Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Picture is Worth Three Stories

I clicked this picture a couple of weeks ago and then realised it has three post-worthy leads on it so here goes:

1. The Colour

As might be obvious to those in the know, Holi was played. I went for a grand holi party at an ex-boss’s house. We had a great time. The colour was mostly harmless gulaal till an evil friend turned up with this horrid turquoise blue fast colour which took up semi-permanent residence on my scalp, nails and skin. It’s mostly gone now though my nails still have a faint bluish tinge about them.

The last time I went for this same holi party was two years ago and I had liberally partaken of the traditional holi beverage of thandai laced with bhang. And went on a trip I am not sure I ever want to take again. To start with, I kept wondering what the big deal was since I only felt mildly buzzed, which I chose to remedy by imbibing more of the stuff. Bad idea! The stuff hit me hard all of a sudden and it was intense – all the colours suddenly became uncomfortably bright, the sun threatened to set my skin on fire and the music seemed to slow down so that it sounded like one of those obsolete Walkmans running out of battery. I started to feel really sick and caught hold of the friends who I had come with and requested that we go home. They took one look at me and readily agreed. They seated me on a chair in a safe corner and went off to say their goodbyes. They later told me they were away for less than five minutes but for me those were the longest five minutes of my life. I thought I was sitting there for hours and I started to get terribly depressed, thinking that my friends didn’t care. And even thought I was going to just die sitting in the chair there. It was really terrible – I still shudder when I think of those few minutes. Anyway, my friends did finally re-appear and delivered me home where I proceeded to bathe, throw up and fall into a long, dreamless slumber from which I woke up, not much worse for the wear. Never again!

This year, I was not even remotely tempted since I happened to be breastfeeding and there is no way I wanted to expose Tarana to any of that crazy stuff. So I was a designated driver and I had a complete blast. There is a kind of fun you can have only when you are the only sober person in a carful of drunk people. At times, I was laughing so hard I actually considered parking the car on the side of the road till I got the giggles out of my system. Some of the howlers from the drive back just beg to be shared:

  • What good curvature!’ (repeated endlessly in the time is took us to traverse the Bandra-Worli sea link)
  • Why did I carry this paper napkin back from the party?’ Repeated multiple times and interspersed with hysterical laughter.
  • A friend thought his jaw was locked and that there was an steady stream of imaginary beer dribbling down his chin. So he kept wiping his chin and mumbling unintelligibly
  • Another friend who alternated between laughing violently and then sobbing inconsolably

Funny and fun times!

2. The Ring

My engagement ring, which I wear on my left hand ring finger, stopped fitting me 6 months into my pregnancy. But I felt weird leaving the finger bare. Now, I am not very big on symbols of marriage – my thali has not seen the light of day after the wedding, I find toe rings excruciatingly uncomfortable, I find sindoor messy and I limit my use of a bindi to when I dress up for a wedding. I don’t wear much jewellery either, barring a pair of earrings, usually chosen to match with just about everything so that I don’t have to change them every day. But my liking for rings has somehow survived my disregard for marriage symbols and my indifference to jewellery. So I wear at least one ring at any point in time.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I didn’t want to blow mega bucks on a ring that would be loose on my hopefully normal-sized fingers in a few months, so I bought this ring while floating around and window shopping in Chennai with Sue, way back in July. It still fits, which should tell you that we are still not anywhere near pre-preggers size in these parts…

3. The Star

This star was awarded to me by Ayaan. I came out of Tarana’s room after putting her down for a nap and he stuck it on to the back of my hand saying, ‘Good job, Mama. You made the baby sleep without any crying’. Apparently, a pair of little ears has been monitoring my sleep struggles with his younger sister, watching my faltering progress and deciding that I needed to be rewarded to keep up the good work!!!

On to the sleep struggles… I thought I had at least the nights sorted out but now she keeps waking up every few hours because she has turned. But this I see just as a phase and I think she will go back to sleeping through most of the night once she has completely mastered turning (one can hope, right?)

The bigger and more longstanding problem has been her naps. She has a problem with taking them on any flat surface that is not my shoulder. If I hold her, she’ll have a full-sized nap but any attempt to put her down, even when she appears to be fast asleep, results in hysterical bawling. I have been trying some version of the Baby Whisperer Pick Up Put Down Method, where I pick up her up when she cries, calm her down and then put her back – repeating the process till she sleeps. But I have met with limited success and even when she does fall asleep, she rarely naps for long. It makes for a very grumpy baby and a totally exhausted mom at the end of the day…

I wonder if Wee Willie Winkie is available for hire in these parts? :)


  1. Hi, new here. been reading ur blogs on n off,but commenting first time. what a thought of a post with such a simple prop.. the hand, i mean. very sensitive of Ayaan to give u the star. kids know how to cheer us up with their tiniest acts, na. :)

  2. Nice post. I haven't had bhang in my life but have heard friends say that whatever mood you are in after you drink that, you continue to be in the same for a long time.

  3. Even i am struggling to put my baby to sleep..she rolls over and then turns her head from side to side and keeps changing her position until she finds a suitable one..the whole process takes half an hr atleast!!:(

  4. Awww...sleep struggles...you know, the Baby Whisperer method did have limited success with both my kids. But then there will be regressions many times becoz of teething, illness, developmental milestones, routine changes, and then mom n baby have to retrain all over again. But it's still better than getting into the trap of rocking, carrying around etc. Good luck! And congrats on the star! :)

  5. Heard of a ghodiyu? (traditional Gujju cloth cradle)

    Let me know if you need it, mine is in Mumbai - not being used any more.

  6. Loved #3!!! That Ayaan is a smart kid! He knows the best way to keep mama motivated to provide good childcare is by praise and rewards :P

  7. Loved Ayaan's gesture :) - says so much - that he's been observing, he appreciates you, and wants to make you feel happy!
    Nice strip - I can definitely do with one :D

  8. So you have an engagement ring but no wedding ring? (Just curious!)

  9. A picture that told so many wonderful stories! Lovely:)
    I hope baby T gets back to her good sleeping habits real soon.
    Ayaan is such a Brother Hen!!!! Too cute:)

  10. Lovely of Ayaan to give u the star - extremely thoughtful of him. And loved the Holi anecdote, esp the sober parts :)

    As far as sleep habits go, it's tough. I use the Baby Whisperer methods myself. Have done with both of mine. It usually works if u put the kid on the routine as well. It IS hard (on both the parent and the kid) till you get into it. But it's totally worth it if u can get her off ur shoulder. It's very tempting to get into 'accidental parenting' but more often than not it's a step back. And once in a while just go with the flow. T may just not want to nap, and that's ok as well. As long as she's in her ballpark for sleep hours per day, I think u shouldn't stress too much:)

  11. Ayaan's comments are always soo cute!

  12. hey it was lovely reading your posts. didnt know you write so well. I am going to keep bumping into your blogspot often!

  13. your nails look absoutely, wonderfully, awful!

  14. [Momo's Ma] They do, na? This really brought a smile to my face.

    [RRMom] Really? Not true for me. I was happy before and then got seriously depressed

    [Sri] I feel your pain!

    [Starry/ Preeti] I have temporarily given up on the BW method. She turns the minute I put her down and then she cries so it's not working. Now I just sit in one place and hold her - no rocking or walking. She cries for about five minutes and then falls asleep and then after another two minutes I pop her into her crib...

    [Chox] Thanks for the offer. If I'd known I would have taken it earlier but now it'll be another thing to get her used to, she is over 5 months old now.

    [Cee/ Uma] Maybe he has a career in Human Resources :)

    [Perakath] Wedding band got lost. :(

    [Dipali] LOL at Brother Hen :)

    [Noon/ Sailakshmi] Thanks :)

    [Uttar] Erm... thanks?

  15. Not to scare you my 14 month old still wakes up at night :(

  16. Ayaan is adorable - please give home one extra hug from me.

  17. Hey Ro! Whatever works... as long as she's off the shoulder :)!!

  18. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Your bhaang experience sounds deadly. I had tried it once, but with no effect :(
    Ayaan is so sweet and very observant.
    BTW, I had the same problem with Ash, but soon we realized that she was a tummy sleeper and thats why more comfortable when on our shoulder. She slept wonderfully on her tummy and our ped had okayed it as long as we kept a watch on her. Maybe you can try it with Tarana. All the Best!

  19. Hey! How are you preparing for the return to the workforce. Any special tips to offer? Since you seem to be superorganised (and I am NOT), it would be really useful to get some tips.

  20. ROTFL

    Wee Willie Winkie lives in Cal, didn't you know? He also travels with us wherever Sharabh Niyogy goes. He's mostly found standing outside our house at night, waiting to carry the boy away should he not sleep/eat/behave.

    I'd forgotten about the ring. It looks so pretty on you.

  21. Nafisa5:57 pm

    I have some turquoise blue nail polish...you can paint u your nails completely....

  22. Amazingly perceptive of your older one. And if you did manage that, you more than deserve the star!

    I've never had bhaang, but my mother has once, and thirty years later, I still remember that incident.

    And thanks for dropping by at my blog.

    ~ Rayna

  23. [Whinymom] Really? Ouch.

    [Z] Come and hug him yourself. And treat me to lunch while you are at it :p

    [Preeti] Nothing really working. She woke up some 4 times last time.

    [MMHNB] Putting her on her tummy only. Limited success :(

    [Lawyeramma] Am in total denial about going back to work this time so no tips to be found here

    [Sue] Ah. Poor Sharabh Niyogy.

    [Nafisa] There's no way I could carry that off.

    [Rayna] One-off success. Sleep battles rage on...

  24. Oh I loved this post! Three-in-one and all the stories put a smile on my face! Happiness :-)