Thursday, November 25, 2010


Mama Says So was in the news recently. Mumbai Mirror did a piece earlier this week on mommybloggers and yours truly was in the hallowed company of two-time author Parul and multi-tasker extraordinaire Kiran. You can read the article here

I am still bummed at the picture in the article though, since you can only see the back of Tarana's head. Usually, I am the one behind the camera. So pictures of me are rare enough and pictures of me and both the kids are a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence. So this was the ONLY recent picture - the last one was from when Tarana was three months old!!!

The perceptive, amongst those of you who follow the link, might pick up on the first few words in the section about this blog - 'former marketing professional'. Which brings me to the other bit of news. About a fortnight ago, I finally threw in the towel and quit. It was on the cards and when it finally happened it was so anti-climatic that I couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to write about it. But the article has forced me out of the closet. :)

Another post is due on the whys and hows of my resignation and I promise to get around to that sometime soon. Meanwhile, I am trying to figure out what neat, little box I now fall into. I was always the 'Working Mom'. What am I now? I am not your typical SAHM - I don't cook, my house is neither very neat nor very artistically done up and I have enough help that I don't need (or want) to spend every waking moment with my kids. At the same time, I am in no rush to get back to work. For now, a small freelancing gig keeps my brain ticking but who knows what lies ahead. I guess I am Figuring-Out-Herself-Mom :)

On to more immediate matters, my blog tagline still reads: 'Life as a working mom in manic Mumbai'. I have been wracking my brains (so much for the ticking) and can't seem to come up with a single, half-decent option to replace it with. Ideas, anyone?


  1. How about 'A Mom Figuring out Other Labels in Manic Mumbai'? :) All the best for the new role, Rohini. Do write about the hows and whys.

  2. How about 'Life as a rocking mom in manic Mumbai' :) Congrats on the news article, off to read it now. And do write about the hows and whys, will help other confused souls like me.

  3. artnavy4:47 pm

    good for you! Saw it at Kiran's

    Well u r working still- maybe not at an office...let it stay or go with what u said " Figuring-Herself-Out- Mom"

  4. Hey checked out the article in Mumbai Mirror..cute pic :):) though would have loved to see Tarana's face :)
    Congrats on the resig and all that..enjoy 'Figuring it out' phase :)

  5. - Hey Kewl! :)...wish tarana's cute face got clicked as well :)
    - jus put the working in single quotes...
    - all moms are 'working' mothers aren't they? :D

  6. Congrats and here’s to Happy FOH times!

  7. Start your own gig,then you can be your own boss and make your own rules!!(for the most part)

  8. So loved the article!

    And how about: My Life in Manic Mumbai
    Life as Me in Manic Mumbai
    Life as a Mom (amongst other titles) in Manic Mumbai


  9. Happy FOHMdom!
    And congrats on the fame!

  10. I read that and thought did she quit? Anyways, I will think of a cute tag-line.

  11. awesome! great going!

  12. Wow.. This post really read like a news article, only more interesting :) Congratulations on the coverage and yes, eager to know what led to the decision!

  13. How about "life as a figuring out herself mom in manic Mumbai"? I would fall into the figuring out herself mom category even though I am working! Hugs to you. Hope you truly enjoy this phase of life (I'm a little envious). Oh and congratulations on the article.

    We really should plan to meet up sometime!

  14. Congrats on the article.
    How bout 'between jobs, and enjoying the break'
    That's what you're doing, but needs to be worded better, I'd say :-)
    Am soooooooo envious!!!!

  15. Well you are in esteemed company. Michelle Obama is on record saying she is still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. I would say inside/outside/being paid in cash or jelly beans your blog and you are still the same, the house rules are still the same.
    Its Happening Your Way for Mama Still Says So.

  16. I read the article and actually wanted to ask you about the 'former marketing professional' bit:) Congratulations on your blog being featured ! And as for categories --well, I think I fall in the same amorphous space and am still trying to find a name for it :)

  17. Oh c'mon, you're still working, no? Is there any mom who's NOT working?!

    Congrats on the article :)

  18. Does this mean I have to edit my profile page too? Mine still says Im 27, I think! ;)

  19. Preeti9:51 pm

    I did pick up on that when I read the article, and saw that u already addressed it when i read thru ur post.

    I was also going to suggest 'Life as a Mom in manic Mumbai', but I see that Mamma Mia beat me to it. I thot it wld be suitable as just getting over the hurdles of mothering (whether working at home or outside) would provide more than enough fodder to write about...

    All the best with whatever you choose to do going forward. Cheers! P

  20. Mum's delight11:48 pm

    Friend.......I resigned last week as well, though my post was a bit more melodramatic. Guess great minds think alike :)
    cheers to no more bosses and deadlines and conference calls and power point presentations.....

  21. Congrats on the media bytes!

    Not to be pedantic or anything, but SAHM is just that: Stay-At-Home-Mom
    ,everything else is optional

  22. [SOAS] I am veering more towards 'Mom who doesn't give a s*** about labels any more' :D

    [NMOTB] Be careful what you ask for. My post might end up confusing you more :)

    [Artnavy/ M4] Maybe I'll just go with an option that does not require the word mom to have an adjective or explanation :)

    [R's Mom/ Gayatri] Me too. I hope she doesn't come across the article when she grows up and blame me for playing favourites :)

    [Chox/ Uttara/ Raman/ Violet] Thanks :)

    [V] Never thought of myself as particularly entrepreneurial but never say never, right ;)

    [Sraikh] I'm still waiting... :P

    [Lawyeramma] We should! You coming this way anytime soon?

    [JLT] I thinking I shall just do away with any reference to my status as working mom or otherwise.

    [Aneela] Awwww... thanks. I puffed up a few inches reading that :)

    [Nina] Nice to have some company :)

    [Starry] Well, I don't clean or cook, so does it still qualify as work?

    {Boo] Go edit it now, lazybones :)

    [Preeti] I am veering towards your way of thinking :)

    [MD] Yeah and welcome to the world of snotty noses and poopy diapers, 24-7 :D

    [Munchkin] You make a good point. My point was that what will I have to show for it since I am unlikely to be churning out gourmet meals or running a wow-worthy home...

  23. what is this former marketing professional.
    you are a marketing professional. only thing no organisation is attached to you!!!

  24. Yup - congrats on the article. Now you are a celebrity figuring-it-out mom! BTW I am happy you are resolving to post more and exercise more as per today's post :-)

  25. Well, your resolution no. 1 has all the work you yes :-D