Friday, April 01, 2011


I have had such a bad case of blogger block these past few weeks, that it qualifies as more of a blogger freeze. For a bunch of reasons (worry not, list coming up, in typical Mama Says So style), I have had a lot to say but couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to actually get it down on the blog. Over the last week, I have felt the urge to shake myself out of it and it looks like today is the day I finally manage to do it.

Just this morning, I happened to be catching up with my blog reading, and I happened upon this on a blog friend's blogroll and almost fell off my chair. 5 weeks??? It's been 5 weeks???! That's about four weeks too many even by my slow blogging standards. So here I am, making sure that number doesn't inch up to 6 weeks.

Friends in the real world have been asking why my blog seems to have dried up to. One of the husband's friend's (Hi, there!) asked him to tell me to write another post already since she was heartily sick of seeing the word 'boobs' every time she came by. LOL! And Sai left a comment on my last post saying she missed my blog. One more reason to update :)

So anyway, to cut a long story short, I am back and hope to be more regular in the future. Remember, my December resolutions? Sounded great in theory, but resolutions are resolutions and these too fell by the wayside. I stopped going to the gym and the blogging frequency has been worse, if anything. Oh, well. Now, I am just going to try and blog more frequently and not hold a resolution-loaded gun to my head.

Anyhoo, onwards to some navel-gazing about the multitude of reasons that robbed me of my blogging mojo. 
  • All written out: I don't think I have mentioned this here before but I took up some freelance writing a few months ago. So, on an average day, I spend an hour or two writing stuff for that. I know that does not sound like much but in my current schedule, that is a big chunk of my free time. And when I am done with that, it's hard to push myself to write for leisure. It's far easier to read something that someone else has written, in a book or on a blog.
  • Busting the SAHM myth: Call me delusional, but when I decided to take a career break, I thought I'd have more time to myself - to do stuff that I didn't get to do enough of when I was juggling work and motherhood - like meeting my friends more often, reading more books and, of course, blogging a whole lot more. Well, not so much. For some reason, I can never seem to find that me-time I was so looking forward to. One of the kids always needs me and when they don't, I am either catching up with my freelance writing or my sleep. And you know how they tell you that a SAHM's kids will be more secure and less clingy. Again, not so much. Ayaan pretty much thinks every waking hour of mine belongs to him and Tarana's separation anxiety is way more severe than Ayaan's ever was. Leaving the house without them is an exercise in diplomacy and speed and they both seem to be allergic to the sight of me powering up the laptop.
  • Going solo: Sometime in December, Jai joined the organisation he will be working for in Hyderabad and for the last few months, he has been living there and coming back to Mumbai only on weekends. So, during the week, I am living the single mom life and boy, has it given me a healthy respect for women who do this regularly. Come Friday evening, I am so up to my neck in all things mommy, that I can't wait to hand the kids over to Jai as soon as he walks in the door and hang up my mommy shoes. And that includes writing about the kids!
  • Exit mode: At work, we used to have this concept of exit mode. It refers to the period after one knows that one is moving to a new role or job and hence one loses all motivation to work. That's pretty much happened in my household. Whether it's small maintenance jobs around the house or bigger projects like toilet-training Tarana, everything is on hold till we are done with the move. Blogging more frequently is also one of the biggies on my 'Things to do in Hyderabad' list.
  • Twittering my time away: Sometime in February, I finally gave in to the temptation and hopped on to the Twitter bandwagon. It's been just over a month and goodness, I am addicted. It doesn't help that I have downloaded the Twitter app on my phone as well. But if there is one thing I am sure about it is that I definitely don't want to become one of those bloggers whose blogs fell by the wayside when they got onto Twitter. So I am trying to cut down the amount of time I spend there. Let's see how that goes:) 
Anyway, so that is what has been happening in Mamasaysso Land. Sorry for the prolonged absence. I hope to be more regular. See you around :)


  1. Hey, glad to see you back, met Abha y'd and we were wondering abt your errr...freeze :)

    Can relate to every word you've said. Esp the 'exit mode'...we've been 'on hold' for a while till a certain crisis passed. And yes, I also have a raised respect for single moms after SH had to contend with some possibilities of doing this working in another city (Hyd. actually!) for a while.

    And oh yes...the allergy to the PC runs high around here...God help me during the hols!

    Hugs, all the best for this challenging period, and hope to see you blogging oftener!

  2. Hey good to have you back. I was wondering what happened specially since I remembered your resolution. BTW we're in exit-mode too. What, is everyone moving?? You're so right about the falacy of SAHMs having more leisure. One full clean hour of peace is such a rarity. But it must be nice being home with the kids. They would be thrilled to have more of you.. right?

  3. Great to have you back...
    I really admire single moms, I think they are the greatest ever...RD is in Australia and I am not even able to handle one child..I really salute you for handling two kids..
    working from home is tough..infact tougher than going from work..
    Do keep writing when you can..your posts are always fun to read :)

  4. The good news keeps getting better and better. Starry and Ro, I look fwd to meeting you ladies :)

  5. Great to have you back! BTW I so agree on having more respect for solo moms and stay at home moms. I took a break for a year when lil N was 1 and man I was tired to the bone at the end of every single day. I feel much more relaxed now that I am back to work (though the mommy guilt kicks in at times).

    And I have often wondered about kids of SAHMs being more secure than working moms. But I feel better reading what you said abt their security...less mommy guilt in my head then :-)

  6. Hi! I am a new follower and probably added u to my blogroll while you were out errr freezing!! I got time to catch up on your older posts ;) I am a SAHM right now and I totally agree abt the being tired (mentally more than physically) part.

  7. good to see u back.. had been wondering about the long gap, then put it down to moving and setling in.. Now I see that you still haven't moved, but that blogging seems to be very much on the agenda once u move :-D good!

  8. [Starry] So is the Hyderabad thing still in the air? *looks hopeful*

    [OM] I am still on the fence about whether it is 'nice' to be home with them all day. And they are not particularly thrilled because they think it is their birthright anyway!!! Where are you moving to?

    [R's Mom] I don't deserve any salutes. I am doing the single mom thing with poor grace and am constantly losing my shit with the kids and the husband.

    [AA_Mom] Likewise :)

    [Divs] Well, I have been on both sides and I tell you, Ayaan is more demanding and clingy now than he ever was when I was working!!! So ditch the guilt :)

    [Simran] Hi there. Sorry to disappear on you like that :)

    [JLT] Of all the excuses, moving wasn't one I could use for not blogging. Saving that for next month :p

  9. Anonymous12:06 am

    Nice to see you back here..

  10. Thanks .. I dont have to look at the Boops anymore..

  11. - Great to have u back :)

  12. Welcome back!

    I am glad you are posting again.
    We are from Australia and enjoy your perspective!

    It is good to be over the block-if you need a fun but interesting aside- we just posted on optical illusion girl- it'll make you think!!

  13. Preeti3:19 pm

    Hey! Good to see you back...

  14. [Weourlife/ Sakthi/ Gayathri/ Preeti] Thanks. It's good to be back.

    [Jill] Thanks. Will check out your post

  15. It's great to have you on twitter, but also reassuring to know you won't cut down on blogging. Good luck with the move when it happens.

  16. Whooee! If it makes you feel better, Rohini, I am way more behind on reading your blog than you are in writing on it! ;-)

    Congrats on the freelance writing work! I don't blame you for not wanting to write for fun, too. Pretty much every time I have taken a hobby I loved and made it a job, the hobby portion of it totally goes by the wayside. Sad, but true.

    And I know your kids may seem clingy right now, but it probably get better once your life has settled back to normal. If you and Jai are apart all week, no wonder it seems like they are clingy--you are IT to them right now! Being a SAHM is way different when hubby is home every night!

    I hope your move goes smoothly. That's a huge move--a lot farther from your mom, too. Wowee!

    Many blessings and happy thoughts are being sent your way! Sorry for not dropping in here more often--"blog-reading" has been on the list of things I had to put aside this past winter. :-(


  17. [U] Thanks :)

    [Talena] Hello, stranger! Good to hear from you again! Thanks for your reassuring words about the move! Yes, the kids tend to be a lot less clingy on the weekends when Jai is here. Actually, they are probably just as clingy but it feels less when it is split between two parents :)

  18. Hey Ro, no, the Hyd possibility was only for a short while...and except for the one good thing (being new in the same city as you guys), we weren't happy about it. So, we stay right here :) Hope to meet next time you come down!

  19. Good to have a post from you!
    Transition times are tough, with all kinds of uncertainty floating around in one's mind.
    Take your time, and all the best.

  20. [Starry] :(

    [Dipali] Thanks, Dips :)

  21. Well.. I wish I could get back to the blog... will do - soon! But until then, I'm mosilager on twitter.

  22. was nodding my head furiously to this post since i read it on the tiny phone and couldnt comment!

    totally agree with the SAHM myth. i have no idea where my time goies by. and now apart from being allergic to seeing laptop powered up, Cub also wants to "type" his name every single time. and scroll up and down! gah!

    lauuuly post!