Saturday, December 15, 2012

Not Going To Happen

I ran. Fast. Out of breath. Lungs bursting. Legs hitting the earth. I thudded up the path, around the corner, right up the stairs and reached the door. I flung it open and…

I looked at all my expectant friends gathered there. Some of them knew me only from my blog; some had known me for years. They all had one thing in common – they had all been reading my blog for a while.

I took a deep breath and firmly said: “Thank you for my faith in me, but I am pretty sure that I don’t have a book in me’.

Because that is the other thing everyone gathered had in common – they had all, at some point or the other in the last six years since I started this blog, suggested that I buckle down and write a book.

I know what I can write about. I can write about things I know, my life as I experience it, things I feel strongly about. But I don’t know enough about anything (including parenting) to write a non-fiction tome on it. And I don’t have the skill of pulling stories out of my head – especially not good ones that people would pay to read.

And today’s Marathon Blogger posting theme only reinforces that. We were provided the first paragraph and had to take it forward. I read that first paragraph about twenty times… and drew a blank. I read the brilliant, creative posts many of the other bloggers have managed to write, hoping for some inspiration… but, still nothing.

If I can’t write a simple 600-700 word story where the opening was already supplied, what are the chances that I will be able to fill entire pages and chapters of a whole book?

So excuse me while I get back to pottering around in my tiny corner of the Internet just for the fun of it, with no further plan or agenda. And hopefully write slightly better posts than this one :-p

[Note: I actually deleted this post by mistake a little while ago. But thanks to the help of fellow Marathon Blogger Sirisha who was able to recover it from her Google Reader cache, I can put it back on. Apologies to those of you who commented on it because those seemed to have gone for good]

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