Monday, May 31, 2010

Bullet Point Update

It's been a busy two weeks in these parts and so much has happened that bullet points seems to be the best way to get this done. So here goes...     
  • It took a while but we are all much better. Thanks for your concern and good wishes.
  • Ayaan's cough took ages to subside and it still makes an appearance when he has a tantrum but after a month of antibiotics, vitamin syrups and cough medicine, I can finally switch off the phone alarms that reminded me that a dose was due.
  • Tarana's cough and cold made a reappearance along with a couple of days of low-grade fever but she too is finally in the clear.
  • We made it to the family wedding in Delhi after all. And my extended family appears to have equipped themselves with some newly acquired diplomacy because I did not have to field a single comment or question about their skinniness. 
  • The wedding was fun but exhausting with the hyperactive brat and the sleep-deprived girl but we all survived.
  • Ayaan got to be the sarbala and was perched on the horse in front of the bridegroom for the duration of the baraat. Given that I am the only cousin in the extended family on both sides to have produced a boy, he has had quite an extended stint as wedding VIP, having been both page boy and sarbala twice each. A little trip down memory lane…
  • Tarana looked very cute in the pattu pavadai Indu Aunty sent for her. For the functions other than the wedding itself, she was dressed in frocks since most of the kiddie stores I visited stock ethnic wear only for girls of ages one and above. The ones that did have infant sizes had stuff that looked very uncomfortable so I decided to prioritise comfort over style.
  • The kids were quite a hit with the relatives. This is the first time that Ayaan grew out of his clinginess and interacted with people. He chattered away non-stop to anyone who would listen and almost gave me a heart attack by going off with my Chacha without telling me – for five horrible minutes, I thought he had got lost! Tarana was popular simply because she was the youngest person present though she chose to favour only male family members, happy to rest her head on their shoulders while the female aunts and cousins had to contend with a violently bawling baby every time they attempted to take her.
  • There was an AWESOME chaat counter at the wedding buffet with some amazing pani puri. I ate EIGHTEEN! And survived without so much as an upset tummy despite my mom's dire predictions.
  •  We stayed at the Saket Sheraton. This was Ayaan's first experience of a five-star hotel. (We did stay at one in Goa a few years ago but he was too young to have any memory of it). And he LOVED it - the bathtub, the toiletries, room service, breakfast buffet, jam and sauce in little bottles, and every little aspect of our stay there. To start with, he could not get his head around the concept of a hotel - he kept referring to the room as 'our house' and at once point got a look of pure bliss on his face as he proclaimed, 'Mama, I want to stay in this house forever and ever'!
  • In the midst of the wedding festivities, I managed to squeeze in a trip to the Mad House. There was such a strong sense of deja vu that descended on me, having seen so much of the house in pictures on her blog. The Brat and the Bean were welcoming to extent of wanting Ayaan to share the juice that they happened to be drinking when we entered. And the Bean was very upset when Ayaan did not let her help him pick up the chips he had dropped on the floor. The Brat and Ayaan compared and contrasted their mothers' iPhones. Sadly, it was a very short visit and was over before it began but I am glad I managed to make it.
  • After the wedding, I headed to Jaipur. This had not been the initial plan but one of my maids was on her annual vacation and the other one asked for a few days off since her daughter-in-law needed some emergency surgery. Not relishing the thought of holding down the fort on my ownsome lonesome, I headed momwards. 
  • Like last year, we celebrated his birthday there. We invited the kids he knows over there and my mom got her back garden decked up with balloons and Disney cut-outs and arranged for a magician to provide entertainment. The boy wanted a flower-shaped cake but then chose a star-shaped cake at the shop.
  • He behaved like an angel at his party. He was quick with the P&Qs. He insisted on being the one to serve the cake to everyone so he waited for my mom to put the pieces on plates before taking them off and ensuring that no one went without cake. And towards the end of the party, he took it upon himself to help in clearing away the used plates and napkins. I beamed with pride as everyone praised my well-behaved son. Of course, the next day he burst my bubble by having a string of really nasty tantrums.
  • Another adorable development has been the evolution of Ayaan’s relationship with his great-grandmothers. As a younger and much more hyperactive baby, he didn’t have much time to spare for them since at 85 and 90 years old respectively, they couldn’t quite keep up with him. But of late, he seems to have realised that their limited mobility has its advantages. Without the need or ability to move around too much or have much to do, they form the perfect captive audience. My paternal granny was made to play endless games of Snakes and Ladders with him and my maternal granny was put to work reading to him. He has also become very caring and considerate with them – holding their hand to ‘help’ them walk, serving and feeding them, counting out their medicines. Very cute :)
  • We got back to Mumbai on Thursday and tomorrow we leave for Bangalore to spend some time with Jai's parents. And after that, I would be quite happy to grow roots in Mumbai for a while, having had more than my fill of packing, unpacking, airport lounges, messed up routines and what not


  1. I don't know quite why I enjoy reading these accounts of yours so much. You make simple things sound very interesting :)

  2. Phew... I read it in a single breath.. was so excited to see your new post on my header.. n tarana looks so damn cute in that dress ...*kaala tika* ... adorable... and Ayan ius turning to be a perfect gentleman.. madam you'll soon have little girl friends swooning over ;p

  3. what a lovely post, ro. i felt like i was right there, watching it all happen. glad you and the kids are better now. have fun on the b'lore trip and then stay put for a bit, okay?

  4. Hello there! I have been a lurker for long. I love your blog :) Seriously, I *have* to say this again - each single post makes for great reading material :)

  5. Hey Ro - I loved the pics of Ayaan with the great grand mothers. My God - both Ayaan and they are so lucky! I can picture Ayaan being nice to them. Enjoyed this post!

  6. awwww at the granny points!!! i love this boy

  7. Awesome post! Each bullet point holds a treasured memory.

    The ggm pix are so touching. Happy belated budday!

  8. I also like 5 star hotels. why don't you return home and then book Ayaan and me into a 5 star hotel here ?
    I also promise to be good and clear away plates whenever i visit your house. will serve everyone also if you want.
    please please.
    p.s. would prefer to be booked into a 5 star hotel at a hill-station or at Goa actually. and it might be a cheaper option for you.


  9. Belayed happy budday - thought of him recently wondering why you hadn't done a bday post. Remembered the discussion of London options for his 3rd bday. Time flies.. as I am thinking over and over these days :)

    Tarana is a cutie :)

    And the great-grandees pix are totally completely absolutely priceless.

  10. - great the kids are fine now :)
    - Lovely update....u jus made up for a zillion blogs :b
    - the granny bit is so cute...its indeed nice to see generations bond

  11. Wow.. Ayaan is so well-behaved. I always thought young boys are all brats! And Tarana looks lovely in her dress. Reminds me of Pari in her tiny lehengas, which are now being used to dress the dolls :)

  12. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Sweet pictures of Ayaan as a sarbala. and good to know all are keeping well. take care.

  13. God bless the babies. You did good, Ro.

  14. Your kids are so blessed to have 2 great grandmas !!!
    So glad the kids are doing much better now ... enjoy your B'lore trip.

  15. [Apu] *blushes* Thanks :)

    [Sagarika/ Violet] Ayaan's gentlemanly phases are still short-lived. But much welcomed :)

    [Mona] Oh I totally plan to. We calculated that Tarana has taken 10 flights in less than 8 months. I felt tired just thinking about that.

    [JAB] Thanks for delurking, that too to say such nice things :)

    [Noon/ Itchy] It is really cool, especially now that Ayaan has started interacting with them

    [Starry/ Gayatri] If I had the commitment to blog daily, I would probably have written a post for each of those bullet points :)

    [Zen] Er.. right. And I was born yesterday.

    [Choxbox] Oh yeah. That was just around the time you moved back :)

    [Pretti/ Sue/ CA] Thanks

  16. Lovely post! Ayaan is really growing up! Helpful and spending time with his great grandmothers! Awesome. And young Tarana is truly well travelled.

  17. Worth the wait Rohini! Loved reading Ayaan's grandma moments, he seems to have had a whale of a time!
    Tarana looks so adorable in pavadai chattai :)

  18. Good to hear that both Ayaan and Tarana are fine now! Tarana looks super cute in her traditional dress :) and Ayaan sounds like quite the perfect gentleman! I love his pix with the great-grandmas. Nikki is doing exactly the opposite of what Tarana does these days, she's quite happy to go to females of all shapes and sizes but throw a man in there and violently bawling baby makes an appearance!
    P.S. D'you think you could ask your extended family to pass on some of that newly acquired diplomacy to mine? The 'kamzor' comments have reached an all time high these days!

  19. this is such a happy post ..

    Ayaan must have had a great time meeting so many people and being centre of so much attention..

    Tarana looks super cute in her traditional dress...

  20. Lovely pictures! I can well imagine how tremendously happy Ayaan's great grandmas must be:-)

  21. What an absolute angel of a boy!!! Can you loan him to me so that he can teach my monkeys some manners!!