Saturday, December 29, 2012

Out of Words

When I signed up for the Marathon Blogger initiative, I wondered how many days it would take for me to run out of steam. Well, the answer to that is 29.

For 28 days, I have managed to find something to write about. But today, I am coming up empty. Expectedly, I have a bunch of excuses.

It has been a seriously long day - I woke up at 5, drove 8 hours and spent the rest day trying to restore my household to some semblance of normalcy.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the last assignment for the history course I am taking on Coursera. I still have a couple of lectures to get through before churning out a 1000-word essay on the cold war. I am hoping that getting to bed early tonight will give me the stamina to complete all of it tomorrow.

This news has been weighing on my mind too. I cannot find it in me to carry on about fun, happy trivia about my life as a mother when somewhere else a set of parents are mourning the death of their daughter, lost in the most brutal and unfair way.

I am going to go and find solace in sleep for now. Hopefully, the words will come back tomorrow.


  1. Will wait to read....

  2. Very well said even when you feel out of words Rohini, all the best for your assignment.

  3. Yes, it was so brutal that it was hard to even read about it. I don't know how the parents ever get through such horrors...every day must feel long. There was a case of abduction here few years back where the young child 7 or 8 was subjected to brutal sexual assault before being murdered. She was abducted from right outside her house when she was playing with a friend while the grandmother was inside. The mom spoke so courageously during the trial for the killer. It was as if some other force was driving her to live on...I just cannot even remotely imagine how they ever come to terms with all that..

    1. Oh goodness. The crimes like this which involve kids twist an extra knife in gut :-(

  4. It has been shocking and utterly heart-breaking. I can only pray that things improve for women in our country after such a horrific wake-up call. I cannot dare imagine what her family is going through:(