Monday, December 10, 2012

Mommy Brain

You know you've got a bad case of mommy brain when:

  • You misplace your keys at least twice everyday and discover their absence at stressful times, like when you need to leave home in a hurry.
  • You routinely cut coriander or basil to garnish a nice dish and then find it still lying on the counter after the food is safely in everyone's tummies.
  • You put the kids milk on the stove to heat up, start doing something else and forget all about it and then spend ten minutes trying to cool it down to a drinkable temperature. Every. Damn. Day.
  • You often open the Google search page and stare at it blankly, the fact or item you needed to search for completely forgotten in the time it took you to open a new tab on your browser.
  • You walk into a room looking for something and before you know it, you have no idea what you were looking for in the first place.
  • Almost every time you put something away really carefully, you don't find it till you don't need it any more.
  • You call up your husband to tell him something important but by the time he picks up, it has slipped your mind
  • You reach the supermarket/ school/ salon to find that you left home in your ratty slippers designated only for home use.
  • You think you have backed up your iPhone before giving it up for repair but fail to notice that iCloud is activated so pictures and contacts from your phone are not being transferred to the computer, causing you to use a year's worth of stuff on your phone. (This one really hurt. Still does.)
  • You think of a great idea for a blog post just before you go to bed. By morning, your mind is a blank slate. And then you end up writing a post about your forgetful brain. :o)


  1. Sounds so much like my story.

  2. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Nodding in agreement thruout. :-D - Mini

  3. Anonymous3:28 am

    I'd crafted the perfect response to this as I was reading it, but forgot it as soon as I began to type. grrrr.

  4. LOL been there done that..

  5. Should I be proud that I can tick all of the above except the last one?

  6. LOL, I go through so many of these. Just this morning I went for some window shopping and I swear I had a list in my hand but I came back empty handed :( I wonder why!!

  7. hehehehehe...

    nodding!!!! nodding!!!! nodding!!!!

  8. 9/10 is true in my case too. I was very tempted to get a B12 test done. I actually told my doctor about it but he laughed it off.

  9. Been there, done that!!! Oh what am I saying, am there, doing that.......

    Almost forgot what I wanted to comment on....

    Ro, you are not alone!!!

  10. Good to see that I have a LOT of company :D

  11. I do all this ad more without being a mommy. God save my kids :(

  12. you have company, Rohini..:-)

  13. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Staring at google is probably the only something that i have done so far ...but my gut tells me i am not very far from others either ...

  14. I actually felt relieved reading your list Rohini :). There's a voice in my head saying "Yay i'm not the only one!".
    The heating the kid's milk one - add trying to "slightly" heat the milk for setting curd to the list too!

    1. Oh yes, ditto on the curd one. Been there, done that a million times or so.

  15. Agree with every d@mn thing! And I was going to post a witty comment which slipped my mind even before I finished reading.aaarggh!

  16. Anonymous4:19 pm

    very reassuring :)