Saturday, September 18, 2010

Plane madness

You know your son is still obsessed with planes and air crashes when:

You are curled up in a corner reading your book, while he plays with his ever-increasing store of toy planes. You suddenly tune into his monologue and realise that he is doing an almost-perfect imitation of an airhotess: "This plane is about to crash. Please put on your seat belts. Thank you for flying Jet Airways." And then slams the plane into a nearby wall.

You get suspicious at the unusual silence emanating from his room and walk in to find him perusing an airline safety card (which he decided to appropriate on his last flight for detailed analysis)...

You decide to get him excited about the upcoming family holiday in Mauritius by showing him pictures on Google Images and he barely looks at all the lovely beach and ocean pictures before asking to see a picture of the aeroplane we will go in. He then proceeds to stare at the aeroplane, comment on its size and colours and wonder if it is going to land in the water...

You tell him about the weekend plan to go meet a friend and he decides to make her a present - a 'newspaper' about aeroplane crashes:

This is the artist's explanation:
On Page 101, the first picture is a plane flying in the clouds but the pilot has forgotten to put the wheels back inside. The second is a plane that has crashed its nose into a brick wall.
On page 202, the first plane has crashed because it landed on its nose. The second plane landed on the runway but then crashed into the jungle (the big black thing on the side). And the third plane has landed without the wheels coming out).


  1. I actually laughed out loud at the very first anecdote. This was a complete riot of a post :D

  2. Hahahaha.. like I said on the earlier post about his plane queries, I'd not want to sit beside him on a flight for sure! Otherwise, I sure want to meet this little guy.. I'm still ROFLing about "This plane is about to crash. Please put on your seat belts. Thank you for flying Jet Airways." Isn't that the politest death warning ever? :D

    And yayyyy for Mauritius.. I was there on vacation in June with family, it was awesome. Lots of things for kids to do too (we'd gone with my SIL's 4-yr old daughter, and she came back just as happy as the adults). Have fun!

  3. He has a bright future - ask him to start writing disaster movie plots. Catch em young!

  4. - ROFL
    - Thank you for flying jet its ur last flight.....hahahahahaha
    - great sketches and the explanation awesome :)

  5. LOL! As cute as it can get. I hope the doesn't scare the other passengers in the flight by repeatedly asking you "When will the plane crash ?"

  6. This guy is such a sweetheart ya...hahahahaa! I am laughing out so loud....and what a vivid imagination..

  7. I hope that is not an omen. :)

    An Arkies Musings

  8. De Costa Destructive Genes....cant do much about those Ro :)

  9. LOL! Wild wild imagination!! The 'newspaper' idea is cool (despite the grim topic) and so is the art! Very very creative...

  10. Flights of imagination! Amazing!

  11. Thanks everyone :)

    [Soul] You are the person I need to talk to then. What all did you get up to with the kid? Mostly hotel-based or did you head out as well? Which hotel did you stay at?

    [Ritu] He says he wants to a pilot but not like the 'bad' ones who crash planes. He will be a good, careful pilot :)

    [Poornima] He doesn't ask. He just LOUDLY questions me about various crash scenarios :)

    [Anil] True. Only so much headway I can make with my superior parenting skills :p

  12. Hey, we stayed at the Grand Mauritian Resort which is in South Maritius. The hotel was awesome, the only glitch being that you have to take an hour long ride to North Mauritius everyday where the port and the shopping places etc are (don't hold your breath about the shopping.. IMHO, not too much you can buy).

    With our niece:

    We went to Vanilla Crocodile Park one day.. which she was very excited about. It's not only crocodiles but other animals as well.. specially various kinds of fish. The entire tour took about 1 - 1.5 hours. The highlight was the giant turtles.. they allow the kids to touch them and click pictures with them.. she loved that!

    Another one on the same lines was Casela Bird Park. Unfortunately, we went there on the last day and had a flight to catch later.. so we were very rushed. But we all got to see tigers and leopards and ostriches etc. She was squealing with excitement! :) There are safari buses there as well as 4-wheel drives. Might be fun for Ayaan.

    Then there's this very intricate ship model sold as a souvenir everywhere, that they have small factories for. Any tour guy will be able to take you to one of those factories.. they show how the models are built, with all the small elements. Good fun!

    Apart from those, there was endless swimming and going to the beach for her and for us all. So dont forget to pack the bucket and shovel :D

    For you, don't miss the spa if you do end up staying in this hotel. Slightly overpriced but so totally worth it!

    Will add more if I recall something else as well.. have fun you guys!

  13. ROFL! Ayaan is tooooo phunny! Thank you for flying Jet Airways was the ultimate! :-D
    Am just wondering but howcome plane crashes became such an beloved subject with him?

  14. LOL.. Ayaan's imagination rocks. The newspaper is awesome, just like the crash warning. And you know what I liked the most- page 202 after 101 :D

  15. That's it...he's going to work in the aviation industry! Just glad you didn't post this a couple of weeks back when I had to land at the Mangalore airport and my heart was fluttering wildly with fear!

  16. Preeti11:43 pm

    Hi Ro! Good to see u back after a while. Loved the post, esp the first incident of course. He sure is going to be a joy to fly with on your upcoming trip:)

    Any idea why he's so taken with this entire plane crash scenario? Or is it just time pass and normal small boy predilection for action and gore? Just asking so I can be prepared to handle U when he grows up.

  17. :) remind me not to talk to him before a trip. i live in terror of plane crashes.

    and how can i forget that little plane model he had tucked in his pocket the entire time?

  18. [Soul] Thanks for the detailed comment. Very helpful. We were wondering about the La Vanille place but will definitely build in into out itinerary.

    [JLT/ Preeti] Well, it all started with one flight where he got hold of the safety card. He started questioning me about everything in it and has not stopped since...

    [Violet] He is still a little confused about how to count after 100 :)

    [MM] One or more planes go with us everywhere. We have already decided which lucky ones get to accompany us to Mauritius :)

  19. Have a great time in Mauritius! What a fervid imagination-maybe he'll be a screenplay writer

  20. This is too cute!! I like PhoenixRitu's idea :D

  21. LOL I think you should start a series about Ayaan and his obsession with planes, it'll be a crash-hit!

  22. Divya8:24 pm

    hi... i am new to your blog.. Just got to know about your blog from Boo's blog.. I have been reading all your posts for past one week and just now finished reading all of them.. Wish there were more months in a year then i would have got to read more..

    I it was wonderful to read your blog..

    Eagerly waiting for the next post..

  23. Anonymous11:58 pm

    hey rohini, hilarious post...m delurkng. Hav caught up wth ur posts recently(ie.hav read all the archives as well)...n i love thm. ur kids r adorbl..loved the card A made fr T...esp the way he hs written 9 :-)

  24. [Uttara] fervid. Learnt a new word today :)

    [Divya/ Anon] Thanks for the compliments. Made my day :)

  25. 100 is a very decent figure to get confused at. Pari's counting goes awry after 29.. twenty-ten, twenty-eleven and so on :D

  26. Ha ha! Luved this post!

  27. Anonymous5:12 pm

    A is so imaginitive and creative...I guess it's a "boy' thing...when my son was his age, he'd ask LOUDLY as the plane took off "is this when we crash?"much to my(and everyone else within hearing range)horror!
    Enjoy Ile's in our "backyard" and is great for a relaxing holiday.Have a safe (!!) trip.Chooch

  28. That boy - can you just send him here for sometime! He has such personality at such a young age!
    No Ayaan photos for a while now...

  29. Ayaan Airlines rocks!!!!!!
    Couldn't stop laughing.
    I guess he's just good at expressing everyone's latent fears?

  30. :D

    i LOVE the drawings! the names, actual rt work and the explanations! very cool!