Saturday, September 08, 2012

*takes a deep, fortifying breath*

Hello, there. Or those of you who still come around here looking for a new blogpost. Or continue to have this blog on your Readers. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I just checked. It has been a little over a year since I wrote my last proper post – one that did more than just announce a friend’s book launch.

It’s not that I didn’t want to blog. Not a week went by without me missing this space and resolving to write something, anything to keep it going. But it never happened. It’s not been an easy year. The Hyderabad move seriously messed with what my friends used to call my ‘good maid karma’. With no nanny, no cook and a veritable parade of highly unreliable cleaning ladies, I have found it hard to get any time for myself.

And it’s not just this blog that has languished. I think I have read far fewer books in this year than in any other year of my life (since I was able to read, that is) and that includes the manic years when I was preparing for some big examination or the other. My personal care regimen, meagre as it was previously, is down to essentials – I haven’t worked out in ages and I am lucky if I find the time to moisturise on a daily basis!

It has got better, especially in the last few months. I have finally found a reliable cleaning service. I have become quicker and more efficient. And three days ago, I hired a part-time cook. But I usually feel so drained by the end of the day that mindless TV watching is the only thing I seem to be capable of before crashing into a dreamless sleep every night.

There’s also been the vicious cycle of procrastination. The longer I went without posting, the longer and more complicated the ‘what have I been up to since I blogged last’ post has gotten, and scarier to write. I have decided to get around that by not writing it at all. The important bits will probably feature in one way or the other in future posts.

Yes… future posts. I have resolved that there shall be more of them. I have wanted to post so often in the last few months and never gotten around to it. With a little less timepass on Twitter, reduced TV viewing and a better use of my limited kid-free hours, I hope to squeeze out a couple of hours every week to blog.

I have never been a very frequent or regular blogger.  In the past, I ruminated over posts for days before committing them to text. As a result, my posts tended to be about what I saw as the bigger issues/ questions/ thoughts I had about motherhood. That is something that is likely to change. Firstly, because I don’t think I have the time or mental bandwidth to write well-constructed, thought through and comprehensive posts. But also because stay at home motherhood has a tendency to drown you in the minutiae of bringing up your children and I’d rather blog about that than nothing at all.

So there it is. Expect to see more of me, but keep your expectations low. As of now, I plan to blog by the seat of my pants – it could be about a children’s book that the kids and I read, or something I cooked up in the kitchen or even just a bunch of silly anecdotes from our days. And who knows, maybe the brain fog will lift and I might just end up writing something somewhat more though-provoking.

See you soon. Really soon.


  1. Tried to leave a comment yesterday but it just didn't happen. Nice to see you back!

  2. Ro! So glad to have you back! Missed Ayaan posts! What are they up to? I am always in the state you describe...totally relate to the inertia for posting/sitting in front of the tv for a short while and drifting off to sleep! :) Missed your posts! Glad to see you have resolved to write more often!

  3. Thank you for commenting, guys. I went to sleep last night seriously bummed at the 'no comments' and thought that maybe everyone had given up on ever seeing any new posts here :)

    Noon - Kids are doing great. Tarana has joined nursery in Ayaan's school as well. More in upcoming posts :)

  4. Yes! See you soon :)

  5. Woohooo! you are back...waiting for the regular posts to start :)

  6. Anonymous10:58 am

    Welcome back!!!

  7. Hurrah for the cook and the cleaning service !

  8. Yay you're back!!! Keep posting. even in bullets :)

  9. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Welcome back, you were missed

    - Pesto Sauce

  10. Yes, I stopped peeking sometime ago. But glad to see you back!

    Waiting for more!!

    Hope the kids and you are doing fine. Tarana must have grown......has she started school?