Saturday, December 01, 2012

Back Again

A look at the date on the last post on this blog tells me that I have been missing in action for over two months now. And just like the proverbial bad penny, I have turned up again.

In my defence, it has been a crazy couple of months. The biggest event was my brother's wedding. It was a multi-day, multi-event extravaganza that took much planning and preparation, not to mention a lot of R&R to recover from. But it was fun.

And then there is the course I signed up for over at Coursera. In an attempt to conquer mommy brain, I signed up for a course called A History of the World since 1300. And it has been an absolutely fantastic experience. It is taught by a professor at Princeton and through the reading material, video lectures and assignments (yes, there are assignments!), it has been a fascinating journey learning new stuff - not just information but also perspectives.

Now the thing about these courses is you get to pick how involved you are going to be. Especially if they don't offer any certificates at the end, you can choose to skip lectures and assignments. But that's not for me - once I decided I was doing it, it was all in. So through wedding mania and attention-seeking kids, I have managed to somehow keep my head above water and kept apace.

So, as you can imagine, blogging time has been sort of hard to come by. But I am back now. As of three days ago, I have also acquired a nanny who seems to be settling in well. *knocks on wood, crosses fingers and toes and puts kaala teeka* If she lasts and I feel comfortable leaving the kids with her for extended periods of time, the plan is to get back to work of some sort or the other eventually. But till then, I am going to use my newfound free time to give this poor, neglected blog some much-needed TLC and revive it from its semi-comatose state.

Apparently, I am not the only one who feels this way. The other day, I bumped into the Marathon Bloggers group on Facebook who have all committed to posting on their blog every day through December, no matter what. It seemed like a good way to keep me on the straight and narrow on this front, so I have signed up as well. So wish me luck and be prepared to see a lot more of me in the next 30 days :)


  1. Best of Luck for 3 days non-stop blogging spree :-))))

  2. OOPS !! It should read 30 days....typo..

  3. It's so nice to have you back and blogging. I had been or rather have been a sort of regular lurker here in the past and love the way you write :) All the best to us marathon bloggers ;)

  4. I am so intrigued by coursera. Good for you. I certainly had never heard anything like this before. Good Luck with the Marathon.

  5. [Sundar] Thanks :)

    [Simran] Yes, all the best to us :)

    [Pallavi] Coursera is fantastic. I have signed up for a behavioural economics and a literature course too next year!

  6. Hey! Good luck on your blogging-till-end-of-month :) I can totally relate when I saw the keywords - brother+wedding+kid/s+course+nanny.
    Go Girlpower!
    Sounds very familiar...
    I just did a marathon of sis-in-law wedding+son's 2nd bday party+brother's wedding+course. Now that's a great idea to do a post :)
    Let me go draft it before I forget or get held up with the real world!

  7. Nice start. I am still thinking how and where to start. Happy Blogging.

  8. I have been a silent lurker on your blog for a while - enjoy your way of writing - so good to see you back! And Yay for marathon blogging!

  9. so cool, have been thinknig of some course there for so long, but history scares me till date! do share by the end of it, what was it and how was it!

  10. Nice to have you back Ro. Dying to hear masala about the bro's wedding, lets skype sometime soon! Am most impressed you got through a course in Coursera, i had signed up for programming but i didn't even do one lesson. A new course has started last week, and i shall try to do at least half of it (no promises to finish!)
    Hope your nanny works out

  11. [Swathika] Two weddings AND a birthday party! Wow, you have me beat.

    [Bijuphotography] Thanks and all the best to you :)

    [TypeWriterMom] Thanks :)

    [Swati] I will. But do check out some of other courses if history doesn't float your boat.

    [Mum's Delight] Heylo :) Yup, would love to Skype. Say when.

  12. Yay. I like this marathon thingamajic :)

  13. Good to see you back Rohini, well I missed reading you. Looking forward to read daily now :)

  14. Good luck........ Cant wait to read the rest of 28.....