Thursday, April 07, 2011

You Know You Are Raising a Geek When...

.... he sees the shapes of continents in potholes, clouds and pieces of chappati

.... he looks at a cutlet coated in sooji and comments that it looks like the Milky Way galaxy

... you walk into your room to find him curled up in your bed with a globe

... he chooses to watch a Discovery Science programme called How the Universe Works over his favourite cartoons, even though he understands not more than 10% of the content

... when you teach him to play 'Name, Place, Animal, Thing', the places he comes up with include Oman and Libya

... his farewell card for his teacher features a map of Australia, copied from one his favourite books, on one page and a map of Maharashta on another

... he knows more about the solar system than most adults 

... he asks a million questions a day. Ok fine, I am exaggerating but definitely a hundred, most of which revolve around space and geography which, in case you haven't picked up on it already, are his current ruling passions

... the only time he is ever really quiet these days is when he is poring over his set of solar system books, which he chose over a Winnie The Pooh book at a recent book exhibition

... his idea of a fun colouring activity is to take a map of India he found in a car brochure and colour the states in the same colour as his India-shaped jigsaw puzzle

... he doesn't have a favourite colour, but has a favourite planet (Saturn)

... he wants a telescope and a microscope for his next birthday

... he wants to be a 'space and sea scientist' when he grows up

... when you tell him you don't know something, he asks you to go find out on Google


  1. Super cool and yay to this :)

  2. Roxana9:45 am

    I used to be such a geek child. Warms my heart so much to read this post - yayyy, Ayaan.
    Please get him a subscription of Nat Geo Kids (the magazine), if you haven't got him, already. He will love it.
    Long time reader, rare commenter :)

  3. Anonymous10:00 am

    Way to go Ayaan

  4. A trip to the planetarium is in order. :)

  5. Oh man, geeks are adorable! Chotu geeks even more so. :)

  6. Ayaan sounds like a ROCKSTAR! You'll see in a few years...he'll be miles ahead with the ladies, than the boys who were reading winnie the pooh! ;)

  7. Wow impressive. How old is he?

  8. AWESOME! Love his card. His teacher must be totally thrilled!

  9. Wow! Way to go Ayaan.

  10. You should be glad he's moved on from airplane crashes :-P Am impressed with his drawings! Way to go Ayaan!

  11. Thanks for the compliments, guys :)

    [Roxana] That is a great idea. Let me go figure out if Nat Geo kids is available in India.

    [Manjima] Jai took him last month. He loved it!

    [Sahana] Geeks and the ladies usually don't mix :)

    [Divs] He will be 6 in May

    [Chox] She was. And pretty sad to hear that he won't be continuing with the school

    [JLT] Oh, plane crashes are of eternal interest. But he usually reserves those conversations for when we are actually in-flight :D

  12. Sameer6:01 pm

    I think a telescope or a microscope is too grown up for aayan.Given his penchant for destruction it wouldn't last very long either.

    We should get him an eyeclops.
    I am sure he will have hours of fun with it. It is what I would have wanted as a kid. My mom got my a magnifying glass but took it away when I figured out I could set things on fire.

    If you know anyone coming down before May I can send it with them.

  13. Happy to hear he knows where I live, Oman is full of Indian schools

    As a kid I really wanted a globe over a bat and I happily got one

  14. ah, the sheer pleasure of reading about kids who are delicious geeks rather than cocky, sheela ki jawani fans.

    introduce him to the idea of topo maps, i am sure he will trip out -kind of like a 3d version of flat landscapes.

    and the photo of him curled up with an atlas is delectable!

  15. Anonymous9:35 pm

    Lovely! Geeks rule! Second the rec for Nat Geo Kids...The online version is pretty decent as well:

    And GIVE THANKS everyday that his interests tend towards earth and space and NOT, UTTERLY boring things like trucks! We went through that phase....unfortunately at a time when he wasn't reading independently - the number of times I've fallen asleep over in depth discussions of the construction of the Peterbilt muffler....sigh.


  16. Anonymous12:22 am

    Waw thats very impressive. He is indeed a Geek..

  17. Not a geek, a Geography Whiz, possible Scientist etc.....the best kind are the inquisitive kinds!!! Go Ayaan!

  18. He needs to teach me some Geography!

  19. Preeti8:12 am

    That is SO CUTE:) Is this a boy thing? Cos my 5 yr old daughter shows not the slightest inclination towards anything connected to science... any ways to stoke the fire??

  20. Awesome. My 3.75yr old is obsessed with globes and travel too.

  21. [Sameer] He wants a telescope and a microscope. I have no intention of getting him either. As of now, he has to make do with a cheap plastic magnifying glass (I forbid you from teaching him about setting fires) and a pair of toy binoculars that don't work (but he thinks does). The eyeclops looks fascinating. Thanks for the offer. Will tell you if I get to know of anyone coming this way.

    [Pesto] Oman is also on his list of places to visit, along with at least fifty other places including Madagascar and Bangladesh :D

    [Sur] Topo maps sound like fun. And he wouldn't know Sheela ki Jawani if it hit him in his face...

    [Anonymous] Thanks for the link. And for a total non-science-y person like me, even the endless conversations about the solar system can get quite painful

    [weourlife] Thanks. I think :)

    [30in2005] Wonder where he gets it from. Both the husband and I hated geography at school

    [Pepper] LOL! He'd probably do it for free too.

    [Preeti] I have no clue, since I never stoked it. He got the India-shaped jigsaw as a return gift and that sparked the geography interest. And space month at school ignited the solar system mania (there were at least 7 other topics during the year but none grabbed his interest like this did). But once I saw he was interested, I helped it along - books, Youtube videos, the globe, trip to the planetarium, etc.

  22. Go geeks, as long as there is plently outside time in life, why not!?

    Our girls best blloks other than Roald Dahl's books are the true facts ones. They constantly like to amaze eachother with interesting facts.

    The other game of the moment is "Top Trumps"- is it popular in India?
    We recently did a post on it, the kids love it!!

    Please feel free to drop past our Australian and family friendly blog!

  23. Ayaan is too cool ! Adorable snap of him curled up with the globe.

    Particularly happy to read this post since I have been waiting for some kid to grow up and play name-place-animal-thing with me. None of my friends liek the game and I love it.

    Tell Ayaan Aunty Zen is waiting to meet him. And I know animal names liek kudu, impala, hoary bellied squirrel and zitting cisticola. Ha ! Knowledge of Oman and Libya will not help him at all.


  24. That is one smashing kid you have there, Ro!
    Love the pic of 'Boy and Globe'.

  25. Your son so totally rocks! And he's one helluva cute geek!

    I'm glad you took him to the planetarium. I hope you can take him snorkeling one day soon and maybe you could come back to Cal and we could plan a trip to Science City...he'd love it!

  26. [Jill] I don;t think we have Top Trumps in India. Ayaan just started with Dahl with The Enormous Crocodile. I found it somewhat gory but he loves it!

    [Entropy] Right now, we have not reached the competitive level of the game. And he'll probably have a tantrum if you beat him :)

    [Dipali] Thanks. He does have his moments :)

    [M4] Yeah, Science City is one place I would have loved to do given more time

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  28. manisha khosla11:35 am

    BTW, on my last visit, I subtly mentioned the concept of 'Union Territory' to him,

    Have fun!

  29. Yes, Science City is a wonderful place for kids. We took Aman there when he was about eleven, he loved it. You have to come again, and for longer.

  30. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Solar system did spark interest in mine and has now become an obsession. I was reading your blog and wondering if you were talking about Aryan Deepak or Ayaan. I can totally understand the challenge of answering questions on unknown subjects the whole day. Sheela ki Jawani and Munni - am glad my kids don't know of them. Anyway, way to go Ayaan. Geeks are fascinating. You have good company in my son. Reach out if you wanna!

  31. For some reason, I am grinning, reading this post...
    I just absolutely love Geography(though I didnt do anything to study it, beyond the 10th std) and I am sooooo happy that there is a child, who is so enthusiastic about it...
    My bestest wishes to him (Dont ask me why, I just feel like wishing and hugging Ayaan)


  32. - Whooww! That's a super boy u've got :)
    - Loved the card :D

  33. [Manisha] I guess that is just revenge for him introducing your son to chocolates and airplanes :)

    [Dipali] I hope to some day :)

    [Swapna] Awwww... thanks :)

    [Gayatri] I had to actually remind him to write the 'thank you' and 'bye', which was the point of the whole exercise :D

  34. Wow cool! Karan has also often asked me to "google it" when I tell him I dont know something. Love the India map picture! And any reason why Saturn is his favourite planet?

  35. Ok, I just need a clarification! Are you talking about Ayaan or Aryan?

    The solar system theme in school did kick of an obsession at our place. The 6 yr old who started it, has passed it on to my 2 yr old. So I am always hearing a thousand questions on the solar system from the older one, and the younger one is arranging the various balls - tennis, rubber, base, basket, foot, tweety - around a bouncy ball and calling them "thathun", "dhoopither"....

    Oh it is such a pleasure to see them grow and teach you more than you could ever teach them.

    The picture with him in bed with the globe is awesome. He must be dreaming about countries am sure!

    Way to go Geek (oops) Ayaan!!!

  36. Sounds oddly familiar :D Science !!!

  37. Why didn't my comment show up for this post?! Or am I not seeing it..

    Anyways - loved this pic. And he is super cool. Love him.

  38. I am so proud of him :)