Tuesday, October 12, 2010

By The Water Cooler

That my friends, is a sneak peek at Parul's second book - By the Water Cooler.

Her blog is one of my favourite reads and I had a lot of laughs reading her first book - Bringing Up Vasu - and am look forward to this one hitting the shelves so that I can rush out and pick up a copy.

Parul has a fun contest going on over at her blog, calling for anecdotes from the workplace.. I really want to participate but my limited creative juices seem to have all but dried up.

Check out the contest details here... and unleash you inner Dilbert.


  1. Hi Rohini,

    Is there an address I can send a private message to you at? I have a question to ask and I promise it isn't spam.

    Thanks ever so much, in advance!


  2. Have a nap and all your creative jusices will come back. I think it's lack of sleep.