the hospital just taught me the football hold for breastfeeding and ofcourse I was acting all snobbish with my mom who had never heard of this before....and then she caught me breastfeeding desi-ishtyle and the joke was completely on me :(

  22. OLEBABALE,she's got the most blissed out expression ever...

  23. AWWWWW! She's actually bleating "do this forever". Her face says it! Doesn't Jai's hand look massive against her little face?

  24. This is such a cute pic!!!

    Have seen Sonny boy's doc always carry him like that and wondered secretly if he'd drop him, while maintaining a not-worried face outside.
    Awesome that Jai's learnt to hold her like that. and total Yayyyy to the break for you! :-)

  25. Ooh, when are you bringing her over? I'd sure like to cuddle her a bit, was too scared to do it when she was just a few days old! Or, you know what, why don't I drop in? Is your cold better?

  26. [M] Hopefully not Angie's bad-ass attitude... I could do without that :)

    [Tintin] Oh I am temporary SAHM at the moment what with 6 months maternity leave :)

    [Uttara] LOL! Trying to imagine a grown woman being carried like that. That would need some killer biceps :D

    [Explorekids] Yeah the brother is very concerned that we might screw her up the way we did with him ;)

    [Art] I knew you would agree :)

    [Cluelessness] The breastfeeding football hold rocks too - especially if you've had a c-section...

    [Kiran] :)

    [OJ] He's like a giant in comparison. Another cute scene is when he carries her upright. From behind, you see this bug hulk with one tiny little face peeking over his shoulder. Must click it some time :)

    [JLT] Actually it's pretty hard to drop the baby since one arm and one leg is on each side of the forearm...

    [Parul] Still hacking away. Dying to come see your house but don't want to leave my germs behind. Need to get myself to the doctor but the small matter of being sole nutrition provider gets in the way :(

  27. Very cute pic. Congratulations on becoming a mom again.

  28. Anonymous12:09 am

    Cool style :) I remember a football style used in breast feeding, only the baby is the other side up.

  29. Cute, cute, UBER CUTE!!!! As Dot says - very cute "football" :P LOL @ allt he reactions. You are zen indeed. J would help M sit up very briefly to help her burp. I must go and dig up a photo!

  30. LOL

    Vicky and I used to carry Rahul like that for the longest time. On his back or on his tum. Very comfortable, once we got used to it.

  31. Congrats Ro, sorry I'm late. I had my girl
    just a few days before you. Yayy girls! The football hold is much loved here too. I just returned from Bombay from visiting parents or should I say new grandparents. I hope to connect with you next time around. Take care.

  32. [Nidhi] Thanks :)

    [MMHNB] I did the breastfeeding one too for the first few weeks after the delivery

    [CeeKay] T hates the sitting one :)

    [Sue] Actually what many people don't realise is that babies are hardier than they look and are comfortable being carried in more than one way

    [GOTB] Thanks and CONGRATS!

  33. the OA held both our kids like that for ages. he still tries it with a very indignant bean who works hard to maintain her dignity