Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I routinely express milk and feed it to Tarana from a bottle. The reason for this is to ensure that she is comfortable with the bottle and does not reject it when I go back to work. So far, success has been mixed. She does not reject the bottle entirely, but she does not love it either. She will rarely have more than 2 ounces and then starts playing with the bottle or pushing it away. And if I nurse her immediately afterwards, she happily feeds away, which means she has not had her fill from the bottle. Anyway, I am hoping that when I do go back to work and she has no backup option, she will take full feeds from the bottle. And given that my back-to-work date is currently a moving target (long story, not bloggable), it is quite possible that she won't need much breast milk during the day by the time I actually do rejoin the workforce.

Anyhow, that's not what I intended to write about. This is an anecdote from the early days of expressing. I would express the milk and pop it into the fridge till I was ready to give it to Tarana. At feeding time, I would take it out and stand it in a pot of hot water. Then I would shake it vigorously to ensure that the fat that had got separated from the milk would blend back in. In fact, the opposite would happen - it would coagulate into bigger lumps.

Nonplussed, I went back to my breastfeeding bible and read the fine print on how to prepare a bottle of expressed milk and came across these heretofore ignored sentences: "Shake the milk to redistribute the fat, but not too much. You don't want to make butter or whipped cream."

Really? Butter? This made me curious. Wanting to know more, I typed the following key words into Google - 'breastmilk butter'. The results were not what I expected. Here's a sample...

Recipes a la Breastmilk
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour; 2 tsp baking powder; 1 tsp baking soda; 1/2 cup butter; 3/4 cup sugar; 2 eggs; 1/2 cup breast milk; 1/2 cup plain yogurt ...

Can breastmilk be used to make butter? - Yahoo! Answers
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Butter from Human Breast Milk?‎ - 10 posts

Breast Milk Cheese |
I suppose breast milk yogurt would be really runny. And I thinkbreast milk butter / human yogurt would be possible but you'd need liters ...

Breastmilk Butter - 53903 - Recipezaar
Prep time: 5 min - Cook time: 5 min - Calories: 0
Try Recipe Breastmilk Butter - 53903 from This recipe has a 4.40 star rating and has been reviewed 8 times.

And that's only from the first page!

And then I read this article the other day about this woman whom they are calling... wait for it... the Nigella Lawson of breast milk cookery!

My first reaction to all this was something along the lines of 'Ewwwwww' but then I started to wonder if it was really that disgusting to cook with your breast milk. After all, it is just milk and if you can use the milk of another species (cows, buffaloes, goats), then why not your own milk?

And it's not just cooking either. If this website is to be believed, it is good for multiple, non-edible uses as well. Apparently it can cure diaper rashes and pink eye as well as double up as a facial cleanser and make-up remover, amongst other things!

Anyway, I can't really see myself doing any of this stuff and Tarana need not worry about any competing claims on her food source. Nor do those who plan to visit have to worry about the source of dairy in the food or beverages on offer. But I guess it's not as gross as I started out thinking it was.


  1. Whoa! It's weird alright :O

  2. Weirdly very interesting! I think Tarana would just be happy to nurse...she's not interested in these kinda dairy products!!!

  3. I would never have imagined. Fascinating and strange!

  4. After reading about placenta recipes and semen recipes, nothing shocks me anymore!!!
    btw, the diaper rash and pink eye treatment has been very popular for ages. my aunt "requested" me for some breast milk when she had an irritant eye. God only knows how our ancestors came to figure that out? ;)

  5. as boo said the diaper rash has been pretty popular, my granny told me put breastmilk for ojas when he had a nappy rash and i was what no way till i did some google reaserch...

    and no i still didnt do it

    its still gross and weird for me

  6. I knew about the pink eye treatment, but breastmilk butter? Really?!?

    Wow! You really do learn something new everyday :-)

  7. Same as the comment above - knew about the eye treatment, but butter and cookery? Weird but yeah interesting!

  8. When nattu got a cold when she was two months old and the doctor said they cannot give any medications till she gets her first shots, my mom made me express milk, mixed some safforn to it and applied the paste on her forehead and chest to bring out the phelgm. Weird treatment but worked like wonder.

  9. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Yeah, knew about the eye treatment and diaper rash uses, and there have been recent articles about BM cheese - here in the US, women can send their unused expressed BM to milk-banks - it's used for preemies....I know I drank my own expressed BM, if it passed the use-by time - hey, I worked darn hard to produce it, wasn't going to waste it!

    As for T not drinking as much from a bottle - my daughter was the same way - she just preferred to nurse. For a while, she'd drink the bare minimum through the day and make up for it when I got home - I b/f almost nonstop some evenings! I think this tendency led to her weaning sooner than my son...but she was very ready for solids.


  10. okay, i knew about bm for diaper rash and cuts and so on but recipes? and semen recipes?!
    i'm in shock!

  11. I knew about the diaper rash and eye infection treatment too ...

    I still think its a little weird ...

  12. Mons - and boo found out about it???? that shocks me even more ;)))

    but ro, this one is mildly gross for me :) all purpose flour and breast milk???sounds like the ingredients for white sauce...and that in itself grosses me out..ok mildly..;)

  13. Anonymous7:21 am

    Semen recipe is really gross.

    I could not get myself to drink my own expressed milk. I used to just throw whatever my kid could not finish, though I used to find it such a waste. Somehow, drinking my own milk feels a bit weird.

  14. Very weird! I never thought there would be breast milk recipes!

  15. I've heard of breast milk recipes - NOT placenta or semen recipes, YUCK YUCK! - but, despite all the liberal notions... no thank you!

  16. I'd heard of people using breast milk to cure pink eye and rashes too, but these recipes are a first! Hmmm, I know some people who just get grossed out by the thought of breast feeding itself, I wonder how they'd react to these recipes. Mebbe its time to give 'em a call mwahahaha

  17. i had no idea! and i think i will stay away! tho yeah like you say it doesnt gross me out very much as long as someone else is doing it! :p


  18. You know MIL's mom asked me for my breast milk when I was feeding R..this was as a medicine to the burning sensation to her eyes..she has lost almost most of her eyesight and she believed that regularly putting breast milk in the eyes would be a cure...It didnt work though :(

  19. My first reaction too was 'ewwwww' and somehow I can't imagine anyone using breastmilk for anything else than what it was intended for. I know it is weird that we have milk from other source but really can't think of breastmilk in the same category.

  20. I can't imagine why people use breast milk for recipes...but I did use brestmilk to put in Akku's eyes.
    I don't remember for sure but I think his doc only suggested for him.

  21. ewwww i didn't even have the guts to open the links! :P but yes, i also use my own milk to rub on my nipples after my baby is done - keeps them from getting cracked and sore, better than lansinoh! true story! :) and my mom-in-law tells me she used hers to cure my hubby's eye infection when he was an infant. it's amazing how much goodness is packed into this milk! :)

  22. Uhhh...I am a strong, confident, liberal pregnant woman with an open mind...

    I don't feel so good right now though...

  23. Ariel7:25 pm

    well when A got this deep blleding gash on his face digging his nails in at his one week ped appt I was asked to only use bmilk on it. It closed up with no marks in a couple of days even though I had to get stitches for a similar gash when I was a child. Same with pollen allergy related eye infection. From what I can see the peds here are really reluctant to use medicines for babies unless its a serious illness and bmilk apparently works great.

  24. Did you not see this: and the links form within the post???? Enjoy!

  25. how gross ans weird is that!

  26. breastmilk butter!!! really!!
    I know it has everything to make a baby healthy and fit and fights all those germs and diseases, but still sounds gross, somehow!!

    Ya, I've heard about the pink eyes, in fact had a treatment and it's good, my sweet neighbour shared some of her milk for the cure :)

  27. [Boo] Did you give it to her? Did it work?

    [Monika] I did use some BM on Tarana's cheeks when she had some rash as a newborn. Worked pretty well.

    [IBH] I know. It shouldn't, but it does...

    [Anon] Yep, I throw away any unused milk as well. It does not taste particularly nice, though Tarana might disagree.

    [R's Mom] I hope she also saw a doc?

    [Wordsmith] Yup, I did that too.

    [Y] Uh-oh. I should have put a warning for queasy pregnant women to avoid this post!

    [Ariel] Wow! Breast milk is pretty awesome stuff!

    [30in2005] Thanks for the link. I wonder if they are getting much demand for the stuff.

    [PNA] It worked? Actually I had mild conjunctivitis a couple of weeks ago. I should have tried this.

  28. Wow... I didn't have any idea about this... thanks for sharing... quite weird, though :)

  29. Got to know about the use of breast milk to cure pink eyes a few months back when my mom asked me for a few drops of breast milk when she had conjunctivitis.gave her some and joked about how I had finally repaid her :)
    Didn't know about the recipes though.Weird!

  30. I personally don't find it disgusting or weird either. Like you said - if we don't mind drinking milk from other species, what is so disgusting about our own milk? I guess people have a hard time separating breast milk from where it comes from- the breasts. THAT is what I find weird - the mentality. This mentality is behind people's objections to breastfeeding in public places as well, I think. Like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, what's disgusting (or not) generally depends on what's in our minds.

  31. Preeti10:19 am

    Well, while not necessarily something i wld try, i guess to each, his own... Tho yes, semen and placenta recipes - beyond gross! I had the same issue with U. He was just not comfortble with the bottle. He wld down abt 2 ounces, if that, as most would dribble down his chin. So went back to full time nursing. And also tried bm on newborn acne for U. It seemed to clear up pretty good.

  32. Applying B-milk for rashes etc is known (esp. from desi movies) and doesn't seem that weird. But, somehow, adults consuming it is ...ugh.

    From one of the articles - "Give your partner a glass of your B-milk to cure his cold."

  33. I've heard/read a lot about the wonderful qualities of breast milk and I am a proud pumpin' mommy! The doctors asked me to use it for my baby's cracked lips as well as his eyes(he has some kind of discharge). As for the recipes, hmmm... not too comfortable. I am tempted to drink my breast milk when I feel its going waste (especially when you are pumping n number of times a day trying to fatten up a preemie!) but I somehow haven't got the guts to try it out :)

  34. [CeeKay] I mostly agree with you. It doesn't disgust me. I tasted my own milk out of curiosity a while ago. But I didn't like the taste and cooking with it seems sort of extreme...

    {Inquisitive Akka] You had a baby?! Congratulations!

  35. where did my comment on this post go????

    HAve heard of the pink eye and nappy rash remedy. In fact, while I was nursing, my neighbour brought her baby with some eye infection to me.. I did th eneedful, but I DID feel like a cow!

    ewwww. semen recipes are just too gross!

  36. Rohini, about Tarana not feeding from the bottle--my daughter now doesn't feed the little one any milk from the bottle and when she's at work & her kiddo's at the creche, she just has solid food. When she's with her mum, she makes up all her milk drinking. So no bottle and now she's started drinking water, juice from a sippy cup.