Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ephemeral Empathy

Something somewhat scary happened on Tuesday evening. I had stepped out to pick up some groceries and decided to take the kids along. It was just a short walk away and we all needed some fresh air after being cooped up at home all day thanks to the rain. Ayaan was tripping along next to me and Tarana was in a sling.

Having bought the necessary stuff, I walked out of the store and turned half back toward Ayaan and held out my hand for him to hold, in preparation for crossing the road. The next thing I knew I was pitching forward off the pavement and on to the road. I had an instant of deep terror because I was headed for a face-down fall and that would have meant Tarana hitting the road as well. I somehow managed to pull myself back but I fell on my knees instead. Hard. But it felt worse than it was and in spite of torn jeans, badly scraped knees and a few wobbly moments once I managed to stand up, I was able to hobble home. Anyway, I am not complaining. It could have been much worse. Thankfully, Tarana was totally unhurt (thank goodness for the sling because I am not sure I would have been able to keep my grip on her) and there was no oncoming traffic *shudder*

Anyway, this post was supposed to be about Ayaan's reactions to my fall. This is how they went:

Shocked: Mama!!!!!!! (in a loud screech)

Apologetic: I am very, very sorry. Very sorry. (He thought I fell because he didn't take my hand soon enough, so I had to reassure him it wasn't his fault)

Concerned:  Is it paining? Is there blood? Show me.

Preachy: It's because you are carrying so many heavy things. I told you not to carry too many things. (He so did not) Next time, carry lesser things.

Distracted: Mama, see that aeroplane! Mama, can big aeroplanes fly higher than small aeroplanes? What about medium aeroplanes? (I gritted my teeth and politely informed him that I was not up to discussing the intricacies of the the correlation between aircraft size and flight capabilities)

Impervious: Mama, let's have a race. Let's see who reaches the gate first. (My teeth were starting to hurt from all the gritting now and I informed him, much less politely, that any kind of speed was out of the question given the pain in my knees)

All of this happened in the five minutes we took to reach home from the scene of my fall!


  1. OOPS! Hope your knees are okay now... though I know from personal experience the damn things take their own sweet time getting better :(

    Err. Ayaan is BEYOND hilarious and cute :)

  2. How are you now?

    And, he's a cutie :)

  3. Thank God for the on earth did you fall, did you lose your balance or trip?

    Ayaan is so precious!

    and btw, each time I've fallen holding or running after my babies, it's been me who got hurt, bleeding knees and are your knees now?

  4. Did his best to distract you, didn't he!
    I hope your knees are better now.

  5. :)

    Give your knees some kind of hot fomentation, please.

  6. aw, ayaan is so precious.
    hope you're feeling okay now. close call, huh?

  7. he was just trying to get your mind off your knees with those questions about the planes!

    glad you're are you now? knees can remain sore for a while...

  8. Gosh you must be in pain after that fall! Take care.

    And Ayaan did what we adults do to kids all the time. S fell yesterday, and I scolded/made silly jokes/tried distracing...i guess she was gritting her teeth too. :)

  9. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Let me delurk to say I hope you feel better now. God Bless that nothing worse happened !

    May I ask what type of sling you use ? a moby wrap / mei tai/ maya wrap/ ring sling etc ? This is the only reason I have been afraid to use a sling.

  10. Am always scared to cross roads with kids around, have to watch the road as well as kids - anyone can hit

  11. Phew! Happened to me once to when the YO was a year or so old.

    Hope those knees are better and the jeans still wearable.

    And so sweet of A to try and distract you. Such a parent-like thing to do!

  12. Preeti9:30 pm

    OMG!! So glad that nothing worse happened... Hope that the knees are doing better.

    But I have to say I found Ayaan's comments AWESOME! They were SO funny. Especially loved Preachy, Distracted and Impervious. Needless to add, loved ur reactions to them too tho am sure must have been bloody painful at the time. One of those instances when u can smile while looking back (at least at the 2nd half, 1st half too scary).

  13. i love ayaan!!
    i loved preachy boy

  14. Gosh hope you are back to normal now...and Ayaan....he is such a sweetheart :)

  15. Gosh hope you are back to normal now...and Ayaan....he is such a sweetheart :)

  16. I hope you are better now.. It must have been a nasty fall if your jeans got torn. Ayaan is so funny, and cute!

  17. Hope you're ok now. How did Tarana react to all this?

  18. sweet of Ayaan! I love the preachy boy in him :-) Hope you have overcome the shock (I can imagine how scary it must've been) and the pain in your knees.

  19. Oh careful Mama- that was darn scary..and btw..Ayan says so too :)

  20. artnavy2:49 pm

    i had tripped at the airport when aditi was inside me ( at 8 months )
    i know how it feels

    ayan's question on aircrafts- did u find the answer yet and tell him- then share it with me as well

    your boy is BRIGHT

  21. OMG, the 2 of you did have a narrow escape! Hope your knee gets alright soon.
    And I'm sorry, but I have to parrot- Ayaan is so cute! Hilariously so! :-D

  22. Hope you are better now !
    I had a fall myself last thursday ... lost my balance for a moment and slipped 6 steps with rough scratches on my palm.
    Thankfully I was NOT walking the kids ...

    But had to answer 1000 questions when the kids were informed about my fall :(

  23. Ohhh Ro! That sounds so scary- am so glad the kids are ok and you have a sense of humour to tell the tale. I had an accident recently (stitches all over my nose and face due to broken glass - don't ask) and all I could think of was thank god I wasn't carrying the baby. Hope the knees are better. Maybe Ayaan is more accommodating with the hand-holding now ?:)

  24. oh my goodness that's very scary. glad that all of you are ok.and Ayaan's reactions are amazing -- his concern, his reprimands and his attempts to distract you:) very sweet.

  25. Hey everyone. Thanks for your concern. The knees seem to have got off lightly. One is scraped and the other is bruised but that seems to be it.

    In retrospect, Ayaan's reactions were rather cute but in the moment, I did wonder whether I was raising a boy without a bone of empathy in his body. Ah well, I guess empathy is not really a big part of a 5-year old's repertoire... and for the record, I am pretty sure that he was not trying to distract me. I think he just 'forgot' :)

    [Starry} I was turning back to grab Ayaan's hand and I think I misjudged the height/ position of the pavement.

    [Anon] Most of the time, I use the Maya Wrap. I am so glad was wearing her in it. If I had been carrying her freestyle, I am pretty sure I would have dropped her...

    [Lawyeramma] Tarana didn't really realise what was happening so no reaction. The sling protected her from the fall.

    [Art] Hey, I tripped in the loo and hit my back on the commode when pregnant with T! As for the aeroplane question, I just winged it (pun intended) and told him that bigger planes could fly higher. Seemed about right.

    [CA] Six steps??? That is scary. Glad you are okay

    [GOTB] Stitches? Broken glass? Gosh! That sounds awful... as for Ayaan, he lacks the accommodating gene :)

  26. Glad the knee is not really bad. I guess Ayaan was in shock... and maybe he was trying to distract you to help you forget the pain :D

  27. Oh, scary! I felt for you. I have four as you might remember and I was the mom walking along holding two little ones by the hand (later 3) with the baby in a sling.

  28. Dropped by after quite a while to read this scary post! It really must have been so traumatic. But then of course it's pretty obvious that Ayaan managed to distract you enough :-)
    I do hope your knees are better.

  29. seems like a wonderful lil boy.