Thursday, July 18, 2013

Playing Solo

Tarana: Mama, can you play Snakes & Ladders with me?
Me: Not right now, baby.
Tarana: (with a long-suffering sigh) Ohhh-kay. I will play with one peoples and that peoples is me.

Ah, the pathos of a three year old who can't get her mother to submit to her every whim...

What she needs is an adoring grandparent or two to melt at her fake-mournful expression.

(Also, if there is anything cuter than early childhood grammar, I cannot presently call it to mind)


  1. I deleted the adoring aunt comment I just typed out and will leave merely noting that I do this to Rahul all the time. *sigh*

    1. You took my side over hers????! *faints*

    2. I didn't take your side! I merely noted that I cannot in all fariness judge you. I am always on Nanna's side, even when I'm in your boat.

  2. Ro she can play with Sumedha anytime, she is always looking for someone to play Snakes and Ladders with her :)

  3. Such cute peoples she is!

  4. Awww! its the story in our house most times..the brat so much wants a sibling just to play with :)

  5. Wow..everyone seems to be going through the same experience...we just got my daughter Snakes & Ladders about 2 weeks back and she wants me to play with her as soon as i reach home from office..i try my best to oblige but sometimes i refuse feeling guilty deep inside!

  6. Am so tired of playing 'teacher-teacher', the pretend game...I would jump with joy and play snakes and ladders...currently!

  7. And look at her cute little ponytail :D Such an adorable girl. Kisses to her.

  8. A hug to the one little peoples please.

    And please say you will visit soon. Come off, for rakhi maybe?

  9. Anonymous11:08 am

    That's adorable :). My daughter says,"Amma, can you food me pls"... I dont correct her because its cute and she makes very few of these "mistakes " :(

    Long time lurker

  10. How utterly sweet!!!!!

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  13. lovely post! have sent link to all friends who have kids in this age group.

    I also read your old post and am totally curious to see how you have developed as a cooked. Please do a post on how you compare with your old self!