Monday, November 29, 2010

On resolutions

When I was young and idealistic (a very long time ago admittedly), I was very serious about New Year resolutions. Come New Year's Eve, I would be ready with my list of good habits to adopt in the coming year - read more books, eat less junk, exercise, leave work before sunset... the standard stuff. Often in the heat of the moment, January would find me at the local gym, forking over huge sums of money for an annual membership, fueled by the power of my resolutions. The end result was predictable - I would make it to the gym a few times in the months of January and February and then spend the rest of the year suffering the husband's snide remarks about how that money could have been more gainfully used and how gyms depend on exactly my type of member for their profitability. Bah!

The blog has been a victim to the same kind of annual optimism. Every year, I resolve to post more often. Not for any other reason but because I can. I cannot even begin to count the number of posts that I have written in my head, which never saw the light of day. Even now, I can think offhand of at least three post-worthy topics that have been whirling around in my head this week. But somehow, I just never seem to get around to it. For a start, I spend a lot of my recreational time on the net reading blogs and other websites. When I am done with that, I am usually out of time. Or enthusiasm. And when I do get around to a posting frame of mind, I suddenly develop writer's block and cannot summon to mind any of the ideas that were till then at the tip of my tongue (or fingers) or if I can, their due date is long past - like the Diwali post that never got written this year.

So, somewhere along the way I just gave up on resolutions, deciding that they were quite simply not my cup of tea. It was clearly not the ideal situation since the habits I wanted to change still lingered and irked me no end but that was better than living with the disappointment of underachievement.

And then last Friday night, I had an epiphany. Why did resolutions have to be made on New Year's Day, with the whole year spreading out in front of one's eyes in a daunting fashion? At work, one learnt that targets must have stretch in them but they must appear to be within reach. Well, planning to ditch a habit that has plagued you for ages at one shot and sustaining that over 365 days certainly doesn't sound realistic, does it?

So here's my idea. I am going to do December resolutions. I am going to pick two habits that I want to change and then go after them hammer and tongs for a month. Just one, measly month - how hard can that be, right? And then if I can sustain it through December, we'll see about taking on 2011.

So without much further ado, here are my resolutions for December 2010:

 1. I will get back to exercising. 

Tarana is 14 months old now and there's really no justifiable reason for me to procrastinate any further. I think one of the reasons I have not yet done this, other than pure laziness of course, is the inconsistent daily schedule that I live by these days. On some days I have Tarana's physiotherapy, on other days there is Ayaan's swimming and skating classes. Then are are feed times, meals, naptimes, bedtime, park time... The result: there is not a single time slot that I can commit to on an almost-daily basis.

And then I had a eureka moment. Why must I commit to one activity or time slot? It would probably be a lot easier, not to mention more interesting, to mix things up. So here's the plan.
- On weekends, I will swim. The pool hours usually clash with Ayaan's morning school routine and/or Tarana's physio. But on weekends, there is no school routine and usually no physio.
- I went to my favourite exercise studio, one I frequented before I got pregnant, and signed up. I started today and am hoping to hit at least two, if not three, of their high-intensity work-out classes every week.
- On the days Ayaan has his skating class, I am going to walk (briskly, no less). There is a stretch of road just outside the class and so instead of lounging around with a book, I am going to wear my sneakers and walk while he skates.

2. I will blog more

If I have an idea for a post, I am going to blog it before I lose it. I am not a big fan of regimented blogging so I don't want to make a NaBloPoMo type of commitment. I have enjoyed blogging so far because it is something I like to do. I don't want to turn it into something I have to do.

So the target here is somewhat internal but I am suddenly feeling all charged up about this and if you notice, this is my third post in less than a week - I usually write that many in a good month - so I have a good feeling about this.

Since we are off on a 10-day jaunt on 20th, it 's actually not even going to be a month. But I read somewhere that it takes just 21 days of sustained effort to change a habit, so maybe I'm on to something? Time will tell... :)


  1. As a reader, I'm quite excited about the more blogging bit :)

    Good luck with the exercising too.

    I think this month-long resolution is a good idea.. thinking what I can take up :)

  2. Yay to more blog posts...its a wonderful idea infact to achieve month goals....all the best..and waiting for more posts :)

  3. Just came to work, and your post is surely a good thing to begin my day with! Already feeling charged reading your resolutions, exercising has been on my mind for a long time. Can I say I'll begin tomorrow?

  4. Thats a wonderful idea Ro! We have made similar plans for December! Will do a post on it soon. And Im glad about more posts! More yummy stuff to read!

  5. - am a memeber of the Lifemojo group on FB and they shoot inspirational lines everyday.
    - Today's msg read "When trying to make a good habit stick, focus only on one change for 30 days to increase your chances of making it a permanent part of your life." - Lifemojo
    - So you're doing great ....Good luck :D

  6. I've been quite delighted to see the recent spate of posts around here. Wish you loads of luck and hope the frequency of your posts only goes up from here on :)

  7. Totally totally going to nag you to keep those your posts :)

    How's Tarana's physio going...I noticed she's sitting in different positions now...

  8. Hi Rohini! Checking in after a long while. I so identify with the first part of this post about why there are no frequent blogposts.
    Here's to your December resolutions.

  9. Anonymous9:38 am

    yeah yeah girl go resolutions help sometime and I have seen they always help me when I make smaller goals so I guess decemeber resolutions is the way to go :)

  10. U're so right about resolutions... and december resolutions is a great idea. I too spend a lot of time reading and that eats into my writing time.. what with time being a limited commodity.
    Good luck with the initiative.. am watching out for the posts.. bring them on.

  11. Thanks for the encouragement, guys :)

    [SOAS] Go fot it! I am feeling charged up like never before. In the last four days, I have hit the fitness class twice and the swimming pool twice!

    [Violet] Start today! Gosh, I am starting to sound like one of those self-help gurus :D

    [Gayatri] Well, I am being ambitious and going for two changes so let's see where that gets me...

    [Starry] A personal nag - that's just what I need! :)
    Tarana's physio is going fine but we keep having to take breaks first for our holiday and then for a long bout of viral so progress has been steady but slow. Her default position is still W but she does occasionally sit with one or both legs in front and even when she doesn't, we immediately correct her.

  12. Always look forward to your posts so this is good.

  13. You are surely not alone when it comes to being lazy about blogging