Friday, October 22, 2010

The Evidence

In the last post, I mentioned that thanks to the husband's brilliant (not!) photography skills, there was not a single decent picture of the birthday girl. Now, I got the feeling that some of you thought I might have been exaggerating so here's the evidence to prove that I was not... and believe me, I am not withholding the stuff. This is all there was.

It's quite the cautionary tale. I call it How Not To Photograph Your Baby

Lesson One: Keep the light behind you

This one had the potential to be a really cute mother-daughter pic but for the fact that you can barely see the mother and daughter in question.

Lesson Two: Try to catch the baby in a good mood

Believe it or not, this is the best solo shot of Tarana from the party. At least, you can see her dress. Sort of. It was a white satin affair with a very light classic Winnie the Pooh print. Courtesy her Mamu from London.

Lesson Three: Wait till the baby looks at you

Ok, so maybe I am being a little unfair. I mean, babies do this all the time, right? You set up the frame and just as you press the button, they look away. So in a roll of otherwise good pictures, you'd probably delete this and move on. But what if this is one of the good pictures?

Lesson Four: Try and keep the baby in the centre of the frame

What I said in Lesson Three. Understandable but...

Lesson Five: Hold the camera steady... with both hands

I am not kidding. Jai holds the camera most casually with one hand. And this is one of those somewhat bulky prosumer cameras. Add low light situations and we have a lot of blurry pics... :)

(Sidenote to Jai: Sorry, darling. But a girl's got to put her money where her mouth is :) I promise to make it up with a post about what a great dad you are turning out to be)


  1. LOL! But the subject’s cuteness manifests itself still!

    And belated happy budday.

  2. LOL! If these are the only 'good' pics, how did he manage to live it down??

  3. LOL Ro!!! Thanks for the tutorial. Tomorrow we're having a family do for son's b'day...and in addition to doing everything else, I will snap pix, coz my SH has too much in common with your Jai :-D

    Pweety fwock, pwetty baby, anyway :)

  4. Are ALL husbands the same then??? I thought photography was a technical 'man' thing.. but alas!

  5. send me the first mother and daughter one in full res. i promise to work on it and make it a perfect mother daughter photo and send it back.(let me try)

    ps send after the 1st of nov. am travelling- to yr state actually. taking sanah to listen to some incredible music there.

  6. The first one is still rather nice, Ro! Let's see Sur work her magic on it:)

  7. Anonymous12:28 pm

    This story is ours as well - but the roles are reversed. I take the worst pictures ever, at the most crucial times! So kind of know what your poor Jai must be going through right now :)

  8. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Poor Jai, he must be going red in the face reading this.:)

    But you must have put up a video cam somewhere so all's not lost.

  9. hee hee, but you can still tell she's lovely (and her mama is too)

  10. What you probably need is a good SLR camera for taking kiddo pics :)

  11. i know what to get Urbie for Christmas!! Idiot's guide to Using a Camera!

  12. LOL!
    i loved this post, ro!

  13. LOL! Poor Jai! Had a good laugh!

  14. Wow.. Educational stuff! I hope the dad is taking notes. BTW, Tarana looks adorable even in the blurry pics :)

  15. hahahah! in our house, I will be Jai I guess :):) she looks cute inspite of the 100 faults that you found in the me, some people are talented photographers (like you or hubby) while people like me and Jai just go with the flow :)

  16. I know I am nit-picking - there are 2 Lesson Fours ;) I particularly loved both :D

    Many congratulations on completing the first year as a Mama of two :) As people have said before me, Tarana is so cute, clear pictures or otherwise!

  17. LOL its a role reversal in our case so I guess P could do a similar post about my photography skills. Thank heavens he doesn't blog!
    T looks super cute in the non blurred pics!

  18. LOL good post. Added laughter to my weekend :-) I had to show this to my hubby since I'm sure he could relate to it with a little role reversal in our case :-)

  19. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Ouch - Poor Tarana! Major fodder for her second-kids-always-get-shafted folder!

    That said, boy your kids are clones of each other :)


  20. Can you believe she is one?!! Happy birthday Tarana! WHY didn't you give the camera to Ayaan?! You know he takes such interesting pics!! I would have really enjoyed it.
    Very cute pic despite it not being clear - she has grown so much since the W sitting pic - can't believe it!

  21. LOL! Poor Jai will never live these tales down, will he?

    We hand the camera to one of the guests :) That way we are free to be host/hostess and we still get pics. Of course, on M's birthday this year, the friend who took the pics didn't think it important enough to click a few of the birthday girl's mom :)

    BTW, this must be a digital camera, right? Teach Jai to look at the pic he just took to see if he needs another shot :P

  22. Also the first pic of you and T together can still be salvaged by some photo editing. If you don't have the tools, or can't figure out how, send it to me. I'll take a look.

  23. Ha ha. My sympathies are with Jai. It is hard to take good pictures of a baby who never stands still!
    Btw, why don't you just dress her up in the same out fit and take a couple of 'nice' pics now. Years later when Tarana looks at the one will remember that these were taken a few days later!

  24. I completely understand your frustrations Sister !!! Have gone through many such .... going by the pictures clicked, one might assume this mommy never attended many birthdays :(

  25. Hmmm...really if these are the best of the lot I can totally understand ur point..

    Akshaj's second birthday pics are all hazy thanks to his never being still and we being busy running around him..

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  27. Happy first birthday to the little girl. She is the closest in blogworld to my daughter's age so I am tracking her avidly :) Can you believe a year is gone by? I promised myself I wouldn't be that way but I am. My husband is always thinking..there's soooo much more for her to do and I'm like, but she's outgrown so much so soooon!

  28. [Choxbox/ Violet] Thanks :)

    [JLT] He didn't. Hence the blog post :p

    [Starry/ Obsessivemom] Whatever happened to the men being more comfortable with machines?!

    [SUR] Thanks for your offer. Will send it to you right away.

    [Dipali] Sending it to her and keeping my fingers crossed. Shall post before-after :)

    [Memoriesofchocolate/ R's Mom/ NMOTB/ Divs] I bet he'd be thrilled to have some company :)

    [Anon] Nope. No video cam :(

    [Uttara] Thanks :)

    [V] Maybe when both are bigger and I don't have to carry and manage them and their stuff...

    [Anil] Yeah but who'll get him to read it?!

    [Mona/ Sandhya] :)

    [JustAnotherBlogger] Thanks for catching that. I will go and correct it.

    [M] Aren't they. I should do a post comparing her pics with Ayaan's at that age :)

    [Noon] Because Butterfingers killed my last camera so he is no longer allowed to touch the new one.

    [Cee] Thanks for the offer. Sending it to Sur. Will bug you in case she can't do it.

    [Lawyeramma] That's a good idea.

    [CA] Same here. I am either behind the camera or the pics are blurry/ out of focus.

    [Vandana] Yeah, snapping kids can be quite a challenge.

    [GOTB] I wasn't that way with Ayaan but I am more reluctant to have T grow up. Not that I have any say in the matter :)