Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Way We Work

We, here at Mama Says So, have been pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a ‘workstation’.

Exhibit One: Workstation of the Multi-tasking Mother-of-Two

This is the new bookshelf we recently got made for Ayaan’s room since his book collection outgrew the laundry basket that was housing it thus far. And I have appropriated the second shelf from the top for my laptop. This works on many counts. Firstly, I get to surf the net while hanging out with Ayaan. We both do our own thing mostly but I am available for questions and interventions as required. More importantly, Tarana requires me to spend a good proportion of the day carrying her so I can do that without getting bored or frustrated. So everyone's happy :)

Exhibit Two: It’s a ball… It’s a beanbag…

... It’s a beanball! This is Ayaan’s very own concoction. It's an old collapsible ball that he recently discovered and on this particular day, this was his choice of location to spend his daily quota of computer time.

Exhibit 3: Just because she's hard to ignore

When you are a 4-month old baby who spends most of her time sleeping, feeding or being rocked on Mama’s shoulder, work is mostly about kicking one’s legs in the air, swatting at objects that come along, putting one’s fingers in one’s mouth and trying very hard to turn over. So any flat surface will do but the spot under the mobile in the cot is much liked.

This picture was taken today – Tarana was inadvertently but appropriately dressed for the occasion. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  1. Hey! Happy Valentine's day to you as well... hope it was fun. Ayaan looks very busy at his innovative 'workstation':) Does he go online? If so, any websites that u recommend for 4 yr olds?

  2. As DG's friend BD says on FB, necessity is the invention of mothers!
    Your new work station substantiates that totally:)
    Ayaan.s and Tarana's work stations are rather nice too:)

  3. i am so going to " borrow" the idea of the work station as the baby has morphed into the Obnoxious One Year Old Octopus who makes a beeline to the laptop.

  4. I love looking at babies from this angle, the soft chin, rosebud lips and plumpy cheeks...yummy! And Ayaan's workstation rocks!

    Our kids' bookcase is bursting at the seams...all thanks to the blogging world's book reviews! Now we need a new home!

  5. That is one of the cutest baby pix I have seen :)

    And what a cool workstation! We have a much smaller version of that ball from the Science Museum in London - still a favourite toy.

    And didja get that bookshelf made? Or is it Ikea? We desperately need more :(

  6. Muah! Mmmhah! Mwah! Mmmmah!

    Ro, you pass those on, OK? Two for each little foot.

    One for her nose, while we're at it. Mmmmmmah!

  7. What a nice place Ayaan has made for himself. They love making these special places for themselves at this age it seems.
    Such a cutie-pie pic of Tarana!

  8. Very pretty, specially exhibit 2 and 3

  9. I am super impressed with Exhibit One! Am going to implement the same promptly since pulling out my laptop's power cord and attempting to chew it whole currently tops Nikki's list of fave things to do. And Ayaan's workstation rocks too! Where'd you get that super cool beanball? Me wants one too. Erm, for Nikki naturally!

  10. Cute pics! You stand and work at your workstation?
    Cool man - I can envision this young boy growing up like in the movies - cycle spins and suddenly the boy is a hero - but still on his cool laptop probably creating something cool at his own start up! :))
    I like that ball - where did you get that Kangamangous size ball? I have only seen the small ones...

  11. Lovely pics ! And the one thing I'm so excited about my new place is the bookshelf in the kids room - and I love this idea of putting the laptop there - might just steal it :D

    T's dress is just so aww! You, are milking the joys of having a girl to dress up, I see!

  12. Nice pics. I love the beanball!

    Kavya too has not turned over yet and she's 8 days older than Tarana!

  13. i LOVE the ball! Aryan is so creative!! i would love a place like this for meself! :)

    and need i say Tarana looks like a doll! :D

    and your working arrangement seems quite cool!


  14. [Preeti] Yes, we frequent a couple of sites. Let me put up a post with the links for you.

    [Dipali] That 'necessity is the invention of mothers' is an absolutely brilliant line!

    [Aneela] Yes, it would be helpful in the face of busy 1-year olds too. Gosh, I am going to have one of those in about 8 months!

    [Starry] That's why I got this HUGE one made. It will take a few years for it to be bursting with the kiddos' books.

    [Chox/ NMOTB/ Noon] Hey this ball is from London too. Hamley's.

    [Sue] Passed on with love :)

    [HGM/ Ritu] Thanks :)

    [Noon] Well, I am standing anywhere since my kids appear to come equipped with an altitude sensor that urges them to cry whenever I sit down.. :) LOL at the cycle spinning and the boy emerging a hero :)

    [Lawyeramma] Like they say, the watched pot never boils. They'll probably do it when we least expect it :)

    [Abha] Er... it's not very comfy you know. Only silly almost 5-year boys can sit in it for an hour

  15. [Poppy} Missed your comment! Moved into the new place yet?

  16. Naah not yet. Can't wait though!