Wednesday, December 08, 2010

3 Updates, 2 Clarifications, 1 Milestone

There I go again with my fascination for numbers and order :)

Three Updates: just following through on stuff I wrote in earlier posts
  1. The December Resolutions: The blogging one is self-evident. I have written more in the last two weeks than I usually write in two months! The resolve to exercise is going pretty strong too. I have got some serious exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY for eleven consecutive days - four days at the swimming pool and seven days at the fitness class I signed up for. My body feels battered and achy but I am feeling super chuffed!
  2.  New tagline for the blog: The whole working mom, stay at home mom, figuring it out mom deal got way too confusing so I decided to ditch having labels in the tag line altogether. It's still work in progress but the tagline I have sort of settled on is: Not just motherhood statements. What do you guys think?
  3. Tarana's Physio: We continue to visit the physiotherapist for Tarana's w-sitting issue. Progress has been slow but steady. Her default sitting position continues to be the W, but she mixes it up by putting one or both of her legs in front for her occasionally. When in the mood, she responds to verbal commands or a tap on her legs and straightens them voluntarily. She still can't stand or walk without support but cruises efficiently and is able to toddle along if you hold one of her hands. The doctor said it would take 6-8 months of sustained physiotherapy for her posture to be completely normal and so far we have done about 3 months with some breaks in the middle. So still some way to go...
Two Clarifications: with respect to my previous post about working moms being judged
  1. A lot of you asked what brought on the post. Actually, though the post was pretty dramatic in nature, nothing substantial triggered it. Small incidents and comments that I have heard and overheard in the last few months. Moms at Ayaan's skating and swimming classes who feel sorry for the kids who have to come with the maids because their mothers don't have the time to bring them, other moms who effusively congratulate me on my decision to quit, and so on.
  2. The post came across as dramatic because I was exaggerating to make a point, the point being that a world where every woman felt pressured to ditch her career because of judgement and lack of support from her family and her peers is not necessarily an ideal one. The intention was definitely not to suggest that every woman who chooses to quit her job after kids is a traitor to the feminist movement. I think true feminism lies in letting every woman to choose what works for her and allowing her to be happy with her choice. And for the next generation to have successful role models on both sides of the fence so that they recognise that both choices (and everything in between) are acceptable, respectable and admirable.
One Milestone: 
  1. This is the 200th post on this blog! I know 200 posts in almost 5 years is probably nothing to write home about. Most other mommybloggers who started blogging at around the same time have written posts in multiples of that. But it is a big number for me and I have loved every post I wrote and enjoyed the interaction in the comments space. Here's to reaching 300 a lot faster!


    1. Awesome news...abt the resolutions and progress and milestone! Congrats! When each post is so well-thought out and's the superb quality, not the quantity, so bring out the bubbly!

      New tagline is fine by me :) Waiting to see any other suggestions, tho'!

    2. Anonymous8:32 am

      wow congrats on the resolutions it feels really good when we achieve something :D

      and yay to 200 posts bring them on...

      and I personally love the tagline

    3. Super Tagline idea...super 200 posts and of course yay to Tarana's physio!

    4. congrats, and i need to learn a thing or 2 from your resolution!

    5. Congrats on all fronts. Good post.

      SAHM/WHM It takes all kinds of people to make this world go around so to each his own. And if people weren't bitching we all would have forgotten that Pandora's box was ever opened :)

      I know I am in a zen mood today, so feel free to give a zen comment when I am ranting on something :)

    6. I meant WM, working mom not WHM.

    7. I must say the posts are really awesum and neat. I started reading your blogs when it was published in the Mumbai mirror.

      The new tagline is good.

    8. - Positive updates are always inspiring :)
      - Hugs
      - Happy 200!Blog on darling....:D

    9. Ro, I like your posts for their crispness! You say what you have to without beating around the bush, which is easier for my bird-brain to register and remember :) Good luck with Tarana's physio.

    10. Congrats on the 200th post!
      I love your writing, the essential you that emerges in your posts.
      Looking forward to many many more....

    11. Anonymous4:14 pm

      Hey - good for you! 200 is a big number. And for the record, I like your organised posts :)

    12. V inspiring--makes me feel like hitting the gym again and getting some form of exercise other than just running after my son! Time for my New Year resolutions maybe:) Glad to hear about the progress in Tarana's physio and congratulations on hitting the 200-post milestone.

    13. Anonymous12:00 pm

      Stay at Home mom or Working Mom - it is a personal choice.

      Most of the mommy blogs are by mother's of young children - that is probably why this is such a sensitive issue.

      In my opinion either mom can raise their children wonderfully and live a rewarding life. It is all about balance, time management, your values etc., and has very little to do with whether you are a stay at home or working mom.

      It doesn't matter how many play groups or classes your child went to when they are young. The most important thing is that they are happy and healthy and know what your values are at that age. The most crucial age is from class 9 - 12.

      This is from my experience as a mother of older kids.

      Enjoy your kids when they are young, they grow up way too fast :)

    14. Really admire your committment, wish there were more women like you

    15. Congrats on reaching 200!! The number doesn't matter as much as the content and you know how much we love your posts :)
      It has been ages since I even walked a bit... I'm motivated now...

      for the next generation to have successful role models on both sides of the fence so that they recognise that both choices (and everything in between) are acceptable, respectable and admirable.
      - so well said!

      And congrats (albeit late) on your blog making news...

    16. Thanks everyone for the congratulations and the praise :)