Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's here!

*takes a deep breath*

(Yes, I know. It's been exactly four months since my last post. But that is the subject of another post, which I promise will not be another four months in the coming.)

This post is a particularly special one. It's been one that I have been waiting with baited breath to write for well over a couple months, ever since the lovely Kiran Manral, of KarmicKids, FortyAndCounting and IndiaHelps fame and a very dear friend, announced that she had written her first novel.

Last week, the big moment finally arrived and The Reluctant Detective went on sale. I jumped at the opportunity to order the book from Flipkart. I had hoped to actually read the book before I wrote this but a life with no time to blog also leaves me with less time to read so I am just a few chapters down. But it's been a totally fun read so far - with laughs on every page, a very relatable lead character and a rollicking pace that makes me long for the days when I had the luxury of getting through a book in one sitting.

The Reluctant Detective revolves around Kanan Mehra, a thirty-something suburban housewife and young mother with a penchant for sticking her curious nose into things she definitely, absolutely and certainly shouldn't go near. When a couple of corpses turn up in quick succession in her neighbourhood, she teams up with her detective friend, Runa, in a half-hearted attempt to find the murderers, only to suspect that perhaps the detective business doesn't quite become her. A hilarious account of how not to get involved in other people's murders, The Reluctant Detective is every school-gate mom, searching for a purpose to her life beyond kitty lunches, shopping and fish pedicures.

To know more about the book, where you can get it and what others are saying about it, head over here.