Sunday, February 10, 2013

Farmers for a Day

After Wildernest, the next great find of the year was Dirty Feet. I was on the verge of confirming us for their Birds and Bunnies day trip when an enterprising mum from Tarana's class got them to organise a customised farm trip for our little ones. I said yes before the question was fully out of her mouth :-)

Last Saturday morning saw us getting up uncharacteristically early (read: an hour earlier than the obscene hour the kids usually get up) to make our way to the designated pick-up point. Once all the kids, with their accompanying moms and siblings, had been picked up, we were served our breakfast of home-made sandwiches and set our course towards our destination.

After an hour in the bus (where none of my kids deigned to sleep a wink despite the early start) and 15 minutes in a tractor, we made our first stop at a sunflower farm, where we got to feast our eyes on some beautiful, not to mention huge, sunflowers. I am not kidding about the huge part - most of them were taller than my kids and had larger faces. Presenting evidence:

Ayaan's foraging instincts were instantly activated and he asked for a bag for his 'collections' and inaugurated it with some sunflower seeds and some lemons.

While Ayaan was getting up close and personal with the lemon tree, Tarana chose to have a staring contest with a rather baleful looking cow. Thankfully, it was tied and since looks have been firmly established as non-murderous, it was all good.

Our next stop was at the potato farm. Ayaan required no encouragement to fling his shoes and socks off and jump into the mud and start collecting potatoes.

While Ayaan had already filled his first basket to the brim, Tarana chose to be all princess-ey and baulked at having to take her shoes off. ('But the mud is so dirty, Mama'). Finally, I had to take my shoes off and clamber into the potato patch before she would even consider it. Once she was in, she was quite a happy camper though. Here you can see her 'harvesting' potatoes from a pile that someone has already collected :-)

When she was suitably involved, I was able to sneak off with Ayaan and get a taste of handling the plough.

The next order of business was the ultra-important task of climbing on to a haystack and frockling there. And you thought farming was all work and no play...

After checking out some cotton fields, we headed over to a nearby farmhouse for lunch. The organisers had brought lunch from Hyderabad and we all feasted on a child-friendly and relatively mess-free meal of theplas and puranpoli.

After lunch, the kids got to feed an assortment of bird and chicks hanging around the farm before boarding the bus to head back home.

Just when we thought we were done with the fun part of the day, we happened to cross a herd of goats and stopped to give them some loving, which they did not particularly appreciate.

Finally, some napping was done by one and all on the return bus journey and before we knew it, we were back home.

But the day was far from done, as far as Ayaan was concerned. He was keen to use up all the stuff he had collected during the day so he announced that we would have a 'farm party' in the evening and made a suitable banner to give the event even more weight. (If the comic above doesn't make any sense to you, you are not the only one. If does make sense to you, kindly explain :-p)

The party itself involved the following:

  • Sunflower seeds were snacked upon.
  • A minuscule quantity of lemonade was made
  • There was a failed attempt at popping the corn and we were prevailed upon to crunch on hard, burnt corn kernels.
  • The cotton was kept aside for a future project that involves making a pillow for a soft toy
  • The potato was kept for the making of mashed potatoes some other day.
All in all, it was a fantastic experience. If you happen to have young kids and live in Hyderabad, you really ought to give the Dirty Feet experience a try.


  1. This looks like an amazing trip. Sunflowers, cow, vegetables and lots of open air... Dirty Feet looks real fun. Best part of the post has to be the Farm party banner. :-)

  2. The photograph of the sunflower and Tarana is fabulous! And the day sounds like it was gloriously fun.

  3. Oh this sounds so so so exciting.... And I am so happy and proud that you think of experiences of this sort for the kids.... You really rock as a mom!!!

    I loved his party idea... He is so cute!!! No luck on the comic, but I assume the chair is empty because the person on it has gone to Ayaan's party!!!

  4. wow What fun...thats seems to be such an amazing experience

    I loved the last picture the bestest...Ayaan is so so adorable and LOL on staring at the cow and making an issue about sitting on the dirt...Tarana has really grown eh?

  5. I think it's about getting a couch potato out of his/ her comfort zone! Trying something new as the panel says. I also suspect there is someone who hogs the couch reading up and is now missing a pair of glasses

  6. A farm visit can be such fun! You could try visiting Destiny Farmstay located on the outskirts of Ooty at Avalanchi, if you haven’t already been there. It’s a perfect location for a Farmstay, throw in the opportunity to visit a functioning farm and dairy and outdoor activities like rappelling, valley crossing, horse riding and fishing. The husband-wife team who run this place (Little Earth Group)are young parents themselves, and the farm has been designed to make it very engaging for kids. We had a great time harvesting carrots, radishes, strawberries, and the like, when we visited about 2 yrs back.
    And oh yeah! I love Ayaan’s comic strip…love the characters he has drawn!

  7. 'but the mud is so dirty mama'

  8. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Looks awesome!

    We had been to one such rural adventure trip in the Sahyadris near Pune in the monsoon of 2011, and it was so much fun!

    Are there more such places around Hyd?

  9. Anonymous3:25 am

    Are you sure Ayaan's a city kid? Wow! Of course, Tarana's city slick ways are impressive in their own right -- harvesting collected potatoes and staring cows into submission (do the brown cows produce chocolate ice-cream?)

    But what I really wanted to comment on was the Farm Party poster. Besides it sounding Fun Fun Fun Fun, I'll admit it -- the comic strip is *exactly* what my day looks like: Where are the kids? Where are my glasses? Oh no! They must be doing something I HATE. Drat. Oh Rats.

    The relation to a farm party is obvious to me, because the sounds emanating from my household sound very much like a farm (with me alternating between a bellowing cow and grunting pig). And yes, it's always one big, loud party, burnt kernels and all.

  10. Wow do you know of anything like this around Bangalore? I've been looking out to take my kid to a farm for ages, but haven't found anything yet. :(
    Lol looks like Ayaan has discovered Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin uses his dad's glasses on a snowman holding a whip making a smaller Calvin-shaped snowman shovel the walkway! :D

  11. Waw loved the farmers, those sunflowers look huge :) That sounds like a perfect day spend outdoor :)

  12. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Beautiful day!

  13. What a lovely concept. I have at least visited my grandparents farm as a kid but I was wondering how it would be with my kids considering my parents and in laws are city dwellers. This is too cool.

  14. Anonymous4:08 am

    What a cool idea!

  15. Anonymous9:23 pm

    This is so absolutely wonderful!!! I didn't know we could do this here in India. I just moved here and am still finding my way around Bangalore with my 2.5 year old. Do you know of any such farms that are open to tours and trips in Bangalore by any chance? We had a ton of these things in California .. I love reading about your outdoor stories / activities with your kids. I can get my girl to do anything if I only promise a visit to the barn / farm. So if you or your friends know of any such thing in Bangalore - pls do pass on the info. Love your blog!

  16. wow, sounds like a rather fun trip. I myself am an outdoor person with 2 girls, so would love to do this. Completely love A for his enthusiasm.

  17. Anonymous10:36 pm

    Excellent day out !

  18. Hey Ro, how have you been!!! Its been really long and i am missing your posts!!! I have moved to Dubai and sort of settled in and was looking forward to some reading time with you!!

    Do write!!

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  22. I think connectiong kids to nature is so very good job:-)

    My mom totally missed out on making me appreciate nature, and I really want my feature kids to be into nature such as yours seem to be!

    With kind regards from Germany,

    Bambi (of Birdy and Bambi)