Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Life without my iPhone

On Sunday, the unthinkable happened. My iPhone slipped to the floor and when I picked it up, the screen had shattered. After an initial bout of utter glumness, the silver lining shone through the dark cloud and I realised that this was the perfect opportunity for me upgrade to the iPhone 5. Alas, it was not to be. The good people over at Apple are going to replace my old, cracked phone with a brand new one for the grand sum of ten thousand and some change.

One part of me is thrilled but damn, this puts off my plans to upgrade! I really have no excuse to do so when I have a brand new 4S coming to me. And it turns out the husband had been planning to gift me the iPhone 5 for Christmas anyway, which also we have decided against. Dammit! :D

Anyhoo, they took my phone back and said that it takes 4-5 working days to get the replacement. So for 5 whole days, I am without my trusty iPhone and stuck with a no-frills phone that most of the world seems to get by with just fine. But not me. Two days and severe withdrawal symptoms later, I am beginning to realise the full extent of my addiction to the damn gadget.

This morning, I called my husband. He was in a meeting and didn't pick up. I redialed. Twice. He called back, thinking there was a crisis of some sort. I quickly disabused him of the notion by telling him  I had called merely because I was bored. And usually when I am bored, I turn to my phone to offer me some sort of entertainment - mail, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Flipboard, and so on. But when I look to the phone currently in my hand, all it offers me is an opportunity to call someone. Hence, the pointless call to the husband :)

It has also dawned on me that much of the social media time wastage I indulge in happens on the phone. I have hardly been active on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (major time suckers on an average day) over the last two days. And it is that time that I have been able to plough back into reviving this blog. I have even read the newspaper cover to cover instead of relying on Twitter to supply my quota of daily news.

I have been severely handicapped without the instant access to many of the utilities on my phone. Here are some of the ways in which I have suffered:

  • I have had just my wits to rely on when Ayaan asks me some obscure question. 
  • I actually cancelled a meeting on Monday because it was in a part of Hyderabad I am completely unfamiliar with and I was unsure of being able to find my way there without the aid of Google Maps.
  • Without the converter app on my phone, I had to actually go find my laptop to be able to do the temperature and weight conversions on a recipe I was cooking up.
  • I have had to entertain myself with only my thoughts for company for the two whole minutes that I have had to wait at various traffic lights. The horror!
  • I have had to make eye contact, and even smile, at random strangers in elevators.
  • I only have access to my email when I have the time and space to sit with my laptop. It's not as if there is anything earth-shattering in my e-mails that needs my instant attention but just another missed opportunity to be entertained anytime, anywhere.
  • Talking of entertainment, I am so missing Flipboard and Google Reader which allowed me to get my daily fix of my favourite blogs and publications. 
  • I have a groceries list app on my phone that I use heavily - I can add items as and when I notice something is running low, I don't have to remember to store the list so carefully that I can't find it when I need it and it is categorised and sorted almost in line with the aisles at the supermarket, making shopping relatively efficient and effortless. It has not been fun to revert to the not-so-good old paper and pen method. What's that you say? I could shop without a list? Really? I have three good friends of mine - namely O, C and D - who beg to differ.
I am a smartphone addict and it's been 2 days, 11 hours and 26 minutes (or something like that :p) since my last iPhone fix.


  1. Anonymous12:55 am

    Oh no :( That's like the worst nightmare come true! Hope your new 4s arrives soon!

  2. i can totally understand ur plight! i cannot stay a minute without my iphone... and when u were gonig to get a 5! stay well for the days to come!

  3. OMG i just posted on the same topic :) Haha.. Just that i still have my iphone but without 3G and phone conn works on wifi though. Hehe

  4. We get so addicted to gadgets na. Hope you get the new phone soon enough.

  5. It felt as if RD was writing this post :):)

    Big hugs and hope you get a super awesome phone soon

  6. I have to start using my phone for all the apps which are available out there. Currently I am just a simple user of phone in spite of having quite a powerful android.

  7. Anonymous10:26 am

    ha ha ha, nodding to all of it and above and dreading the day if it ever comes that I have to live without my trusted iphone

    PS: whats the grocery app name?

  8. How I see it is it might give you a chance to meet yourself for a few days :) We dont welcome change very often. If the change is happening to me, I shall run to my shell, but sometimes we need to take one for us. I do wish a speedy recovery to your i-depend-on-you-phone :)

  9. haha those are serious concerns now...hope you get your new phone asap :-)

  10. lol!!! I so understand your problem.....I too am fiddling with my phone every possible moment and without it my life is incomplete!!! Sigh!

    Good luck! May u get ur phone soon :)

  11. Smartphones are such an addiction. I am so hooked to my lousy BB, wonder what would happen if I were to get an iPhone!

  12. Thanks for all your comments :o) It has come! They just called. Planning to go pick it up later today.

    [Monika] I used the third one in this list

  13. This sounds so much like my story, once I forgot my iPhone and I felt I was half dead. I have to keep checking even while I am in restroom, imagine I go inside and forget completely about rest of the world and other searching for me :)

  14. [Little Fingers] The worst of my week without the iPhone was having no easy access to entertainment in the restroom :)

  15. Sorry to laugh while you are clearly struggling to survive..... but this post was cute and funny. Hope u get ur new one soon... OCD for shop listing - cool, am so happy am not alone!!!

    1. My phone is back but due to a failed backup, I lost all my pictures and data from the last year :o(

  16. Was planning to jump on the iphone wagon in the near future - am thinking seriously about it now! Its called OCD is it - that need to always have a LIST for everything in the world. Hmm...

  17. A kinder word would be organised. That is what I like to call myself ;o)