Tuesday, April 12, 2011

With a Little Help from my Friends

This year, my birthday was something of a non-event. As things panned out, the weekend of my birthday was the only time we could fit in a trip to Hyderabad for a spot of house-hunting. So, the day dawned in a hotel room with both of us catering to the never-ending demands of the bratsome twosome. In fact, it was an hour into the day before I got my first wish by SMS and remembered that it was my birthday! We spent the rest of the day seeing a whopping 11 flats, with just a break for lunch. By 9.30, we were all in bed!

To be honest, I wasn't too fussed about this situation. One's got to do what one's got to do and I am at the age where birthdays are not such a big deal any more, unless they happen to be one of my kids'. But some of my friends thought otherwise. So after I came back to Mumbai, I was treated to a little surprise tea party and presented with this:

Now, for some background. Months ago, I had happened to mention to my friend N in passing that I wanted to get myself one of these chairs because it was just the thing for me to lounge around in and read. I never got around to doing much about it but N rounded up three of my other friends and they decided to get it for me as a birthday-cum-farewell gift. N also happens to be an artist, so she made me this adorable 'voucher', which is almost as special as the chair itself and goes into my keepsake box.

After this, my friend M was deputed to accompany me to the Oshiwara furniture market to help choose the chair. For those of you in Mumbai who haven't been there, you should go - it's quite an experience. Dusty, old shops piled from floor to ceiling with antique and not-so-antique furniture and the hard-core bargaining make it quite unlike any other furniture shopping experience. Anyway, we knew what we wanted and had been recommended a shop by a friend's mom, so we got right down to business, chose the chair, bargained a bit and then left him to finish the chair.

For an interesting history of this chair, including its shockingly x-rated name, go here.

The chair got delivered last weekend. Please note my re-creation of the artist's illustration, complete with the frog. (The frog is there, by the way, because I was christened Frog/ Froggie by the husband a long time ago and the name seems to have stuck).

I am totally thrilled by my newest possession. I have banned the kids from playing with the arms and the husband, who was thinking of appropriating it as his TV-watching chair, has been told to take a proverbial hike. I am looking forward to hours of lounging in it and reading.

A big thank you to my super-awesome friends, especially to N for being the architect of this scheme and to M, for taking time off to trek with me to Oshiwara. Being miles away from you guys is the biggest downside to the Hyderabad move. I will really miss you guys.


  1. It is really really beautiful, bahut bahut mubarak. And nazar na lagey what beautiful feet. Some time ago you had mentioned how walking around in your slippers keeps your heels in near-mint condition (or words to that effect). Well you were right!

  2. Belated happy birthday and awesome chair..I should go to Oshiwara just for this..though if I get this chair, the R family needs to live out of the tiny hole of a flat which we live in ;)
    And LOL on Aneela's comment...seriously nice feet :)

  3. Love the chair! And what great friends!! Mine don't even know what to get me even after I drop great big fat giant hints!! :-(
    Enjoy the many blissful hours that it is intended for!

    @ Aneela: What?? You don't end a comment like that with Raj Kumar's paigaam from Paakezah?

  4. Belated birthday wishes Ro! Hope you have lots of time on hands to enjoy the chair

  5. Oh M4 I was sooo tempted to quote Raj Kumar on this...but this was Ro's moment, and I thought her pearls of wisdom "outshone" his. But seriously every time you look at her feet in the pic you are dying to slip in a note between the toes nahee?
    My word verification today is pati-vera, that is pativrata's evil cousin who doesnt share her chair no?

  6. Belated bday wishes..very thoughtful gift

  7. Super-like! Belated wishes! And hope you find the perfect flat for that chair!

  8. That is one thoughtful gift.. and how perfect! Happy reading :)

    And I agree with Aneela.. aapke paaon zameen par na rakhiyega and all that :D

  9. Hey many happy retruens of the day... though belated. I can see you had a great time. A few good friends are worth so much.

  10. [Aneela] Well, my feet look better than they ever did before but this is a cheating picture. I went for a pedicure last weekend :) And LOL at pati-vera

    [R's Mom] The chair does take up a lot of space. It's perfect timing for us since most houses in Hyderabad are much more spacious.

    [M4] The hours are more likely to be minutes thanks to the hyoer bachcha party that resides in my house :)

    [AA_Mom/ Timepass/ Starry/ Obsessivemom] Thanks :)

    [The Soul of Smart Alec] It was the pedicure. Though not going barefoot has made a world of difference to the feet as well.

  11. Belated happy b'day wishes and this is just the chair which i need as well...totally awsome

  12. Belated happy birthday wishes Rohini! I guess after a certain age, our girlfriends seem to know us the best and end up giving us the best surprises for our bdays. Congrats on the new possession.

    I can just imagine how awesome it must be feeling to just sink into that one and forget the world, and travel miles into a book.

    Get some nice thin quilt made to support your back though.

    We are going to miss running into you, Ayaan and Tarana at Bajaj now and then. The good thing is that you have started blogging again, so we will be in touch with your life this way.

    All the best, take care!

  13. Ro, we'd planned a surprise birthday lunch at your favourite restaurant, but then your Hyderabad trip got postponed from the Holi weekend to your birthday weekend, and Jai couldn't convince you why he wanted to fly to Bombay for one day on your birthday and then your house hunting also gets pushed by a day, without spilling the beans ;)

  14. Anonymous9:01 pm

    Belated Wishes - and I LOVE the chair! Didn't know you could buy these - my grandfather had one of these chairs and I always coveted it - sadly it lives in my uncle's house now :)


  15. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Belated Happy Birthday Rohini. Your friends are indeed awesome..Loved the chair, Good luck with your move..

  16. Love the chair! Can you pls tell me the name of the shop? Id love to get one for my dad for his birthday.

  17. I used to have one of those, but did not know the name. Now that I know it, I want one pronto, just for the pleasure of grossing my kids out.

    Happy birthday

  18. Preeti11:26 am

    Hey! Many happy returns of the day!! Love the chair and how comfy that looks. Have fun reading in it:)

  19. What wonderful friends and what a fabulous gift, and yes, your feet look gorgeous:)

  20. What awesome friends!! What a seriously comfy chair! And duh!what a name!!!! :-D Happy Birthday to youuuuuu, Ro!

  21. What a lovely chair! Belated birthday greetings.

  22. Lovely planters chair:) Belated birthday wishes Rohini. Enjoy the chair and good luck with the house hunt. I should make a trip to the Oshiwara market too!

  23. [Vandana/ M] Get it, if you have the space for it. Totally worth it.

    [Sai] Haven't seen you at the park lately - saw the kids with your husband a couple of times...

    [Mum's Delight] Jai told me :)

    [weourlife/ Preeti/ hillgrandmom/ nina k] Thanks :)

    [Ariel] The shop I bought from was Haji Sayyid Sirtaj Ali, Shop #2, Oshiwara Furniture market.

    [Ritu] Loving your motivation :)

    [Dipali/ JLT] I know! Going to really miss them

  24. bwahahaa, you know what the chair is called, right? i wont mention it on a family blog :D

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  26. [Mad Momma] Oi, speed reader! There is a link on the post that leads to an article that has the chair's scandalous name :)

    [Gunjan] Hi and thanks for dropping by. I have stopped putting links on my site, sorry.