Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Milestone Alert

On Friday night, Ayaan held out his palm towards me and said, 'Mama, look! My tooth fell out'. The tooth had been shaky for a while and we had been eagerly waiting for it to fall out so that the tooth fairy could visit. So much excitement ensued.

First, we had to discuss how to keep the tooth under his pillow. The brat was in favour of just putting the tooth there. But I, having no desire to rummage around for a teensy bit of tooth under his pillow in the dark and risking waking him up, insisted that we put in an envelope to make it easier for the tooth fairy to find.

Next, there was the question of what the tooth fairy's going rate was these days for a tooth. When we were kids, I remember getting a few rupees which would go as far as buying myself a packet of boiled sweets or the much wanted bottle of Campa Cola or even a packet of Crax but that was it. Times having changed, I decided on Rs. 100 as adequate compensation per tooth.

I decided to check with the brat what he thought the tooth fairy would give him and he confidently announced '1000 rupees!' I almost fell off my chair and then when I had collected my wits about me, I gave him some spiel about the tooth fairy having to give money to lots of kids around the world so it was unlikely that she would be able to afford a thousand bucks, which was a LOT of money. To his credit, the brat took this in his stride.

Once he was fast asleep, I sneaked into the kids' room and retrieved the envelope and replaced it with a crisp 100-rupee note. In the morning, he came rushing out of his room bright and early and held out it with great pride. It was super cute. I was asked to keep it in my purse for safekeeping but in the coins section so it did not get mixed up with the rest of my hundred rupees. I decided to hold the lesson on money and its fungibility. :)

He wanted to go to the toy shop to decide what to spend the money on. It was quite disappointing for him to realise that everything that he wanted (remote control helicopter, set of toy airplanes and a big globe amongst other things) was way beyond his slender means. A part of me wanted to step in and buy him one of those things but then the mean mommy half prevailed and I stuck to my resolve of having him choose something that fit his budget. He asked if he could have some time to think about it and come back another time and we left.

Since then, he has also asked if his money could pay for a dinner for all of us in an Italian restaurant. I had to regretfully tell him that it would not and suggested that we could go to McDonalds and order a round of fries but he wasn't too thrilled at the idea. So back to the drawing board. Meanwhile, the money remains safely nestled in my coin apartment.

So all you moms of gap-toothed brats, what are your practices when it comes to fallen teeth? Do your kids believe in the tooth fairy? What do you do with the teeth (some people bury them, I have preserved his first one)? How much, if anything, do you shell out for the tooth? Tell me.


  1. I remember giving money, but after that I think I threw the teeth away. There are certainly no teeth lying around the house anyway :-)

  2. My son hasn't got teeth yet but I will definitely do the tooth fairy thing when his fall. Not sure I will keep more than the first tooth. My mum did the tooth fairy thing with us - somehow I remember getting Rs 100 but that couldn't be so I think it was around Rs 20. Felt like Rs 100 though :) I hope inflation doesn't kick in too much before my son's teeth fall.

  3. So cute, trying to imagine Ayaan with one tooth missing. Which one was it? Put up a pic no. Hope he doesn't pull out his other teeth to pay for his favourite toys :)

  4. I didn't get money in my childhood for losing my teeth. So, I haven't really thought about this for R. There's enough time though!
    But after reading so many tooth-fairy tales on the mommy blogs I have come to realize how popular it is. Will take tips from fellow mommy bloggers..;-)

  5. Hey that is so cute! Can imagine his toothy (with one missing) grin and a currency note in his hand in the morning. Nice to see the kids growing so fast. They say, when the first tooth falls, you know your child will stop being a fussy eater - it has worked with mine!

    Aryan's two teeth were shaking almost to a point of looking like they were stuck to the gums by an invisible piece of thread, and the new teeth had sprouted and grown fully. So at one point he had two rows of two teeth, it was hilarious. When I started worrying about his alignment, I took him to a dentist who removed both the shaky ones.

    We brought them home and put them in a small zip-lock bag, under his pillow. He refused to go to sleep since he wanted to meet the tooth-fairy and watch her place the money. But he finally dozed off and woke up in the morning to see two gifts - a book and a car.......and he was thrilled to bits!

    So, I personally, am not ready to teach the kid the value of money quantitatively. Although concept of affordability, expensive and inexpensive, wasting, buying gifts, donating etc.. is being introduced to him as and when opportunity arises. So I didn't want to give him money.

    I have put the teeth in a small jewel box, with his first curls of hair, and his first nails!!! (Ok, I agree, I am a freak!)

    Enjoy this phase, the cute tunnel grins, and then teeth bigger than mouth stage will not last too long!

  6. Ermm...ok, I feel like a kanjoos now, but so far the EO's only been getting 10 bucks per tooth and he's pretty excited about that, because the next day he gets to take it to school and buy something from the canteen which he gets a huge kick out of.

  7. I am so glad that Ayaan and KB lost their teeth the same day! I wish they had both been in the same room! I almost forgot to put the money under his pillow since we were in a hotel on Sat - but thankfully in the morning when I remembered he still had not looked for it - so I rushed and put a dollar bill there. I told him that usually tooth fairy gives 50 cents but for really good kids she gives one dollar. He was happy about it. He said "mamma, I have hundred cents now". Good, if that makes you feel better! :) He didn't ask to buy anything though...I told him he could look for something in the dollar section at the store. Really enjoyed this post!

  8. I didnt get a single paisa for my fallen tooth.. not sure if I will give him. I have heard about the tooth fairy arrival pizza parties here (too much of a concept for me to digest). If there is such a trend in his class and he comes talking about it, may be Rs 50 for the first one, and nothing after that. No saving of "first ones" here, except for the digital pictures :).
    Oh Rohini! You and Ayaan so made me smile in the morning. A picture is being awaited :).

  9. I am smiling too :) You know those are the exact same things on Vansh's wish list ..remote controlled helicopter/airplane, an airplane and airport set, a globe and the latest is a robot. Though he hasn't lost a tooth yet, but we do the rewards chart at home for all the desirable behaviors and everytime the kids earn 10 stickers, they get a quarter. for a few weeks, they kept saving their dollars for big things like iPads and iPhones (yeah but as long as they remain on their 'wish' list for a long time, its good, right?!) but realised that will take a lot of waiting so they started frequenting the dollar stores for small toys. some of them r good quality and some are not. we offer our suggestion when they buy something but don't impose it. so now they are back to the point of saving their money and not just spend the dollar as soon as they earn it. I think u did the right thing by not chipping in with ur won money to buy him what he wanted. I can see a lot of activity going on in his brain right now which in my opinion is very very important esp in today's times when money is no longer an issue as it used to be when we were growing up!

  10. That is so cute of you..to place 100 rs...I have not yet faced this situation..waiting for it...

  11. I have preserved both my kids' first baby tooth, along with first curl of hair that was ever chopped off, first cute little jhabla and even the hospital tag. They both love it, as do I :)

    Tooth fairy - hmm, my little one knows there isn't one (thats the trouble with having older sibs) but also kindly informed me that she wouldn't mind me pretending to be the tooth fairy and leaving a gift in exchange for the tooth *rolls eyes*

    And yes, 100 rupees here too.

  12. What you need to give money if your child's tooth breaks!!! mereko toh pata bhi nahi tha!! *Going now to call Amma-Appa for not giving me anything despite breaking about 20 teeth, and now at 29, I am going to get it sooth sameth* thank you Ro and more importantly thank you Ayaan...

    *Happy to earn some money now*

  13. My cousin does a dollar for ever tooth lost. The kids generally save it and use it to buy candy/popsicle when they go to the pool in summer.
    I used to get 50 paisa to buy a pepsi cola(a thin long frozen tube of colured ice)which was abt 20 yrs ago. I m not sure if those are even available any more.

  14. The tooth fairy has visited us twice so far. The first time Ishaan got a really fancy toy as the poor fellow had to have his tooth extracted, and it was all very painful and horrible and we had to sedate him to have it yanked out! The 2nd time he got 10 bucks :) and wasn't too thrilled. But hey, thats life :)

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  16. [HGM] LOL! I will probably keep the first one and then discard the rest :)

    [The Bride] Generous mom, you had. I think I might have got ten bucks for my last few teeth

    [Mum's Delight] He's very shy about it and refuses to let me click a pic :)

    [Uma] My son already knew about it from school :)

    [Sai] Thankfully, mine are not fussy but I have seen a spike in his appetite. I worry about whether I should have got his tooth extracted as well. The one sprouting looks misaligned :( I have the first hair somewhere, didn't think of keeping nails...

    [M4] You got away with 10 bucks? Damn! I should have tried that.

    [Noon] Such a cute coincidence, them losing their first teeth together.

    [Meenakhsy] Tooth Fairy Arrival Pizza Parties???? *faints*

    [Neera] He finally settled on a 3-pack of PlayDoh. For 99 bucks. And has kept the rupee coin aside for a couple of boiled sweets :)

    [Aryan] It's fun :)

    [Chox] I have all those things for Ayaan but don't ask me to find it. Tarana wore the same jhabla and I have her hospital tag but forgot to keep the hair from her mundan. Poor second kiddo :)

    [R's Mom] All the best with your endeavour to get paid for your teeth :D

    [Ariel] Ooh. I remember those. Yummy, they were.

    [Zainab] Ouch. Poor baby. I guess he thought all teeth deserved equal importance :)

    [Sirisha] Will hop across in a bit.

  17. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Grew up in a small town, so wasnt even aware of 'tooth fairies'. It was our job to get the tooth out and once it came out, we threw it to the roof top singing a song aloud which was actually a request to the mangoose to take our teeth and give back his teeth in return!:)Now when I think about it I wonder if I would really like to have mangoose teeth! ;) But it was simple and fun.

  18. The tooth fairy left me money for every tooth. The Brat has lost plenty and I keep promising to put his tooth for the fairy and forgetting. He doesn't remember in the morning either. Maybe I should bung Rs 500 under the pillow and be done with it!

  19. Preeti11:04 am


    Congrats on the first tooth fall. It's a milestone, at least it was for us.

    Since we have moved to the US, I just bunged a dollar under her pillow, and took her to the dollar store the next day and asked her to pick out anything that she wanted (like the magnanimous mom that I am!!)

    I have kept her tooth, but no hair and no nails...