Thursday, March 11, 2010

Judge Mom

The Plaintiff: Me, also known as Mama

The Defendant: 'Baby' Tarana

The Charges: Growing up too fast

The Evidence:

Exhibit One: The first tooth makes its appearance at four and a half months. To be honest, she was born with a little gum-covered stump, which receded somewhat with the first few weeks. But now it’s a proper full-on tooth that packs in a mean bite when she is done feeding.

Exhibit Two: She turned a couple of weeks ago. And hasn’t stopped turning since. You only have to put her down for a minute and she flips. This has seriously messed up her sleep routine. She had started sleeping an 8-hour stretch in the night but now she’s up every 3-4 hours. The minute she’s in a light phase of sleep, she starts trying to turn and that wakes her up. Not fun!

The Verdict: Guilty as charged

The Sentence: Life with no possibility of parole – sentenced to being Mama’s little baby even when she is old enough to have babies of her own… :)

Seriously though, there is a definite difference in the way I am feeling about Tarana's milestones. With Ayaan, there was undiluted pride and excitement. We were always waiting for the next phase and the next new thing to kick in and ticking it off on the development chart. With Tarana, I haven't so much as peeked at the development chart and when the milestones do arrive, they are greeted with a bittersweet happiness - my last little baby is growing up...


  1. Awesome that she is reaching her milestones... U has not yet cut his first tooth - and he's almost completing 6 months. But I agree that is a whole different ball game between the first and second kid. And I find myself facing conflicting emotions - he's SUCH a cutie per se as an infant but can't wait for him to grow up FAST as I want my life back:)

  2. LOL!! Loved this format of the post. And loved the verdict. CHO CHWEET!! @ Tarana! Go girl!!

  3. This was hilarious...and Tarana is the yummiest culprit I've ever seen!!!! Give her a kissie for me:) And all the best with the biting (OUCH!!!)

  4. Such a cute post!Tarana looks so sweet!:)

    My 5 month old daughter hasnt cut her tooth yet..even she has stopped sleeping the whole night..she keeps rolling over and turns in all directions and i wake up so many times to see if she is ok!

  5. I love the 'Sentence' :)
    Tarana looks adorable and has that, 'just can't wait to get up and run' look :)

  6. awwwww.... and Sonny boy just lost his first tooth this week- exactly the same one... they do grow up too fast. :-( Taraana looks totally biteable herself! I LOVE that gummy smile!

  7. Very well written.When our little fellow first turned over also, he would also wake up in the middle of the night to fine tune his turning over skills.I was so amused when I read on Babycentre that this is perfectly normal when babies reach a dev milestone.

  8. awwww cute cute cute all the way

    tight hugs to her

  9. She is growing up so fast :)
    I remember reading your post announcing that you are pregnant!

  10. [Preeti] Ayaan was almost a year old before he got his first tooth. You know, with Ayaan I wanted my life back. With her, I am not in such a hurry

    [Cee/ Monica] Thanks :)

    [Starry] Ouch is right.

    [Sri/ Bubble Catcher] Mine has started waking up on the hour. I am going mad :(

    [Uma] She's definitely a girl in a hurry :(

    [JLT] Wow! That's quite a milestone too - losing the first tooth

    [Aathira] I know! She'll be 5 months old tomorrow. Where did the time go???

  11. Anonymous1:01 am

    I think I can munch on Tarana...with a little pickles on the side. Where shall I start?? The cheeks? Definitely the cheeks!

  12. Anonymous9:35 am

    That first pic of hers is too cute! And what a well manicured finger you got ;)
    Congrats on the rollover! :)

  13. - Awwwww
    - She looks so cute
    - Am sure she WILL WANT you to mother her even when she is a mother of a zillion kids...we all do :D
    - Sleepless nights??....Now that HAS to change...its a necessity..hope she settles back to her normal 8 hrs sleep once she gets bored of doing the turn over

  14. Hi, first time to comment here, though have been here on and off ! I liked the way you have posted here :) Lovely :)
    Tarana is lovely! and what you say abt them growing up too fast is so true :( I have a 2 yr old girl and i feel the same way. Where has my baby gone ? :(

  15. Aw! She's too cute to be guilty! Although it is apparent that all the evidence is stacked against her:)

  16. [Monika] Just realised I missed your comment. Thanks :)

    [Cluelessness] *hides Tarana from cannibalistic aunty* :)

    [MMHNB] First manicure in four months :)

    [Gayatri] Eagerly waiting for her to get bored too :)

    [Lavanya] Hey, thanks for delurking :)

    [Sabrina] The cute ones are the ones to watch out for, the sneaky little devils :)

  17. Oh this is SUCH a sweet post, and T looks adorable :) I'm in the first baby stage right now, poring over the milestones chart and ticking each off with a great sense of pride, your post has given me a different perspective!

  18. So beautiful!~ And it makes me think that maybe I want to have another baby too!~


  19. Lookit those eyes! They're gorgeous!!

    Sigh! They really shouldn't be allowed to grow up this fast!

  20. My first baby might as well be the last for all I know.. I feel so torn, wanting her to grow up and see what comes next, and at the same time, just wishing she doesn't grow any more.. She is already 3!

  21. The lil cutie...she looks so much like her brother in the second pic..

  22. 4.5 months is really early for the first tooth! Love the 'Sentence'. Works both ways actually:-)

  23. Oh my wee Girlie, just look at her, Ro. To think she's going to sass us in some twenty odd years and pretend she knows what's what and can take care of herself. Yeah, right, missy.