Thursday, September 08, 2011

Toddler Fashion Trends

There's been a lot of whining on this blog lately and what is much needed is some light entertainment and nothing does that better than funny photos of kids. So here's a look into what avant-garde toddlers are sporting these days.

No shrinking violets these little girls, they wear their superhero ambitions on their, bum. They are not averse to borrowing their brothers' (clean) undies to pull off the authentic look either.

The parade of hats at Prince William's wedding have nothing on this. For faddish young babes, shampoo hats are the it-accessory to be seen in.

And shoes in the correct size are so over-rated right? Much, much cooler to borrow over-sized shoes from the shoe cupboard.

What's that, you say? It's a multi-purpose toddler t-shirt - can also double as a head scarf or even a turban. Comes in handy in games of peek-a-boo too.

When you are this cute, there's not much you can't carry off :)


  1. - Awwww...Shez a darling isn't she :)
    - God Bless the lil angel :D

  2. DROOOOOOL!!!! What happened to the lil' baby she used to be??!!

    Loved the way u've presented the 'fashion'!!! :)

  3. Absolutely cute! I loved the blog, i have always and still do love your language, loved the topic, loved the photos and loved the sweet little angel that she is!

    Awesome, you made me smile and laugh!

  4. Anonymous9:43 pm

    see what I mean? so many options ;-)
    jk - its the model and the photographer that make it ultra cute.
    thanks for the smile!

  5. She looks like such an adorable Doll! total kala tikka post :)

  6. Anonymous9:45 am

    she is adorable rohini.. first time we've seen her right? what a fine fashion sense! watch out vogue:)


  7. I love those little toes in the big, blue chaps :) too cute!

  8. Oh the little feet in those big shoes :-) and the t-shirt for peek-a-boo... all kids have the same kind of fascination i think.

    LOVED the smile in the peek-a-boo picture :-D

    Kala Tikka please!

    And on another note about doctors - Is there any pedeatric hospital there in Hyd - that way individual doctors cannot fleece you (I think). Here too I have got many suggestions for other doctors but I stick to the hospital he was born in: Cradle/Cloud 9 and am pretty happy with them... Just a thought...

  9. Anonymous12:42 pm

    Visiting ur blog after long time..Tarana is grown so big and love these cute pictures..we want more such posts :)

  10. i think she gets all her ideas from the book she's leafing through: "fashion for the well-dressed toddler"

  11. Anonymous4:49 am

    She resembles her brother!

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  13. She looks SO much like baby Ayaan in the last pic.

  14. I want. I want a baby girl. Like, right now :(

  15. Awww she is so sweet.
    I thought it was Aayan in the last pic, they look so similar.

  16. Completely agree.. Budding Fashionista this one....:)

  17. Awwww cuteness :)Nikki is in the 'on your own' stage now, which includes picking out her own clothes, so we've been seeing some pretty lethal combinations lately. Mercifully there is the uniform on weekdays.

  18. [Gayatri/ Sai/ Chox/ R's Mom/ Weourlife] Thanks :)

    [Starry] *sniff* My baby's gone toddler on me...

    [m2knp] ;) Thanks

    [dk] No, no. There are quite a few pictures of her, just not many recently

    [Zainab] She is totally obsessed with wearing her brother's shoes!

    [RS] The reputed paediatric hospital was the one that ordered the CT scan (or should I say scam)

    [mim] No, she's writing it :p

    [Anon/ Sue/ KD] There is definitely a very strong resemblance :)

    [Pepper] What's stopping you? :p

    [Rads] :)

    [Manasi] Oh yeah. I can see that in my future too.

  19. Anonymous7:05 pm

    This much cuteness can get away with anything!
    How do she and her big brother get along?

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  27. Sooooo cute. Lets put it this way. Girls are going to be girls. Thats who we are.

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