Saturday, November 09, 2013

Meeting Ranganna

Last month, Ranganna came to town. The book, written by friend and blogger Arthi Anand Navaneeth and published by Tulika, was launched in Hyderabad by the team at Treasure House.

The event was great fun for the kids. In addition to the book being read out in English, Hindi and Telugu, there was lots to keep the kids entertained and engaged. They talked about elephants and favourite colours. They did a Ranganna-inspired elephant dance and a maze puzzle. There were also some optional Rangana-themed craft activities and Tarana had fun painting her very own elephant. (Ayaan, of course, thinks libraries are strictly for reading and settled down with a stack of books to entertain himself while his sister painted.)

The book itself is very cute. It narrated the story of a colour-loving elephant who lives in a dhobi ghat and loves to seek out colours in his surroundings. When he meets two girls sporting nail polish, he naturally wants some for himself and is thrilled when they oblige. It is just right for the 3-5 age group with an easy-to-follow yet engaging plot and eye-catching illustrations on every page. Tarana enjoyed it very much.

Like most Tulika books, Ranganna has been published in English and also in multiple Indian languages. I bought the English one for Tarana and the Hindi one for Ayaan since he can now read the language independently but needs to build his vocabulary. Thanks to books like Ranganna and many others published by Tulika, our kids have the opportunity to explore beyond Blyton and Dahl and read books written in familiar settings and languages.

To know about the book, its author and her inspiration, check out Arthi's interview on the Saffron Tree blog.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book, you can buy here over at the Tulika website.

*Event pictures courtesy the Treasure House Facebook Page


  1. My 4 year old daughter loves this book too!

    I got the book as a giveaway on a contest and my daughter loves seeing the colorful pictures..

  2. I got a Tulika book for my niece in English and Telugu. Unfortunatley the mom-in-law said the transalation was a bit literal at times. But overall they were amazed by the concept and thought it was a great idea. Esp for desi kids abroad.

  3. Thanks Ro and Sri

    Good input Anita- will let Tulika know... which book was this?

  4. Artnavy - The Musical Donkey and Rabbit in the Moon. Everyone liked the story and the English version but felt that the Telugu translation read like someone had taken out a dictionary and translated it.

  5. Artnavy - The Musical Donkey and The Rabbit in the Moon. Everyone enjoyed the English verison but felt the Telugu version read like it has been translated by looking up a dictionary. Great if something can be done about it! The concept is so good